Welcome Bill Botkin from Today's Business Products... Now, About Our Brightest Greenest Discount?!

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 10/15/2009 - 22:04.

Today's Business Products Internet Lounge

Welcome to REALNEO, new REAL COOP member and recent Cleveland transplant Bill Botkin. Thanks for joining our real NEO community.

Bill's REALNEO member bio reads: "I am a transplant from Columbus as of 2 years ago. My career has spanned 20 years in the copier/mfp industry and I recently made the change to the Office Supply/Furniture Industry where I discovered Sustainability. I am looking to become more involved in the Cleveland area." Bill came to the right place!

Because Bill filled out his REALNEO user profile with useful information about himself and his employer, I found reasons to learn more about Bill and spent some time visiting his employer's website - Today's Business Products - where Bill "discovered Sustainability"... and Today's Business Products seems to have a good interest in sustainability - they list many "green products".

They also feature something interesting called an Internet Lounge, at the Penton Building - and I wonder is this just a showroom or is it for public use... it would be nice to have this available downtown.

Bill has not promoted himself or his business at all, on REALNEO, but his joining REAL COOP promotes them both within our community, to me - membership in my community is one of my criteria for open engagement with others.

Bill, assuming you return to REALNEO and see this, I'd love to know more about your green vision and products - how may you help us green our homes, workplaces and environment... what are the brightest greenest products you offer our community

I'd love a knowledgeable source for green business and cleaning perspectives from within the industry, and will value discussions on that with you and other REALNEO members.

And, how do we arrange for a REAL COOP not-for-profit member discount?

How else may REAL COOP members help other REAL COOP members?

What may we learn about each other if we provide useful user profile information, and are open and honest in presenting ourselves to each other in the community?

How do we promote our life-work to each other, without being advertising?

What self-promotion is allowed?

What other information should we collect on our user profiles?

If Bill had introduced himself and his business through a posting on REALNEO, he may well have gotten attacked for spamming. But, it is valuable for us to learn what each other do, and to help each other succeed in all ways we may.

How may coop members best help other coop members, including in making better purchasing decisions and saving money?

And, Bill, what is your expert opinion on the Medical Mart vision for selling medical office and business products in Cleveland... will the MedCon succeed?