Working Class Mother Flowers..... Kiss My Arse....

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Fri, 05/03/2013 - 02:41.

You live in the shadows of a forty hour per week job that pays you a decent living...You get off work, toast a beer, and dog out all the poor folks who get any kind of public assistance because you are a "hard-working" American. I am amused by your ignorant judgment in an attempt to be an earthly God or something high and mighty....You are also the ones who don't pay attention to politics and don't vote because you hate the politicians....who are accountable for your tax money and where it gets spent....those are the folks robbing our country blind...but you blame it on the weak, vulnerable, and innocent to make yourself feel better...never do you own your it or take responsibility for failures far above the control of the little people beneath you. But; your powerlessness is exhibited in your weekend binges at the bar...and in your multiple bankruptcies trying to show us how responsible you are by living outside of your own means as a hardworking, working-middle class American. I find it extraordinarily comical that you attempt to insult me for getting assistance when you don't even participate in any type of public governmental management except filing for your own income tax returns... I find it amusing how you find shame in the welfare assistance that paid for your love child's prenatal care, labor & delivery, food, and all medical care to date (because you couldn't afford it or own it responsibly as an individual.) Moreover; I find it comical that you throw out your attempts at insults and redirection of responsibility instead of owning the truth of your own deviant lies in life from stealing from your employer to binging on street drugs in life. I find it comical that you hold yourself in such high esteem and look for such cheap shots in your own spineless world. Let me be fair; welfare is not the end all of life---your selfish; lying, inconsiderate, and judgmental wisdom are the end alls to everything endured to date. No amount of shame, guilt, or embarrassment will inspire me to respect your choices. I am guilty of sacrificing a working class life to care for my terminally ill father and my two children. I am guilty of loving my kids, family, and people more than materialistic things which you use to cover up your shallowness. I am guilty of working my vehicle into the ground after keeping it on the road for over 11 years. I am guilty of multitasking at levels that make your head spin and put your forty hours to shame. I am guilty of sacrificing it all to endure some tragic days....but in the will reap the benefits of your choices with emptiness and I will overcome it all with depths of love and respect that your superficial, selfish rear end cannot begin to encompass. So, while you choose to devaluate it all to purport yourself as someone of honor; remember that we love you in spite of your actions and choices. We recognize that your pride and world are forcing you to maintain appearances that will not replace the things you are losing in this battle of life. Welfare will sustain us through the hard times because all those promises certainly won't. Thanks for everything; especially for showing your true colors in the heat of battle........WEAK!

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