Who is ANGELnWard14?

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Sun, 07/26/2009 - 13:26.

ANGELnWard14 is just an ordinary citizen...

A graduate of Cleveland Central Catholic High School.

An appalachian descendant of family that came from the foothills of the Appalachian Trail.

An Scottish-Irish descendant of immigrants.

An American.... who served our country for many years in the military.

A Mom of a beautiful child who lights up the world around us... with hope and much more! 

An Aunt to some beautiful nieces and nephews.

A Niece to several significant individuals... who've taught me compassion, humanity, and consideration for many things in our world... But most importantly, to wake up happy that I am breathing! 

A Sister of a MURDERED brother by a man who was babysitting him while my mother worked back in the 70's... (My brother was 3 years old and the autopsy is quite a read....) The guy spent 30 days in the work house with weekends off....his dad paid off some judges... Nope...I don't like corruption.

A Daughter of a 100% Disabled Vietnam Veteran.... I've spent my life working with veterans, their families, and the system, addressing their immediate needs.

A friend who doesn't hesitate to fight for what's right! 

An advocate of people's rights to self empower....

A caring soul... who cannot help but to love people, find the good in them, and work to help them find possibilities that work for themselves! 

A lifelong resident of Ward 14 between military moves and family moves...

A neighbor who cares about my fellow human beings.  

A person who believes in the power of positive thinking and passing it forward...for the best interests of those around us.

Aww...I am just your ordinary everyday person! 

You'll see my HAPPY FACE along the way... we'll meet and we can share a hug of community unification!!!

I sincerely look forward to buiding positive bridges to empower, unite, and conquer the historical negatives that became destructive forces in our community! 

ANGELnWard14 is just another person in our community...that's all.

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