Akron Roundtable Presentation ---- "How Immigrants Can Save NEO"

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Richard Herman, a Cleveland author, civic activist and immigration attorney, will deliver an address titled, "How Immigrants Can Save Northeast Ohio" at the Akron Roundtable on February 18.

Herman co-wrote the provocative new book, Immigrant Inc.--Why Immigrant Entrepreneurs Are Driving the New Economy, with Plain Dealer reporter Robert L. Smith.  Published by John Wiley & Sons, the book urges struggling communities like Cleveland and Akron to recall the immigrant energy that made their cities great. It reveals the power of a new generation of ambitious, high-skill immigrants to launch companies and create jobs in the New Economy.

Neal Pierce, a syndicated columnist for The Washington Post Writers Group, said the book effectively makes "the audacious case" that immigrants can save the Rust Belt.

John Austin, Director of the Great Lakes Economic Initiative at The Brookings Institution, said Immigrant, Inc. reveals America's competitive edge in a global economy:

"Richard Herman and Robert Smith paint a compelling and accurate portrait of the powerful role immigrants play in our economy, and remind us that new people, ideas and entrepreneurial energy is the American dream story"

Herman, who is married to an immigrant, is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University Law School. He worked and lived in Moscow, Russia, before returning to Cleveland and founding Richard T. Herman and Associates, a law firm that services clients in more than a dozen languages.  He is the co-founder of TiE Ohio, a mentoring and networking group dedicated to promoting immigrant and international entrepreneurship.

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