Why I Don’t Trust Non-Pet People - those who can't tolerate a little pet hair on their person are not to be trusted

Submitted by Quest-News-Serv... on Wed, 04/10/2013 - 22:45.

She sized me up with a scowl and asked if I'd realized the item I was returning had some pet hair on it.

"Pet hair? Oh, my God, no! Not pet hair!"

A Little Pet Hair Never Hurt Anyone

It was with that humorous insight in mind that I put pen to paper and added up my reasons for "distrusting" the fur averse:

1. Because I don't trust anyone my pets don't like, and, excellent judges of character that they are, they'd never like anyone unwilling to risk cozying up to them (shedders, all).

2. Because if they don't get pets, what else don't they understand?

3. Because people who care more about their cars, clothing and other things than they do any part of our pets are not my faves.

4. Because I don't much like petty people in general. I mean, how can you trust someone who might diss you for something as superficial as pet hair?

5. Because I don't trust serious neat freaks either.

Now, true allergics are another story, as are those who suffer from OCD or other very real diseases - psychiatric or otherwise. But the Cruellas I described in both above anecdotes? It's clear some people are inherently unworthy of our confidence.





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