Rally Tuesday Nov. 30th to extend unemployment benefits

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11/30/2010 - 11:00
11/30/2010 - 12:30

 Following the defeat of the initial effort to suspend rules and extend unemployment benefits Congressman Dennis Kucinich has called for a new vote.

Unless extended, benefits will expire Tuesday for 800,000 and the figure will reach two million by the end of December.  It is urgent to support Kucinich's call for an extension in the lameduck session while the Democrats still have the upper hand.
Demonstrations are scheduled for many cities tomorrow.  Please help build the event in Cleveland at 11 am at the Free Stamp (E. 9th and Lakeside), which will include street theater, unemployed speakers and a delegation to Sen. Voinovich's office in the Federal Building.
 You can park in the lot at City Hall or get a ride from the Laborers 310 Hall, 3250 Euclid.  The action is sponsored by Jobs with Justice, the North Shore AFL-CIO and MoveOn.  
We also need to organize calls to his office: 1-877-662-2889.
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