Submitted by shade on Mon, 03/21/2011 - 17:20.

Who's not telling the truth? Lily Miller or DW? Who is the bullying twisted thrasher truth b told?

Submitted by savcash on March 18, 2011 - 4:09am.

 Who's not telling the truth?  Odds are that both are not, did not, however I owe DW an apology for claiming she was truth b told. See, it is Lily Miller who is not telling the truth.  When you post anonymously you might just get in or be in over your head. You think you cover your tracks, but we find out, you are in deep.  As Bill had suggested whoever put up the thread anonymously posting as truth b told, must be a government employee or receiving some benefit therefrom.. Have a slick twisted point to prove posting with all kind of errors. And he was right, as we see from here…snip..[quote] ….Lily is a great friend that happens  to be a Cuyahoga county employee - evidently Kim Barnett filed said complaint alleging that lily was representing the county and that lily was on county time as lily was advocating for guy - which is false- only after judge stokes attempted to have lily in contempt for  complaining under her breath and walking out of the court room and the door bumping making a noise and judge stokes thought lily was  disrespectful of the court and ordered the baliff to get lily back in an court and put in a holding cell //

Lily has never represented to anyone at the court and prosecutors that she was representing the county - and guy introduced lily to Kim as " my advocate" and Kim asked lily for a business card and lily said I don't have one - guy has a video audio of this conversation- lily all her life has advocated for the elderly seniors and disabled and disadvantaged and is a twenty year public servant - eleven years with housing court and going on ten years with the county  [//] end copy


I considered offering a one thousand dollar reward to the readers here on REALNEO to connect for me the ID of truth b told with the real person, verified name, address and contact info. With a few terms, like offer good 24 hrs, must post full info, must be able to document the connection and ID. But it seems I did not need to go that far.  (I was still checking out the players on here and had not gotten that far just yet.). While surfing the REALNEO site, first I went to lily’s blog to see her track page  I went to truth b told info, and clicked on the tracking option there . Well, well, well, then I notice lilymiller is the user. I went back and did several others, nope, all different users but lily's blog and tbtold. SAME person. So, lets see what we have:

  • One who speaks out of both sides of their mouth (she told me; “if she was going to slam me, I would know it one for starters.” WRONG)
  • One who has been thrown in jail for being disrespectful to a judge.
  • One who spends hours of wasted time trying to make others look bad, when in fact, it is her that needs help making better choices.
  • She asks my help for our friend Guy, and what, stabs me in the back in the same breath.
  • Her claims are all wrong and she cares not that she is hurting a wonderful woman's memory with all the trash and wasted hours she has spent to do so. Let alone the people Evelyn loved, their reputations with all her crap.

Funny thing though, Lily appears to want to help others, has been here for a while, and  YET I wonder, how many others has she caused to inflict needless grief upon by hit and run??  AND, the hours she WASTED dragging up and twisting whatever she could find.


 And of course, her two buddies, DW and dbra, helped to make it smell fishy in here.


Lily, I don't wish to stoop to your level of evil, however, let's make a deal. You take down your truth b told site and postings, thread delete and then I will remove this. (Provided it does not appear again by you or another of your bully buddies, anyone.) My promise, If by chance, you choose not to do that, those skeletons in your closet will be front page on this site, and it isn’t pretty. Along of course, with all of your friends shown in a bad way, contacts, ECT hitting and missing like you all did. Sounds about right doesn't it?? Tit for tat.


 Not to be smug, but I believe I have assets and such, more than the three of you, combined.  I am letting you know this, due to if this trashing thread isn't removed I will use some of whatever it takes to make me happy that it is. Peace in my house #1.


 After this happens (you delete truth b told blog and trash) I will be gone, promise.  I could have and did, provide alot of great content and support for this site and it's readers. I just am not staying in a room where it is made to stink fishy by a select few.


So, given you might need a day or two to see this (yea, I know I can see your contact info, but naw, I am not calling you, I want to be done with the likes of you) you have until Monday 10 AM to choose your delete or my further postings of your not so great past.  I sleep real well at night and dislike this negative infighting you and crew have caused. Bet you can't say the same as we can see by all of your actions.


So, your choice, and In My book, you are lucky I am so fair. And not the type to hold a grudge. But, I have not had my final say just yet, or have I? You choose, or I will.  Or, something other, who knows, but I will not let this rest, not let that stay up any longer and you post anonymously and think you can get away with such evil things to me and mine.


 Now, I want to get out of here, and will, just this one chance for you to do the right thing, and I am. That will be the end of it. Chow Betty  


PS, next time u three, knock off all that crap and lying, and follow the Golden Rule instead. Paybacks are a you -know - what. And, you don't know who you are messing with when you do your evil deeds. You all picked on the wrong person and friends this time. But, if you do it again to others, they might not be so kind back. The site owners choose not to remove the other, I figure they will let this up until you choose. If not, I will just post all of the information on  ALL the other sites; so the search engine can find it too then. Easier for us both if we remove thread tho, instead,  huh?? Would be great to see this site become what it could be if you few would behave.

