Burning River Endurance RUN July 30th Volunteers Need

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Burning River 100 Endurance Run
July 30. 

NEO Fit is looking for volunteers to staff the
Snowville Road Aid Station from 10am-6:30pm Saturday, July 30.   

This is a great opportunity to give back to a running community.  And this race is the USA Track and Field National Championship! 
There will be top endurance athletes from all over running through our trails and parks.

Almost 300 runners will be starting at 5am.  The Snowville Aid Station is located at mile 43.8.


What is involved with being a volunteer?

We are there to *help* the runner with their needs. The runner will tell you what they need:

-re-fill water/sports drink bottles.  They may have a special mixture they want you to put in the bottle.

- prepare sandwiches/food for the runners ahead of time so you can provide it to the runner quickly

- some runners may have on a backpack that they need something out of but they don't want to take it off - this is where you can help.

- the lead runners will be in and out of the station in under 30 seconds, while other later runners may need more of your time.

Suzanne Pokorny, volunteer coordinator and ultramarathoner says: 
"You could be the deciding factor of a runner finishing this race! Encourage that person to stay strong! Be happy, be attentive - get that person whatever he/she needs. Remind your volunteers
of this - ultra runners do not want pity, even if they look doubtful, they want to continue. We are there to get them to the finish."

Please consider volunteering your time for this event.  Sign up by putting your name and email address in the google spreadsheet provided in this link. (If you are able to stay for more than one shift, please put your name under two shifts.) 
Burning River 100 Volunteer Sign Up

If you have any questions please email Brenda at info [at] neohiofit [dot] com
Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.




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