Tipping Point Concerts for Regional Renewal

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 The Tipping Point Cooperative






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Renew the Region

Holistic Centers Collaborate in Creativity and Renewal

 The Tipping Point Cooperative announces a summer circuit of music, art and storytelling. This begins with a kick-off party at Kennedy’s Theater Playhouse Square, Saturday June 6 at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday June 7 at 4 p.m. The celebration includes performances by Jacob Laughingfox, Brian Henke, Mitsu Saito, Seven Generations, Christopher Reynolds, Paula Reynolds, Poetess Journey, Brian Jones and Christopher Dooley.   

 These artists are featured on the cooperative’s CD release, Tipping Point: Find Your Center. Each track builds on a theme of visionary renewal. The artists are affiliated with healing centers through The Tipping Point Cooperative.

 Tickets are $10 at the door. EN">Kennedy's Theater Playhouse Square is located at 1501 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland.


The Tipping Point Cooperative is made up of holistic wellness and education centers throughout northeast Ohio. These centers invigorate area communities through offerings of creativity, integrative medicine and spiritual growth.


CD’s available to reviewers.


Summer circuit information upcoming at http://thetippingpointcooperative.blogspot.com








Additional background information:


text-autospace:none">Brian Henke composes and performs his music like a painter putting images on canvas, drawin g his inspiration from the world around him. An avid hiker, he often brings his guitar along to create a spontaneous response to his outdoor settings. He has released 6 original cds.  http://www.brianhenkeguitar.com


Brian Jones’ meditation practice has taken him around the globe. His music reflects a blending of cultural influences.  www.brianjonesart.com


Mitsu Saito is known as an improvisational cellist. He has released three CDs. "HYPERLINK \0022http\:\/\/cdbaby\.com\/cd\/mitsuyoshisaito\0022 \\t \0022_blank\0022"">http://cdbaby.com/cd/mitsuyoshisaito


Seven Generations is a group of eclectic musicians who create and share divinely inspired music. 


Poetess Journey is a poet, motivational speaker, writer, director and producer. She founded Flatline Multimedia, a creative production company in Cleveland, Ohio.

www.myspace.com/poetessjourney   "HYPERLINK \0022http\:\/\/FLMNOW\.COM\0022 \\t \0022_blank\0022"">FLMNOW.COM


Jacob Laughingfox is a decorated Iraqi war veteran who found peace and healing through making and playing Native American style flutes.


Christopher Reynolds is a teacher, singer, songwriter and founder of the Urrealist art movement. His music focuses on love, creativity, spirituality, rites of passage and cosmology.  He has released 11 CDs.   www.urrealist.com 


Christopher Dooley is a Registered Nurse of sixteen years who is dedicated to holistic medicine, combining Eastern and Western techniques.  He is a Reiki Master, mystical drum facilitator, martial artist proficient in multiple techniques, and a talented mixed media visual artist.



Kennedy's Theater Playhouse Square
1501 Euclid Ave
Cleveland, OH
United States