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Oh, and any follow up, if needed too (for this SAD comedy team)

One should always sign their work. Then you can stand tall. If any follow up 'information' is needed from me, I assure you I know about search engines and how to drive traffic, and where to post, to make sure all and all of those posts following this thread- (if any) will be found by all.

Since you all need the light shown on you, sure hope when others see the lack of creditablity associated with your name(s) - popularity will not be enjoyed so much. JUST 'cause eating dirt sure won't be as fun as posting it. While you enjoy posting trash about others - behind fake names and intitials, you ruin this site. Not that you care tho, and that reeks, but that is what it shows. Too bad you all could care less (Just yet anyway).

Dirty laundry and all. Hit, miss darts like you have done, twisting as I please. When you fail to sign your work, ID yourself tbtold ---errrr, I mead Lily Miller, it can't be called work. You sure were not proud enough to post trash under your own name.


PS. Karma (such a GOOD THING) tall tales and those bad manners will come back and bite you.

The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?



i think it has more to do with the fact you and your friends are both crazy and violent...



jus' sayin' : smiles!


and the truth is

that you brought this mess here, and laid it out. A few days ago, you claimed that I was DW, Dbra, and truthbetold.  Your claims have no merit, in my opinion, and you are trolling. The latest victim is Lily. 

 You still have not taken issue with the factual information posted, but do protest that you don't want it here on the internet. Yet, would any of this would have happened if you had not posted the sad story of Evelyn Schwartz while soliciting for your sovereign nation/grand jury scam, where Bill Duff can be consulted by using a credit card or check by phone?

You still have not answered my questions, but then you aren't going to, are you?

Now you post threats, saying that you have resources to, do what? Do what the grand jury loves to do with tying up people in court? You were just sanctioned in court a few months ago. Has that been forwarded to the Ohio Bar Association? Maybe that needs some follow up.  


If you have defenses of a factual nature, and I don't mean more conspiracy theories that the government and the world is out to get you, state them.



debbie, I have answered all

debbie, I have answered all q that have any merit. I also did (but of course, your selective reading and comprehension forbid you to acknowledge that) say I was wrong in my claim that you were tbtold and said so, with saying I owed you an apology for that. HOWEVER you are not right in the rest of your post. I see no victim but those inflicted on by you gang of three, Lily being the leader. It was consensual combat when she threw out all those darts and placed herself in what she thought, was a ring she could hide behind some made up name, as you all 3 have.

I have been an open book, and I do not need to answer to you. You have been invited to become a member of the tool hundreds and hundreds have begun to use to hear the facts. Not trumped up and half twisted claims.

There is no reason to fill Norm and co pages with your trash - get the clean and true documents and facts - in full, so you can see. AND be one of the ones to determine if Evelyn got due process, if she was afforded her rights and if the gov did her wrong, or not. If the rule of law was applied, if the Constitutional rights were followed.

Other than that, lies and what you have all done is not freedom of speech. Other than that, take a hike because it is you who are just not willing to have the truth be told.

Chow, Betty


The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?


jeezuz god...

atLEASt spell "ciao" correctly??


chow is a dog breed.


yeAH debbie - you don't get it...

speech is only free when Betty agrees with it...






are you truth be told, betty brown?

Using the same "proof" that you used to say one person is tbt, the same applies to you.


ok... now tHAt's weirdo...

please don't take me there...




look in the url, u know , the address bar

and you can clearly see, I am betty brown = savcash  I have always signed my work, and never denied who I am, never tried to hide behind some other name or some few letters.

and Lily is lilymiller and truth b told

links are showing it all  (linked above for your reading enjoyment, and FACTS) - u just need to know where to look.

pfffttttt, Betty


The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?


and a question,

if you care to answer, just really out of curosity, what made you choose realneo?


your claims still wrong, q answered as well

I was NOT [You were just sanctioned in court a few months ago] whose court do you think I play in? I don't have a license nor do I pretend to - nor do I practice. If I don't have a license, and I don't practice - guess I am not in their court and they can not sanction me now can they?? If they thought they could, if your claims had any merit, some action would have come about of some dream another had, don't you think??

And, to answer your other q, which I did state somewhere in one of the threads prior, (see I am a very detailed person.....yep, good memory and know I have nothing to hide) - I had posted the article of Evelyn's plight elsewhere and Guy had picked it up and posted it here. I thanked him and joined your sweet (other than we know what 3) blog.

And when she died, I posted that article so those that followed the first article could beinformed then as well.

Oh, what, you thought I was going to say; because this is Cleveland read, and the needs people from Cuy county to join and sit on this case. See our website and take action today.   hummmm, we know you twist everything and while that is true, (above) and we welcome all reading this, the first senero is the one that applies.

