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What if the Grays Show Up?

Monday July 6th, 2009

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This year's crop formation activity suggests that the grays are coming ever closer to us. I don't think that anyone except those in a compulsive state of denial can still rationally claim that the crop formations appearing in England are, in general, made by drunks with boards strapped to their feet.
Of course, the news media, many scientists and the intellectual community, all in different ways emotionally challenged by the appearance of a vastly competent presence of unknown origin, do still ritually deny. However, not even they can seriously claim that a formation like this one that appeared in blooming flax on July 3 could have been laid down in any known manner.
The flowers in the formation are not broken, but gently laid aside. And yet, to walk among the brittle stems of such a field is impossible without leaving an obvious trail. The formation had to be laid down from above using an unknown technique.
I don't think that many people who read this journal still reject the reality of the crop formations. And by 'reality,' I mean unknown origin and gradually focusing message.
I say 'gradually focusing' because, over the years, the formations have become more and more possible to interpret, until now we have the fact that they have been pointing to a particular date as one where extensive solar activity will take place, and that appears to be correct. Not only that, this date coincides with a period of time mentioned in the Book of Revelation that leads up to some sort of fundamental ending.
Specifically, the Yatesbury formation of June 12 is oriented toward sunset on July 7, and has been interpreted as a signal that there would be intensified solar activity on that day.
When the formation was laid down, the sun was in the midst of one of its quietest periods ever, and there was not the slightest evidence that there would be any solar activity on July 7 or any other day. And yet, on the 4th, the sun startled scientists by waking up in a very dramatic fashion. This is being written on the 6th, and on the 7th the sun will still be active.
So it is reasonable to speculate that whoever is creating the formations might know a good deal not only about the skills needed to lay down these intricate signs in the fields of England, but also the way the sun functions.
If so, then further speculation would lead one to think that it might not be unwise to take a couple of things seriously. First, our world is indeed in the process of changing in a major way, and among the things most likely to change the most dramatically is that our illusion that we are alone on planet earth, and exclusively the outcome of natural selection.
In fact, we are not alone, have never been alone, and have a very specific purpose that will probably become, over the next few years, more and more obvious.
From July 7, 2009 until December 21, 2012 is 1260 days, the same number of days mentioned in Revelations 11:3 as the time when the "two prophets" will prophesy in "sackcloth and ashes."
I've just had the extraordinary experience of finishing a novel a couple of weeks before this all happened that is based on a hidden connection between 2012 and the Book of Revelation, only to see that connection exposed in the fields of England just after the book went to the publisher. It's called "The Omega Point" and will be out next May.
As the possibility that the grays are real and may be making a close approach in the context of vast change enters public consciousness, there are likely to be a fair number of people claiming to be the two prophets mentioned in Revelation. They will all be either self-deluded or liars. The passage states that they will prophesy, not proclaim their standing. Understand, they will be there all right--
already are, one would assume--but they will need to be found.
Their prophecy will not only be instructive, it will be repentant, and it will draw all who hear and understand it toward their own insight and repentance.
But what is repentance? Since we have gradually become soul-blind, we no longer actually know. We are in denial about our true being, and as long as we remain that way, we are also in denial about our place in the universe and, indeed, our place in reality itself.
To live as we do, intricately obsessed with prolonging or destroying life and believing in our blood and bone that there is nothing save the physical existence that we can see, is to deny our truth. It is to live a lie.
Because of this lie, the 20th Century became a massive killing field of unimaginable horror, wherein millions upon millions of people were pointlessly executed by shooting, gassing and, most horribly, by gigantic politically motivated and governmentally devised famines that murdered millions across Europe and China.
We cannot consider ourselves as having value until we reconnect with our souls. But this is not some imaginary ghostly presence residing in a supernatural realm that doesn't actually exist. Belief in the supernatural is part of soul blindness. What we call the soul is an integral part of the body. In fact, it is the foundation of the body.
