Question of the Day: What are best uses for MedCon tax revenues collected to date, and going forward?

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 09/04/2008 - 11:05.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer mentions a figure of $60 million collected by Cuyahoga County through a 0.25% sales tax increase dedicated to paying for a "Medical Mart" and "Convention Center", being a private real estate development partnership of out of town interests controlled by one of the super wealthy Kennedys, who is personally related to County Commissioner Hagan and has hired County Administrator Madden, who formulated this county-funded deal, with the always controversial Ratners and Millers... usually doing business as something-Forest City, but often also personally rooted layers deep in diverse legal, financial and political dealings in NEO and elsewhere. The Cuyahoga County leadership that crafted this public subsidy-for-the-super-rich is under FBI and IRS investigation for all sorts of corruption, likely to include matters related to the above described "MedCon"- it is safe to say the parties promoting the MedCon have lost the faith of most of the people of real NEO who were ever foolish enough to trust any of the schemers, in the first place. While we are still months away from Cuyahoga County leadership and the MedCon imploding completely, it is never too early to begin protecting the money stolen from the public in this con, so far... the $60 million mentioned in the PD... and planning for its proper disbursal, post-Con. What do you think should be done with the money?

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Looks like the County Commissioners answered this question

Today's PD reports the big surprise that Cuyahoga County is running a deficit in the general fund... don't be surprised if the amount the county is overspending this year exceeds the amount collected in sales tax increases for the MedCon. So, at best, "we" have the Hagan-imposed choice of the MedCon for a few, or continuing county services to more. No matter how flawed all our choices are, at this point, some county tax money goes to Invest in Children, which is core to lead poisoning eradication and far more valuable than a MedCon. Using county funds to reduce lead poisoning reduces the needs for spending on "The Juvi" to imprison lead poison victims who become criminals... although the Juvi funds are separate from the general funds and have already been thrown down the sewer and are gushing into the cesspool of NEO political and corporate corruption, led by Hagan, it seems.

Until the FBI can sort through the filth of our leadership and their contracts to spend our money, and determine what is illegal and what is criminal, I'd like to see an independent auditor (not named Nance) in charge of the piggy-bank - I don't want Hagan to be allowed to use this 9/11 to terrorize the poor people of NEO any further...


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judging by what transpired

judging by what transpired this summer, how can we trust that they're 38-million in the red.

Just give us the money back.

It's a sales tax... who do we pay back?

I guess I'm entitled to $0.25 X a few thousand dollars I've spent since the sales tax was increased, but I can't show how much, and neither can anyone else. Very sneaky move with this tax... it can't be fairly paid back once it is collected, and it goes into the general fund with an earmark, it seems. We need an independent audit and investigation into everything about the MedCon and this taxation without fair representation, including tracking every dollar spent and collected, and everyone making money out of this (e.g. consultants, lawyers, bankers, Kennedys, County Commissioners, County Administrators, Ratners, Millers... the Cleveland Clinic). 


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Put it on the ballot

Just a reminder to our republican friends out there...Norm, Jeff B, Tim, Gloria, Susan and many more of the reluctant bloggers out there put their time and energy and money to fight Cuyahoga County's Medical Mart tax.   We do want representation in our government, even if we wish we didn't have to live with a government. Sounds remotely like a lesson in American history, doesn't it?

let clinic move forward with medcon

Put the money into public transport, education and let the Cleveland Clinic make a medical mart on their campus. Already they have the handle on the healthcare business in Cleveland and beyond. Heck, they’re controlling even our health news – Rupert Murdoch Style.