What do Chris Christie and Rob Ford have in common? They're Toast

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 01/11/2014 - 19:25.

 It is inconcievable to me that Gov. Christie was not in the loop.  

Come on.  One of the best "practical jokes" I have ever heard of...

Lane closures to teach the unsupportive mayor.   

Practical jokes don't go undiscussed...that's the fun part...backslapping each other and snorting in laughter about the practical joke. 

We had practical jokes at work - everyone knew about the jokes, including the management.  

Does the heavy set nature of public officials like Mr. Ford and Mr. Christie somehow set them up for being practical jokers?

Is it possible that Mr. Christie was unaware that his high school friend/acquantance David Wildstein was punishing the Fort Lee mayor for disloyalty?    No.  Because a joke is only funny when it is told.  

And in any event, whether Christie knew or didn't know he is guilty because Christie has "command responsibility". 

Read the New York Times report on how New Jersey government operates their bridge infrastructure here


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