When we cease to be soul blind, our presence in and as a vast community begins to open up in a clearer and more accurate manner, and it is then that we can see what repentance actually means, because it is then that we can see with objective accuracy what we have done to deny ourselves and others the right to thrive.
Our visitors--or, I suppose I should say, partners--
are not only not soul-blind, they have penetrated the realm of conscious energy with equally conscious technology. The result of this is, when we are with them, our own blindness is swept away also, which is why so many people who come close to them also find the dead in attendance.
It is an ordinary part of the close encounter experience for people to see the dead in the company of the grays, and usually they appear to be just as real as any physical being.
Anne and I used to have large groups to our cabin in upstate New York, and the visitors would often show up, and, as often, so would the dead. As an example, once there were grays in the living room with a group of about six people, while four others in the basement below were finding themselves having an encounter with a friend who had died in the Mexico City earthquake of 1985.
Another time, a woman who'd had a fully conscious close encounter with a gray the night before met her brother, who had been dead for more than twenty years, on the road in front of the house.
If the grays begin to approach more of us more closely, the first things we are going to notice will be two:
1) We will begin to see beyond the limits of what we now call reality;
2) As a result, we will perceive our dead as becoming part of the physical world.
But these are just the first things that will happen. Think of us now, as living like pigs in a sty. As the grays approach, more and more of us become aware of mysterious movement outside the sty. Then we re-vision ourselves and our world, and see that it is a sty and it is filthy, and we are filthy and wallowing in filth.
We will then become agonized as we realize that the grays have always seen us as we are now coming to see ourselves. We will see them as they really are, and ourselves as we really are, and there is an old story from the Hindu tradition that tells us what this is:
God became fascinated by the happiness of a pig, when he observed how much it enjoyed its life in filth. So he entered the pig to see what it was like inside such a creature. Immediately, he was overwhelmed by the delicious sensations flooding the body of the pig. Meanwhile, though, the universe began to need attention, so God's assistants started trying to get him to come out of the pig. He demurred, saying that he wasn't God at all. He was a pig, and please leave him alone. Finally, in desperation, they killed the pig. God came out, apologized, and went back to work.
Make no mistake, the grays are here to kill the pig, and it is going to be a noisy and terrifying process. So what will it be like if the grays show up?
They have already pointed to a template in the Book of Revelation, so we can expect a pretty busy time over the next 1260 days--if, of course, this interpretation is correct.
It would appear that we may have reached the end of the age of the body, and are now entering the age of the second body. In the end, the change is going to be glory unbound, but between here and there lies a great gulf--
or, as it is put so subtly in Revelation, a lake of fire.
This fire is the pain and joy of facing the truth, and having our belief that the material world as we see it in our limited state burned out of us.
There are three ways to deal with the lake of fire:
be consumed by it, swim it in agony, or dance across it in joy. It's senseless to berate ourselves for our long sojourn in the physical.
We did it for the same reason that God entered the pig:
 to learn about material life and to learn about our own essence by entering limited physical bodies and thus filtering out all of our soul wisdom and true knowledge. The only thing we have to fall back on in the state we are in now is essence--
our true selves. So, by seeing how we act in this state, we also get a chance to discover who we truly are.
And therein lies the reason that the crop formation of June 12 is a Phoenix. It is a symbol of a new creation arising out of the fire of the old. It would be nice, I must admit, to be on the far side of this experience, but that is not where we are. We're here, now, and must sail the lake of fire first, before we begin to fly.
One wonders if any or all of this will actually happen. My sense is that it will, that we are indeed in a time of profound change, and there will be wonders, both terrible to see and glorious, and we are here as witnesses to and participants in the greatest change that any species ever undergoes.
Great, yes, but also amply demonstrated in nature, where, every second or so, somewhere in the world, a caterpillar goes through the terrible death of the chrysalis, and emerges as a butterfly.
(The idea of the transformation of the caterpillar was brilliantly expressed by William Henry in his Dreamland Festival presentation. He pointed out that, when the butterfly cells mysteriously appear in the chrysalis, the caterpillar cells take them to be invaders, and try to destroy them. But, in the end, the butterfly always takes wing.)


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