I am a hoot?? No, I just protect what is right and dislike bullies and dis-information, well, lets call them for what they are. LIES and LIARS. But, don't sweat it, I have read the book and seen the ending. I know how the story ends, the GOOD GUYS WIN.

Chow, Betty

The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?


mincing words

Betty dear... from your "team's" website:

If you are in need of a consultant in matters of government over-stepping it'sboundaries.  Please email to let us know OR  phone Toll free:   99999999999999999

whacko [at] stratos [dot] net  Bill Duff can look over your situation and perhaps offer
Assistance with answers to court or arrest issues -
questions answered and help the COMMON LAW WAY is offered by donation. Bill says: Please email with any questions or concerns. I am not an attorney, yet many have asked for assistance, and I have given this with good results. If you feel you would like me as a consultant, [I have studied and worked in this field for over 25 years] let me hear of your concerns and issues you might need assistance with.  We also take credit cards and check by phone if you do not have a paypal account. My specialty is government over-reaching. Peace of mind is worth a second opinion often as well. Thanks for reading.


what about that is NOT practising law without a license? SERiously - you don't see that?

and tell us Betty - is this not YOU?






What say you, Ms. Brown?


man, there you all go again, OP topic is what it is, not a word

on point.  I went to truth b told info, and clicked on the tracking option there . both are truth b told

Period, Betty

PS opps, did you miss the word practice??  Like in hang out a shingle and charge money - practice law, I do not do.


practicing without a license

You do not tell the truth, again. It seems like your arugument did not fly with the court with Judge Synenberg, or with Judge Villanueva in another case:


or in this one:



guess you can't have it both ways


I am not, never practiced (charged, held myself out to be = practice) see, I have no CLIENTS. 

I am on my other laptop, but if you search you will find it is also being looked at as an unfair trade / anti-trust thing, the bar is simply using their weight to try to stop others from helping people.  

but for the record, here sweetie, see, lawyers do not have a license anyway. They just are members (kinda like a yachet club) of a group of people.... they can not make nor enforce rules on the public.

I don't lie, and I sign my work :) Betty

ps. if you google it, you can find all kinds of info on it - but their claim is NOT what I did---snip

Practicing law without a license is a right under the 1st amendment - a right that cannot be abridged. “ . . .shall make no law . . . . abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” - 1st amendment Speech, petition, counseling, and association are all 1st amendment rights. They are “privileges” ( “ No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States - 14th amendment)

 of citizenship under the 14th amendment “privileges and immunities” clause and you have an immunity from prosecution for exercising these rights!




The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?


Lawyers are a class of People Recognized in the Constitution.

The 6th amendment to the constitution says that you have a right to effective assistance of counsel. “ . . .the accused shall enjoy . . .the assistance of counsel for his defense”

 (6th amendment in total says : In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense)

People are free to be :  counsel.   Any next friend can apply for a writ of habeas corpus. U.S. v Houston 273 F 915, 916 cited by Douglas in Hackin v Arizona 19 L Ed 2d 347.


Betty, you take the cake!

" it is also being looked at as an unfair trade / anti-trust thing, the bar is simply using their weight to try to stop others from helping people.  "

"lawyers do not have a license anyway. They just are members (kinda like a yachet<sic> club)"

"Practicing law without a license is a right under the 1st amendment - a right that cannot be abridged."


WoW. soooooooooooo......... should doctors not be licensed either?



what planet did you say you're from?


Difficult English Words

Difficult English Words

Practise / Practice

In many parts of the English speaking world (UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, and South Africa) “practice” is the noun, “practise” the verb. However, in the U.S.A the spelling “practice” is more often used for both the noun and the verb. Contrary to popular belief a significant minority of the American population also observe the distinction.



just keepin' it real - true to its roots....


btw  - there is a little test here you can practise on:



are you truth be told

but I used the same search for you, betty brown savcash, and came up with the same info.


no you did not use the same search, see the same result, here

you came up with threads that I have posted in.

Come up with the url where it says I am another - can't - here - let me help you, steps to take

1) click on author, see savcash, click on track is what you come up with, betty brown's threads that I have posted in. 

2) click on author truth b told and get  and see the url is the key, and the tracking show all the posts that profile did. Only thread she has posted in is one that lily miller did, under the fake handle.

comprehendo?? Betty 


The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?


and why does having the other side

of this sorry story that you brought here bother you so much? You post as if you and Dean are the angels of mercy, but the truth is you are not. I listened to the tape of the body mic that you posted on your website, and at about 11:33 minutes, the police officer is asking Evelyn if she wants her sister in law removed from her home. Eveyln says, no, that they have alwasy been close, closer than sisters. She also says that it is her home, not Dean's.

At about 43 minutes, you arrive, and the situation seems to go to hell in a handbasket.

Why do you put this stuff out there?


because abusers think no one sees them...

because abusers think no one sees them...

and they frequently overestimate their intelligence while underestimating the intelligence of everyone else. Its a power trip thing....


and then there is grEEn grEEd --- MONEY!


