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Here is an April 21, 2008 image of the MIT sailing club practicing with MIT designed TECH dinghies in an east wind on the Charles River Basin between Cambridge and Boston, Massachusetts.   This area used to be a tidal estuary a hundred or more years ago, but is now separated from the Atlantic by a control lock – though thousands of  Alewife run up fish ladders to spawn.  

There are dozens of power boat clubs, sailing clubs and rowing clubs which line the Charles River from the first upstream falls in Watertown, Massachusetts (at the west end of the Basin) to the east end Locks.

Cleveland's integration - for recreation - of its river-side and lake-side water resources pales in comparison to the water-side recreational access provided by Boston and Toronto and Chicago. 

While Ed Hauser sticks up for one of  the only decent public park on the waterfront in Cleveland, the Dirty Dealer whines shrilly for it's corporate pal - Eaton – with panicky advocacy for an empty-headed "corporate campus" on the Lakefront. 

Boy oh Buoy! - Cleveland doesn't get it.

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