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10/31/2005 - 15:30

Event #1:

Come to the CIA and plan for a “more better future”

October 31, 2005 - 4:30pm – free parking behind
Cleveland Institute of Art, Reinberger Galleries - 11141
East Boulevard

Even though you are busy, come for as long as you like - stop by, be entertained, see some friends, and enjoy - invite your friends!

Escape the trick-and-treat world... connect with your friends for a real, free treat – get tricked-out for the CIA’s great new exhibit, “Dreaming of a More Better Future” (an exhibition of Art, Architecture, Technology, Science, Politics, Life Style and Mutation) – experience the world-premier of an original composition performed by an exceptional string quartet from the Cleveland Institute of Music – view multimedia work of CIA masters in TIME (Technology and Integrated Media Environment) - have your mind supercharged by Rebecca Ryan’s high-powered energy and insight – enjoy some wine, beer and cider - get really involved in state of the art visioning on your community’s future! See

What: Connect with people who care about Northeast Ohio, and exciting futurist Rebecca Ryan - come together in spectacular places, surrounded by world-class art, music and intellect, to collaborate for the best possible future for Northeast Ohio.

Why: Join your friends for these fun and dynamic multi-sensory events - excite your eyes, ears and minds - enjoy fantastic places, arts, culture, and people. All events are free and open to the public.

These events are being presented through a collaboration of REALNEO.US, Next Generation Consulting, the Cleveland Institute of Art and their TIME and FUTURE: Center for Design and Technology Transfer, the Cleveland Institute of Music, Playhouse Square Foundation, the City Club of Cleveland New Leaders, Voices and Choices, Bridge Builders,, and many other great area organizations and friends of the community!

Rebecca Ryan has spent lots of time in NEO helping area communities maximize their attractiveness. She is joining us for these events as a friend of our community. Her keen eye for local, national and global trends - coupled with her brilliance in presenting pathways to a better future for all - makes her one of America's most captivating communicators and futurists. See

Contact Information: Peter Holmes - Cell: (216) 534-1731 - Email: nroulet [at] realinks [dot] us

REALNEO – 812 Huron Road - 319 – Cleveland USA 44115



Cleveland Institute of Art, Reinberger Galleries - 11141 East Boulevard

Meet the Bloggers : Rebecca Ryan Podcast

I saw over at BFD that they have posted a Meet the Bloggers podcast with Rebecca Ryan. You can get it here.

Rebecca's Rebuke

I listened to Rebecca's podcast with the bloggers, and I was quite
impressed. I feel honored that Rebecca mentioned some of my remarks to
the World Cafe discussion at CIA as the thing that most impressed her
about her presence at that forum. I feel honored, even though she sort
of rebuked me in the podcast!

am the person from outside of the Cleveland area that Rebecca mentioned
as "getting into it" with a fellow "white person" about what black
children in our urban neighborhoods need. Her remarks in the podcast
were that we white folks do not know what urban black children need.
And you know what? SHE IS RIGHT! I do not know what they need; I only
know what I want for them.

found the words of the gentleman who quietly interceded between myself
and the other "'white person" to be very prophetic. All children want
to feel as though they "matter", and black children feel it just like
anyone else. Unfortunately, many black children in our communities do
not feel it automatically, for a variety of reasons. It is my belief
that our communities are going to stay decidedly "uncool" if large
groups of children continue to feel as though they do not matter to the
leaders in their culture.

can only recognize my own ignorance and naivate when I engage in
conversations with people who can point it out to me. I very much
appreciate the World Cafe forum for giving me and others the
opportunity to have such conversations with diverse groups of people. I
truly hope that my words last night at the World Cafe, and my words
here in this forum, did not offend anyone. I truly apologize if they
did. I am learning about how to listen and learn, and in the process, I
sometimes stick my foot in my mouth instead! For what it is worth, I
made a committment to come back to Cleveland in the near future to
visit some neighborhoods that most people do not like to visit, just to
better understand. I want all kids to know that they matter, BECAUSE
THEY DO, and I want to learn how I can help them to know it.

Thx to all of you Clevelanders for showing this gal from south of Canton such hospitality!!

Vicki Boatright "BZTAT"

Highlight of the cafe

The interchanges you mention were a highlight of the evening, because they were so authentic and focused on issues not usually appreciated in such open discourse.  In the end, an African American participant from East Cleveland brought the discussion to an insightful close - that white and black is meaningless when talking about people - we all think and feel the same ways, in our unique individual ways, and we can therefore all work, live and enjoy life together.

I'll make sure we post events in East Cleveland on the realneo calendar and promote them in every way possible - I value the opportunities I've had to work and enjoy life in that community and recommend everyone explore its glories. Suggestions - their new library and the East Cleveland Theater on Euclid, which regularly have performance events... Forest Hills Park... Chesters Restaurant... drive around the historic neighborhoods... East Cleveland Farmers Market.

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