1st and 14th amendments

being re-written as we type....but then you think that Obama is not a citizen, right?


not going to let you do this more - STAY ON TOPIC

the thread is not about betty or anyone other than a certain three.


TOPIC:  While surfing the REALNEO site, first I went to lily’s blog to see her track page  I went to truth b told info, and clicked on the tracking option there . Well, well, well, then I notice lilymiller is the user. I went back and did several others, nope, all different users but lily's blog and tbtold. SAME person. So, lets see what we have:

  • One who speaks out of both sides of their mouth (she told me; “if she was going [//]


The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?


Betty - are you stomping your feet

as you type this ^ ?


Betty Brown

Your threatening behavior has been reported to the proper authorities. 

Based upon the violent history of  DEAN MARINPIETRI not only towards you, but many other victims, along with your apparent mental instability, and the fact that even the FBI has declared the Sovereign Citizen Movement  a dangerous domestic terrorism group, I find your behavior towards me to be threatening and dangerous.

I strongly urge you to have no further communication towards me and to not act in any further way to cause me or my family fear of you, Dean, or the Sovereign Citizen Movement.

Any further threats, communication or harassment caused by you, Dean, or the Sovereign Citizen Movement will continue to be reported to the FBI as well as the local police department.

Do NOT attempt to recruit any members or readers of realneo for the Sovereign Citizen Movement.  You have almost caused several members here to fall for the false sob story of Evelyn Schwartz inlcuding my friends, Guy Black, AngelnWard14, and Mytown55.  They have all commented and almost fell for this story.




Cyberstalking is the use of the Internet or other electronic means to stalk or harass an individual, a group of individuals, or an organization. It may include false accusations, monitoring, making threats, identity theft, damage to data or equipment, the solicitation of minors for sex, or gathering information in order to harass. The definition of "harassment" must meet the criterion that a reasonable person, in possession of the same information, would regard it as sufficient to cause another reasonable person distress.[1]


The sovereign citizen movement is an extreme anti-government movement whose members believe the government has no authority over them. Although its sister movement, the militia movement, has garnered more publicity, the sovereign citizen movement is also growing, is larger than the militia movement, and engages in a much greater amount of criminal activity. 

  More widespread than violence is a set of tactics known as "paper terrorism," in which sovereign citizens use legal filings to harass, intimidate, and retaliate against public officials, law enforcement officers, and others.

 In addition to their acts of violence, many sovereign citizens have engaged in a variety of scams and frauds, some of them raking in millions of dollars, while countless more sovereign citizens have engaged in acts of harassment, retaliation, and intimidation against public officials, law enforcement officers, and private citizens.

 As is true for most types of extremist movements, the sovereign citizen movement has come to rely heavily on the Internet for propaganda, recruitment, and funds.

The internet is also useful for sovereign citizen con artists to reach gullible victims and cause unsuspecting citizens to become members with stories that reflect emotion and sympathy.   Are you gullible?

Who are the "Sovereigns"?

It would be tempting to dismiss the violence that took place that day as an isolated event — an unstable father and son who exploded in a moment of vicious, unexplained fury. The truth, however, is more frightening. Jerry Kane and his young son were active participants in the sprawling subculture of "sovereign citizens" in America: hundreds of thousands of far-right extremists who believe that they — not judges, juries, law enforcement or elected officials — get to decide which laws to obey and which to ignore, and who don't think they should have to pay taxes. While law enforcement officers may disagree on how to deal with or even label this extremist subculture, one thing is certain: it's trouble. The sovereign movement is growing fast, and its partisans are clogging up the courts with their indecipherable filings. When cornered, many of them lash out in rage, frustration and, in the most extreme cases, acts of deadly violence. 

The FBI describes the Sovereign Citizen Movement as a domestic terrorism group.

 The FBI discusses the Sovereign Citizen Movement here  

“You can help,” The FBI concludes. “First, ‘be crime smart’: don’t fall for the bogus claims and scams of sovereign citizens. And second, if you have information on any suspicious activities or crimes, please contact us.”

Americans are being called a terriost for having Ron Paul stickers, buying shampoos and other nonsense

Submitted by savcash on March 19, 2011 - 1:55pm.

8 items That Will Get You Branded a Terrorist


Brian Moylan — Union Square was needlessly shut down last night when a landscaper went to a Buzzcocks concert and left the gas cans he uses to fill lawn mowers in the backseat of his car. What other everyday devices are dangerous?

Coolers: Cops evacuated Times Square because someone left their cooler unattended. So keep your cooler at home. We know you're not really trying to take some beers to Central Park, you're trying to blow up the Time Warner Center, you America-hating bastard.

Fertilizer: Buying fertilizer, especially if you have brown skin is pretty much like strapping a bunch of dynamite under your trench coat and walking into the middle of Grand Central with a beeping clock. We all know that no one in New York has a fucking yard or house plants or anything, so if you buy fertilizer, you're asking for it and probably deserve to go to jail.

