02.04.05 City Club: Save the Children’s Dennis Walto; Tsunamis of Hope

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Tsunamis of Hope: The Human
Face of
Relief and

Save the
Children’s Dennis Walto speaks at The City Club of


CLEVELAND, OH—Dennis Walto, vice president of
Save the Children, will tell real stories that illustrate the resiliency of the
human spirit while offering a glimpse of the relief and development world at
noon on Friday, February 4,
, at The City Club of


Walto, who has worked in relief and
development for more than 20 years in 15 countries (10 of those years in
Africa) and in more than 40
U.S. states, also will address many
questions that have arisen after the recent tsunami disaster. What is the proper
and proportionate role of the United
States in these disasters? Is our help too
stingy? Is it principally the U.S. government that should respond, or
are private organizations like Save the Children and others the best vehicles?


Founded in the United States in 1932
as a nonprofit organization to make lasting positive change in the lives of
needy children, Save the Children works in 17 states across the United States
and in more than 40 countries in the developing world to help children and
families improve their health, education and economic opportunities and to
mobilize rapid life-support assistance for children and families caught in the
tragedies of natural and man-made disasters.


“When disasters happen, relief
agencies rush in and do what is needed—or what they can—to aid victims,� says
City Club executive director James Foster. “The recent tsunami brought these
worldwide NGO’s into high profile, but most work every day, year round, and in
all corners of the globe to aid people in need. It’s important to address the
role we, as Americans, play in times of global need.�


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