Was Kathy Wray Coleman unfairly set up by Cleveland police at RNC convention?

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 10/30/2016 - 13:11.


    For those of you who know and follow Ms. Coleman's writings then you, like me, have been wondering where she has been for the past few months - during which time there was no news from Ms. Coleman.    I recently received the following email from Kathy Wray Coleman and am passing it on as Ms. Coleman requests....


 'Editor-in-Chief Kathy Wray Coleman, also a community activist and a community organizer, brings the news from Cleveland, Ohio USA at www.clevelandurbannews.com and www.kathywraycolemanonlinenewsblog.com, Ohio's leaders in Black digital news, with local, state and national political news and urban news from a Black perspective'Dear Black community, activists, media, others: (From Black journalist and activist Kathy Wray Coleman): www.clevelandurbannews.com and www.kathywraycolemanonlinenewsblog.com. Pass this on please)

Many know that I was released from the Cuyahoga County jail on Oct 20 after posting a $5,000 cash bond (a 50,000 surety bond) a week earlier. I was arrested at the RNC in Cleveland on July 18 and told that I would be held for at least another month in spite of the bond being paid in August. My corrupt attorney, William McGinty, a prior Democratic candidate for judge, actually lobbied for my bond to be increased by Democratic Judge Joe Russo, who has harassed be to no end and has falsified docket entries. This was after the bond had been paid and I was continually denied release fom jail since August. 
Judge Russo, who should not be reelected to the bench, ordered a harassing psychiatrist exam and is angry because a Black doctor  (Dr. Dunn) deemed me sane and competent so he puts only on the case docket that a report was stipulated to by the parties and not that I passed the exam. And, I have not even seen the report that my attorney lied and said we discussed.
To be sure, I am accused of almost touching four White University Hts cops that came onto my property without a warrant in 2015, calling me nigger and harassing me. I backed out of the drive way, touching nobody.  (Note: I was living in Cleveland Hts at the time and after a kitchen fire) Russo wants to cover up for corrupt Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas  Judge John O'Donnell, a Democratic candidate for the Ohio Supreme Court who tried to steal my $184,000 home for $36,000 for JPMorgan Chase Bank without it  suing me. The Plain Dealer has helped with the defamation and Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty, who lost re-election this year with my help, is a main culprit.(Note: Judge O'Donnell is the judge that acquitted former Cleveland police officer Michael Brelo of gunning down unarmed Blacks Mallisa Willams and Tim Russell with 49 bullets. He is corrupt as can be and should have been disbarred liong ago. His maleness and Whiteness protects him unlike Black former judges Stokes and Mason. Also, they demoshed my home, or the scene of the alleged crime, while I was in jail and want me in prison because the $184,000 insurance policy on the home and before the fire is in my name. How do you prosecute somebody when the alleged crime scne has been destroyed? These people, including racist and corrupt University Hts Mayor and Safety Director Susan Infeld, a dumb White Democrat, are too much).
Stay tuned for more on this, including an investigation as to my three-months stay in a county jail that is roots re-written and the reincarnation of slavery. These White men (Judge Russo, my attorney, Judge John O'Donnell, and County Prosecutor McGinty) are off the chain and Russo and McGinty are trying to put me on probation simply for being erroneously charged and want to keep me in the house to silence free speech. This is though I have no felony record and am highly educated and innocent until proven guilty. They did not think I would come up with the illegal bond increase money. Stay tuned and continue to read us atwww.cleveland.com and www.kathywraycolemanonlinenewsblog.com



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