Shampoo: As the TSA has been telling us for awhile now, shampoo bottles are no longer for shampoo. They are carrying cases for horrible chemical weapons, biological agents, and like melted down C-4 plastic explosives or some shit. If you have a bottle of shampoo bigger than one of those tiny vodka bottles you buy on the plane, people are going to assume you're there to blow something up. Especially if you have shitty hair.

White Powder: There is only one way to carry white powder, in a small baggie in your pocket/wallet/bra like Lindsay Lohan does. Otherwise it is anthrax and you are going to home to send poisoned letters to: Barack Hussein Obama, The White House, U.S.A.

Shoes: People keep trying to blow up their shoes on airplanes. That means every loafer, lace-up, stiletto, pump, and Croc is suspect (Crocs for more than one reason). The worst offenders are the shoes that kids wear that light up when they step. You can use that wiring to make a bomb! Oh, or what about those sneakers with the hidden wheel inside that kids like to roll around on. If you can hide a wheel in there, what else can you hide? Probably blueprints of the Statue of Liberty, so you can use your innocent child as an accomplice in your terrorist plot to rid the world of a treasured landmark. If we're not all wearing government-issue see-through sandals by 2013, then the world is unsafe.

A Dog: Fido is not man's best friend anymore. He is an active participant in ending freedom! Pretty soon, the terrorists are going to be strapping bombs to them and using them to attack anyone who stands up for free speech. You better get some of those doggie pee pads, because if you walk your pooch in public and it's not a German Shepherd and you're not wearing a police uniform, pretty soon you'll be handed a one-way ticket to prison.

An "I Hate South Park" T-Shirt: Only terrorists hate this show. All real Americans love South Park!

Umbrellas: If it is sunny outside and you are carrying an umbrella, you are clearly like third in command at Al-Kay-Duh. Under that little nylon sheath is a high-tech detonator or maybe a way to smuggle out our nuclear launch codes after you pilfered them from the "football." (We learned about that on 24!). So, yes, it's not in the public safety to be carrying an umbrella on nice days. After all, only terrorists don't watch the weather.

[Image via Yegor Korzh/Shutterstock]!5539360/eight-items-that-will-get-you-branded-a-terrorist   [//]

Got a Ron Paul sticker or "Don't Tread on Me" flag? You're a suspected terrorist! 

So yeah, seems that many are now concerned  if I had always felt people should always stay home, if you believe everything that you read, if you are afraid to post anything anywhere, then the  REAL terrorists would have won.

With all the scanning and personal insults Americans have gone thru at the hands of TSA, it is very questionable that even ONE

terrorist has has been found.  You can bet your bottom dollar that the number is ZERO, because if they had caught would have been plastered all over the news.

This constant, pathetic, and misguided yammering about alleged terrorism every time - all the time is clearly tedious, downright ignorant, and just plain silly.

Ironically, the very fact that one does not eat meat is now apparently taken by some FOX wing nut fanatics as a clear indicator of terrorism. “My God, you don’t eat dead flesh? How utterly uncivilized can you be? You must be a terrorist.”

Name calling became popular with the word racist, now however that has shown to be nothing more than a tatic to divert the topic off the subject onto another.  Now of course, some TRY to label any activity that attempts to non-violently intervene against someone's cold lying and  ruthlessness acts as violent.

Seeing only threats on here by the three - one wonders how they can try to use half truths, and then to spin truth into lies and lies into truth with the understanding that it does not matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true.

Never mind that it is the three that are trying to do harm, threats and worse are also being pirates as well.

So what we have here is a false perception of violence and terrorism spun by just a few, or public relations people and  politicians, but without any basis in fact or substance. Today, calling someone a terrorist is simply a way of attempting to demonize someone with whom you disagree. The word itself is beginning to lose its meaning. If throwing a cream pie into a politician’s face is now a terrorist act, it seems to trivialize the victims of real terrorism and those who survive them.

To be a real terrorist, one needs to be a violent criminal, as in actually committing a violent criminal act and intending to cause harm to another living being. It is not enough to be merely investigated on suspicion of committing a criminal act, arrested on suspicion of committing a criminal act, tried in a court of law on charges of committing a criminal act, or even to be convicted of a criminal act—none of which have happened to not a sole I know,  I might add. To be a true terrorist, one must actually set forth with the intent to commit violent crimes, and we most certainly do not meet that criteria. Wasting the FBI's time and resources is a crime.

As for my friends and myself, we do not skulk and hide in caves like Osama Bin Laden, post with fake names or handles, and always sign our work.  Betty

ps. Ignore the childish poster below trying to high jack the thread with trash. Just amazing at the wasted time and efforts some

children will do to get attention (sick).

