50/50 Show at 1300 Gallery

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05/26/2006 - 19:00
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It’s that time again! 13hundred Gallery is proud to announce the 5th annual 50/50 show on May 26,2006 at 7pm. This event will feature 50 works of art done by 50 artists with each piece selling for $50.00. The 50/50 show is one of Ohio’s most anticipated art events and is one of 1300 Gallery’s most popular shows. This show will bring to the art patron a chance to own an original work by some of the best local talent at a very affordable price. Each work will be hung at 1300 Gallery for one night only, with sales being completed that evening.

Sponsored by: 13 Hundred Gallery
Address: 1300 West 78th, Cleveland OH, 44102 

Exhibition Dates: Friday May 26, 2006 from 7PM-10PM

Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Saturday: noon to 4:00 pm
List of artists participating nationwide: www.13hundred.com


1300 Gallery
1300 West 78th Street
Cleveland, OH
United States