White Privilege Part 2 David Franklin goes home

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 David Franklin has gone back to where he once belonged. To the white privilege capital of North America, Toronto Canada. Where white inherited money rules, no questions permitted. Dr. Franklin has found a 19th century job cataloguing the eclectic art collection, including the world's largest collection of John Constables and animation cells for How The Grinch Stole Christmas for creepy, crazy, obsessively secretive billionaire, the 3rd Lord Thomson of Fleet and the richest person in Canada, 57 year old David. A far cry from Dr. Franklin's more familiar terrian, painting in Renaissance Florence from 1500-1550. Lord Fleet's consigliere and bodyguard W. Geoffey Beattie, attorney, art arriviste and fellow midnight hockey player, undoubtedly created this job opening for Dr. Franklin. It won't be quite like running the Cleveland Museum of Art a vast collection of masterpieces. But now Dr. Franklin has more pedestrian concerns, like feeding and housing his family. Perhaps Lord Fleet will allow him and his family rooms in the servant's quarters of his newly created double wide in the exclusive Rosedale section of T.O. But he won't have to worry about any tiresome across the border questions from the Klevstone Heights Kops regarding the disappearance of his deceased girlfriend's digital camera and cell phone. Beattie has him covered. And it appears that he will be allowed time off to address his small group of devoted fans. He will be breaking loose to lecture a group of gals at the National Gallery in Ottawa (where he was once fired for destroying emails) at 10:15 AM on Wednesday April 8. He will be waxing eloquent on Piero di Cosimo's Painting in the NGC. Tickets are $40 CAN.

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