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and there's things like actual physical violence....


would you say that is innocent too, Betty?


what about taking an old lady's money??? she's weak and vulnerable and can't protect herself - is that ok?

or what about just sponging off her like he does you now?


I am sure glad you brought up that lie (one of more than a dozen

NO ONE took any one's money. You posted so much crap I will not here address it all - however Evelyn's money you mention was paid to "him" the "him was the lawyer - $1,200.00 to review the case and $3,000.00 more when he said he could take it on and win.

I assure you no one sponged or does now, Evelyn knew classy people, unlike those few on here who are intent it seems to keep digging their hole deeper, and ruin this site and everyone's hard work in the process.  SHAME ON YOU THREE!

More later, Betty


The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?


3. Manipulative. This

3. Manipulative.

This (person) is very intelligent. (S)He knows how to detect your weak spots, and (s)he uses your vulnerability and past pain to his/her advantage.


5. A Victim.His (Her) poor

5. A Victim.

His (Her) poor choices are everyone else’s fault. When (s)he loses his/her job, gets into a fight, or a business deal falls through, it’s always because of the other person. (S)He is never at fault.



You try to go off topic on each and every thread (almost) you post in - you just do not know how to post in b/boards.

Your lack of education amazes me, along with scads more, but, that is anothe story.

None on here are seeing in your 'muck' anything of value or substance  Sad, so sad to waste such as you are, 

but we can all see clear thru you.  Betty

ps this site really needs a block button so when morons post unrelated they can be blocked, so we don't have to and will not keep addressing such off topic issue. Are you in a program for something and need help? thread hijacking is one. pffftttt


The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?


oooh - thats a good one thats not on the chart - gaslighting

oooh - thats a good one thats not on the chart - gaslighting:

"Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse in which false information is presented to the victim with the intent of making them doubt their own memory and perception."

more here......


we still have 9 to go, Betty - comeon! get creative!


defies logic

Per the statement to the court:  "Betty Brown and Dean Marinpietri argue that all of these women, the police, the  prosecutor's office and the Probate Court are conspiring against Mr. Marinpietri. This argument defies all logic and evidence and should be disregarded."

What about the repeated behavior here, the threats, the accusations, the lack of respect for anyone who dares to question Betty Brown?



You can't reason with

You can't reason with crazy.  I too have read through the various links.  Savcash believes she's right.  That's why she posted all of the incriminating stuff against her and Dean on her website.   She actually believes that what she has posted places her and Dean in a good light.  No amount of facts or logic is going to change that she is a zealot with a cause, and obviously still in love with Dean.  That makes her dangerous.   The sane posters need to protect themselves by not giving her their names, no matter how much she begs.


unlike some on here

and 'their' newest fake handles fishy and outthere - so much of a wasted life to take so much valuable time to do all this, just WOW, sure feel sorry for THEM. Betty


The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?


10. Hypersensitive. The

10. Hypersensitive.

The slightest offense sends him/her ranting. Everyone is out to “get him/her.”


comeon, Betty - we have 9 more to go. I'm sure you can exhibit

comeon, Betty - we have 9 more to go. I'm sure you can exhibit more traits of an abusive personality....





I know you have it in you. ::smiles!

Obama speech canceled due to rumors of Assassination attempt

Submitted by savcash on March 18, 2011 - 5:34pm.

 Barack Obama will not be making a planned and free outdoor speech in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday, the US Embassy in Brasilia said on Friday. No specific reasons were given, but rumor has it that security officials moved the site from the Cinelândia square to Rio’s Municipal Theater out of concerns of a possible assassination attempt following the UN Security Council’s ruling late Thursday regarding Libya....

Security Nightmare Shaping Up for Obama's Rio Trip
Is someone setting President Barack Obama up for a hit during his two-day trip to Brazil this weekend? Assassination of Obama has been an option...

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What??? Assassination of Obama has been an option

What are you doing Betty Brown savcash, in posting such crap? Do you want, are you begging, to go to jail?

from your post:

Security Nightmare Shaping Up for Obama's Rio Trip
Is someone setting President Barack Obama up for a hit during his two-day trip to Brazil this weekend? Assassination of Obama has been an option... 


Cyber BULLY sites and results

Submitted by savcash on March 13, 2011 - 5:33pm.

As we have seen on here as of late with a thread being brought forth with trash, a picture and twisted unproven wrong and slandering to many people in content; and no motive but to flame others. Defamation and slander are a serious thing. Recently on My-Space a teenager committed suicide (and many others as well) and we now have bullying laws. Once the legal community gets involved, site owners and all of those that are the bully are are put to task.

Slander Defamation and libel are defined as a false statement that injures someone's reputation and exposes them to public contempt, hatred, ridicule or condemnation.




       Stop-cyber Bullying one that ALSO does not permit posters to call others names as well and carry on.
I will have more on this later, Betty



--snip-- from [ Scheff says she wanted to make a point to those who unfairly criticize others on the Internet. "I'm sure (Bock) doesn't have $1 million, let alone $11 million, but the message is strong and clear," Scheff says. "People are using the Internet to destroy people they don't like, and you can't do that."]

