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Call for Artists Entries -- See Also is an annual program of the Cleveland Public Library in partnership with Cleveland Public Art that invites artists, designers, and other creative professionals to create temporary public art projects in the Eastman Reading Garden. The program commissions innovative, thought-provoking works of art that add to the Library's already broad range of educational and cultural programming. Each year, one artist or team of artists is selected to exhibit an installation from May until October in this highly visible and beloved space.

Eligibility -- See Also is open to both established and emerging artists from the Great Lakes Region (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Ontario). Artists may work individually or as part of a team. The program commissions only newly created, site specific artwork. Proposals for the display of existing works of art will not be considered. Location --


The Eastman Reading Garden is located in the heart of downtown Cleveland between the Library's historic Main Building and the new Louis Stokes Wing of the Cleveland Pubic Library. Refer to the Cleveland Public Art website for additional site photos and background on the garden.

Requirements -- Proposals must include the following: • One presentation board on hard foam core of no less than 11x17 inches and no larger than 24x36 inches which clearly depicts your proposal • A brief written statement explaining the theme and project intent • A description of the proposed artwork including recommended location(s) within the garden, materials that will be used, how it will be installed and secured. • An itemized budget covering materials, installation, transportation, and other project-related expenses.

Please keep in mind that the budget for the artwork is $15,000 and the selected artist will receive an additional $3,500 artist fee. • Up to 10 digital images of your past work or related experience in jpeg format at 72 dpi on a CD


All proposals must be received at Cleveland Public Arts office by 5:00pm - Friday, August 14, 2009 (postmarks are not acceptable). Hand deliveries will be accepted.

Please send all proposal materials to: Cleveland Public Art -

See Also 1951 West 26th Street, #101 Cleveland, OH 44113 Cleveland Public Art

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