Clarence Carter's "Education"

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Clarence Carter

This "lunette" in the Cleveland Convention Center's Public Auditorium seems to have a glimpse of the Warner and Swasey Observatory. Painted by Clarence Carter, this is one of 16 "lunettes" administered by Cleveland Museum of Art's first director, William M. Milliken. They are part of the "Public Works of Art Project" 1933-34 and a larger project called the American Scene -- this the Cleveland Scene, and specifically title "Resources of the City."

"American Scene artists were especially interested in regional and small-town life and produced views of local color and straightforward celebrations of ideals such as community, democracy, and hard work. Although the arts projects did not force artists to work in one style, the American Scene became the unofficial style of the projects--especially in public works such as murals--since local populations expected and arts administrators promoted easily understood images." Learn more at the National Archives

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