Many sites now detail;

[Several suicides, particularly among teenagers, have been blamed on INTERNET bullies in recent years.]                       

Raising Awareness On Cyber Bullying And Holding Kids Or Parents Responsible
 [snip] Cyber-bullying defined
Cyber-bullying has been defined as "when the Internet, cell phones or other devices are used to send or post text or images intended to hurt or embarrass another person",[2]. Other researchers use similar language to describe the phenomenon.[3][4]

Cyber-bullying can be as simple as continuing to send e-mail to someone who has said they want no further contact with the sender, but it may also include threats, sexual remarks, pejorative labels (i.e., hate speech), ganging up on victims by making them the subject of ridicule in forums, and posting false statements as fact aimed at humiliation.

Cyber-bullies may disclose victims' personal data (e.g. real name, address, or workplace/schools) at websites or forums or may pose as the identity of a victim for the purpose of publishing material in their name that defames or ridicules them. Some cyber-bullies may also send threatening and harassing emails and instant messages to the victims, while other post rumors or gossip and instigate others to dislike and gang up on the target.

Kids report being mean to each other online beginning as young as 2nd grade. According to research, boys initiate mean online activity earlier than girls do. However, by middle school, girls are more likely to engage in cyber-bullying than boys do.[5] Whether the bully is male or female, their purpose is to intentionally embarrass others, harass, intimidate, or make threats online to one another. This bullying occurs via email, text messaging, posts to blogs, and Web sites.

Though the use of sexual remarks and threats are sometimes present in cyber-bullying, it is not the same as sexual harassment and does not necessarily involve sexual predators.

Cyber-bullying vs. cyber-stalking
The practice of cyber-bullying is not limited to children and, while the behavior is identified by the same definition in adults, the distinction in age groups is sometimes referred to as cyberstalking or harassment when perpetrated by adults toward adults, sometimes directed on the basis of sex. Common tactics used by cyber-stalkers are to vandalize a search engine or encyclopedia, to threaten a victim's earnings, employment, reputation, or safety. A repeated pattern of such actions against a target by an adult constitutes cyber-stalking.   snip....

United States
Legislation geared at penalizing cyber-bullying has been introduced in a number of U.S. states including New York, Missouri, Rhode Island and Maryland. At least seven states passed laws against digital harassment in 2007. Dardenne Prairie of Springfield, Missouri, passed a city ordinance making online harassment a misdemeanor. The city of St. Charles, Missouri has passed a similar ordinance. Missouri is among other states where lawmakers are pursuing state legislation, with a task forces expected to have “cyberbullying” laws drafted and implemented.[19] In June, 2008, Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-Calif.) and Rep. Kenny Hulshof (R-Mo.) proposed a federal law that would criminalize acts of cyberbullying.[20]

Lawmakers are seeking to address cyber-bullying with new legislation because there's currently no specific law on the books that deals with it. A fairly new federal cyber-stalking law might address such acts, according to Parry Aftab, but no one has been prosecuted under it yet. The proposed federal law would make it illegal to use electronic means to "coerce, intimidate, harass or cause other substantial emotional distress."

In August 2008, the California state legislature passed one of the first laws in the country to deal directly with cyber-bullying. The legislation, Assembly Bill 86 2008, gives school administrators the authority to discipline students for bullying others offline or online.[21] This law took effect, January 1, 2009.[22]

A recent ruling first seen in the UK determined that it is possible for an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to be liable for the content of sites which it hosts, setting a precedent that any ISP should treat a notice of complaint seriously and investigate it immediately.[23]

18 U.S.C. § 875(c) criminalizes the making of threats via Internet.

Harmful effects
[more at link above //]


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a cyber stalker

"has no life"


Internet stalking

The Internet offers new opportunities for stalking, hence the term cyber stalking. The cyberstalker can, from the safety of his or her home, or the anonymity of an office environment, trace, track and find out personal details of the target, including address, phone number, and more sinisterly, addresses and details of the target's family. The Internet also offers unlimited opportunity to befriend lonely, vulnerable and nice people who can be persuaded to start a relationship. Most people do not recognise the symptoms of stalking and the techniques a stalker employs to target them.

Internet stalker profile (and any stalker, especially a male)

If you've been wooed by a cyberstalker, this profile will bring you back to reality:

  • lives in a 1-room apartment which hasn't been cleaned for months - if ever

  • has stacks of pornographic magazines in his bedroom area

  • has poor personal hygiene

  • has poor table manners

  • has poor social etiquette

  • hasn't changed the sheets on his bed for months, which are now best described as crusty

  • has a bathroom, the state of which doesn't bear thinking about

  • lives on pizza and beer/coke, the remnants of which litter his apartment

  • may have an unusual pet (eg ferret) which has free run of the apartment

  • is either significantly over- or under-weight

  • has a small moustache or other facial hair

  • has not held down any job for more than a couple of years, probably less

  • has no friends

  • has no life outside the Internet

The Internet stalker probably has other unpleasant characteristics that sexual harassers possess, and the usual sexual inadequacy including lack of intimacy, controlling behaviour, no concept of the partner's needs, premature ejaculation, and an abnormal belief bordering on obsession in his smallness.

