07.05.18 Header of the Day: "Merging" by Athena Tacha

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 05/18/2007 - 17:59.

Tacha Merging panorama

One of my favorite works of public art in NEO is "Merging", by Athena Tacha, which is a large scale stone and water installation on the campus of Case University, nicely positioned near the Gehry designed Peter B. Lewis Building. The sculpture is part of the Putnam Sculpture Collection, and additional information and other images of this work are found here. This panorama was taken on a beautiful, brisk, sunny spring day, May 18, 2007, from the top of the sculpture.

Tacha Merging with Gehry Peter B. Lewis Building


The location on the Case Campus is here (#6). I especially like how the form of the scultpture contrasts with the other buildings in the surrounding area, as diverse as they all are, and it contrasts with nature, even though it is stone and water. So it defines a new type of environment, and invites experiencing it. At all times one finds students and other children and adults playing and sitting and reading and working and napping and eating here.

A very satisfing experience, and great setting for a full circle perspective... see the pan linked here (449 KB .jpg).

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