Auction Results: Lots of Great Buys and Great Fun at Gray's Auctioneers!

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Mon, 06/25/2007 - 22:45.

Gray's Auction Action

Maybe you were there at Gray's Auctioneers Inaugural Auction on Sunday June 17th? Doors opened at 10:30 am for one last opportunity to preview the over 200 lots of fine art, furniture and decorative items, and by noon, auction time, the room was packed with excited bidders.  Some of the people in the audience were old pros and others were new to the auction world.  This first auction had something to suit  everyone's taste and price range. Those who attended were glad they did!

There were no Internet or phone bidders for Gray's Auctioneers first auction, so with the exception of absentee bids, the  competition was in room. The bidding became fierce for some items, such as two prints by the Op Artist  Richard Anuszkiewicz, but most bidders we pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to win their object of desire at a surprisingly low price. After the last lot was sold auctioneer Deba Gray broke out the champagne and the crowd celebrated their purchases and toasted the success of Gray's Auctioneers.

Gray's Auctioneers is not the only auction house in town, but it is arguably the most conveniently located. Located in Cleveland just west of Downtown, at 10717 Detroit Avenue, it easy for both Eastsiders and Westsiders to find. And with their newly renovated building, Gray's Auctioneers is definitely the most stylish auction house in town. The large windows and fresh white walls made being indoors even on a beautiful Sunday afternoon very pleasant. The building, parking lot and even the bathrooms at Gray's Auctioneers were all thoughtfully designed to enhance the customer's experience.  When put to the test on Sunday all aspects of the auction ran very efficiently. Registering to bid and getting your paddle/bidder number at the windows in the front lobby was a snap. Some bidders had even registered in advance during the preview days. Check out was a breeze too. Three windows were open to accept customer payments at anytime during or after the sale.  Mark Reynolds, Head of Operations, then matched customs with purchases quickly and arranged deliveries (Gray's Auctioneers offers very reasonably priced in town delivery and can recommend movers for out of town buyers). Even shopping at IKEA isn't this efficient!

Once you learn about buying at auction it will change the way you shop! Auction prices are wholesale or less on average and you don't need to be a tycoon or even an interior decorator to shop at auction. Why furnish your home with pieces from Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn or even Value City Furniture when you could buy better quality pieces for less than half of the cost? The same holds true for fine art; you could spend hundreds of dollars on nothing more than a framed poster at an upscale mall gallery or  you could buy at auction a limited edition signed and numbered print by an internationally renowned artist. The print might even prove to be a good investment over time.

Buying at auction is definitely a smart way to shop. If you think of the old adage “one man's trash is another man's treasure” it certainly holds true for auctions.  For those who are creative, auctions offer endless opportunities to recycle and find new uses for well-made items. Auctions are also a great source for things that are interesting and unique.

Until you actually attend a live auction it is difficult to describe just how fun it is. The rush you feel while bidding is similar to gambling, it is like when you win at a slot machine or yell BINGO! Many people like to dress up to attend an auction, and, although there is no dress code or snooty doorman to look you over, auctions are a place to see and be seen. And it is always better to attend an auction with some friends. A little friendly bidding war can only add to the fun. Gray's Auctioneer next auction is Sunday July 22nd at 1 pm. -- don't miss it.