Surrealist Treat in Little Italy

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Mon, 09/19/2005 - 13:45.


Pino Tersigni, a very talented young painter from Rome found appreciation in eclectic Little Italy but not
in Cleveland's
conservative art scene. What should have been an exciting exhibition for Cleveland was shunned by local critics. Tersigni's technique is superb and he is a master at depicting the nude female body.
He is also a master at rearranging it in ways that could only occur in his dreams.
Some of Tersigni’s works are sexy, others are sexy nightmares. They seem to be
plays on the words "nightmare" and "wet dream."

Why is it that Surrealism is more
popular in Europe? The fall line ups of the
major TV networks have no shortage of material based on fantasy and the
supernatural with attractive female leads. So why are we less adventurous with what we view in the gallery vs. on the television? Perhaps it has something to do with the empowered female nude. Tersigni's women are threatening, they luxuriate in their exotic and other worldly pigments and seem to growl at the viewer.


Approximately 12 of Tersigni’s paintings are now on display
in The Boot Gallery, a small gallery on Mayfield Road near Valerio’s Restaurant,
run by photographer Sophia. Sophia has a gallery for all the right reasons; she
has a good eye, she loves art and obviously likes to help other artists. The Tersigni show will only be up until Sept. 24th.
Her next show should be interesting. She described it as “cupcake trees.” It is
the midterm project of a group of CIA students. After that is "The Skull Show" -- for Halloween.