We are What We EAT ; Jesus, I just remembered, I forgot to take my meds this morning!

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Thu, 10/27/2011 - 19:27.

 The Great Lakes, and especially Lake Erie, are part of the United States environmental recycling project - the green philosophy.  

So ever since cities were inhabited on the shores of the Great Lakes, we have been putting our sewerage into the Great Lakes so that our sewerage was available to us for drinking. 

Man is a fabulous engineer. 

God's species. 

Eveyln Kiefer wrote, in June of 2006 about psychiatric drugs being found in our Lake Erie drinking water.  Eveyln's report has received a lot of interest.

Ms. Kiefer was right.

Our drinking water has in it everything manufactured and consumed by humans.  (There is no Global Warming)


Joanne Huirst Smith in the Dayton Daily News reports here on the recent analysis of commercial drugs and cosmetics in the Miami (Ohio) buried aquifer.

Of course, the amount of pharma in the water is not a problem...

And never will be!

according to your government



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