This Week Only: Free E-Book About Canadian Tar Sands

Submitted by Charles Frost on Wed, 03/18/2009 - 18:36.

This Week Only: Free E-Book About Canadian Tar Sands

tar sands book cover image   by Michael Graham Richard, Gatineau, Canada on 03.18.09

Learn More About the Most Destructive Project on Earth
In the Globe and Mail, Alanna started her review of Tar Sands, a book by Andrew Nikiforuk, with: "Canada has no cohesive energy policy. Nor does it have a cohesive environmental policy. Put the two together, and you get the tar sands of Alberta, in all their hideous glory." That sums up the situation here up North pretty well.

If you'd like to learn more about the very dirty Canadian tar sands, now's the time. Publisher D & M is pulling a publicity stunt (but we're not complaining) by giving away free e-versions of the book.

You can get the book from here.

If you're not sure, check out the whole review at the Globe and Mail. Here's an excerpt:

The Alberta tar sands - which boosters like to reposition as the Alberta oil sands because that makes them sound a little cleaner - are Canada's dirty little secret. They are the world's largest energy project, largest construction project and largest capital project, so large that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has likened them to the building of the Egyptian Pyramids or the Great Wall of China.

But their impact on the planet is on a scale that far outpaces those other human-built wonders of the world. And what does it leave? The monument to a thriving culture? No. Open-pit mines. Tailing ponds full of weeping toxic sludge. Masses of local pollution. And enough climate- and ocean-destroying carbon dioxide to make it a world-class catastrophe.

Via Green Life, Globe and Mail