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Lev Gonick
VP of Information Technology Services and CIO, CWRU

In addition to his work at Case, Lev Gonick is president of the board of OneCleveland, a metropolitan-wide strategy to extend high speed network connectivity to the non-profit sector in Northeast Ohio, and serves on multiple national and local boards. 

Gonick's international efforts in education and technology are extensive and date back to 1985. He has consulted and lectured at universities in Australia, Japan and South Africa, and has spoken to audiences in England, Israel, India, Cote d'Ivoire, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Cuba, Mexico, and Botswana, and across the United States and Canada. Gonick supported the development of HealthNet and Mango, one of Southern Africa’s first internet nodes facilitating connectivity between healthcare professionals and NGOs in the field in Southern Africa. He has been involved in designing and implementing Digital Learning Network projects in West African countries and another Multimedia Learning Network initiative called Seeds of Peace in Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Palestine. Gonick is the founder, owner and manager of the International Political Economy Network since 1993 and has been associated with Communications for a Sustainable Future since its founding in 1993.


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