If you've been the target of cyberstalking you'll find my page on cyberbullying interesting.

Stalker types

Intimate partner: this stalker, the most common type, is a partner or more usually an ex-partner who can't and wont accept that a relationship has come to an end. They can't let go.

Vengeful stalker: this is the most dangerous type whose mission is to get even and/or take revenge. Mostly male, he has a grudge and he's going to do something about it. The vengeful stalker may never have met his victim, who may be a politician, council official, boss, organisation, etc.

Delusional stalker: this one has a history of mental illness which may include schizophrenia or manic depression. The schizophrenic stalker may have stopped taking his or her medication and now lives in a fantasy world composed of part reality and part delusion which he or she is unable to differentiate. If they're not careful, targets of the delusional stalker are likely to be sucked in to this fantasy world and start to have doubts about their own sanity, especially if the stalker is intelligent, and intermittently and seamlessly lucid and "normal".

Erotomaniac: this stalker is also delusional and mentally ill and believes he or she is in love with you and will have created an entire relationship in their head.


Harasser stalker: some stalker types like to be the centre of attention and may have an attention-seeking personality disorder; they may not be stalkers in the strict sense of the word but repeatedly pester anyone (especially anyone who is kind, vulnerable or inexperienced) who might be persuaded to pay them attention. If they exhibit symptoms of Munchausen Syndrome they may select a victim who they stalk by fabricating claims of harassment by this person against themselves. Click here for more on attention-seeker personality types.

Cyberstalkers and love rats: again, these may not be stalkers in the strict sense of the word but they have many similar characteristics. Cyber stalkers and love rats surf the web with the intention of starting relationships and may have several simultaneous relationships. The targets of a cyber stalker may know little about the person they are talking to (other than what they've convincingly been fed) and be unaware of a trail of other targets past and present. [BBC News Online item]

Troll. The Troll's purpose is to be given more credibility than (s)he deserves, and to suck people into useless, pointless, never-ending, emotionally-draining, ranting discussions full of verbal loops and "word labyrinths", playing people against each other, hurting their feelings, and wasting their time and emotional energy. [More on Trolls]

It's common for stalkers to exhibit characteristics of more than one of these stalking types.


They are Not too educated, grin,  has no friends, and are petty people with no life. Gee, who would've thought, "what a pitiful excuse for a human being"  he/she would be.  Just shaking my head, whew,,,Betty 

ps. When the bully gets bullied, who has the last laugh? But, hitting in the wallet is gonna hurt too



The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

Dedicated to finding a real cure, as possible regarding Multiple Sclerosis & Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI)

Submitted by savcash on March 10, 2011 - 6:41pm.

Multiple Sclerosis affetcs millions. There now is something that has helped thousands. BUT, the  MS society and some neurologists are

downplaying the importance of this life saving news. Could it be that it will affect their bottom line?

Please see  for many videos, stats and reports on the CCSVI


Dedicated to finding a real cure, to providing as many resources as possible regarding world news and also a variety of sites for Multiple Sclerosis and Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI).  This site attempts to present many different views with as much objectivity as possible.  (Note: This is not a "Helping  you to live comfortably with your MS"  zone.  Dedicated to helping find an actual cure for MS.)   READ World CCSVI PUBLICATIONS HERE (Switzerland) & Significance of Localized Vasoconstrictions in MS (1950) & SEE CCSVI Social Group Locator [//]


This is a new friend, who shows before and after the CCSVI procedure, on how Multiple Sclerosis had affected her life, and now, since this 'LIBERATION'.   if you will watch that, you will see the awesome results.

Alot of before and after videos on youtube, google CCSVI

Be well, Betty

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putting an update 

thankyou Dr Zamboni :)  reading the comments below, you will understand more


The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?


Dizzying Excitement, Desperate Hope for those with MS










From Medscape Medical News

Endovascular Treatment of Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency Safe, May Provide Benefit in MS

Susan Jeffrey







December 3, 2009 — New data from a pilot open-label study suggest that endovascular treatment of strictures in extracranial cerebrospinal veins is safe in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) and may provide some neurological benefit for these patients, researchers conclude.

The controversial approach, which has recently been making headlines in consumer media outlets, proposes that narrowing in the veins draining the brain, called chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCVI), may be an early step in the disease process causing MS, and further, this narrowing may respond to simple angioplasty.

Left: location of venous stenosis with relative rate found in CCVI associated with multiple sclerosis. Right: the minimally invasive technique of balloon angioplasty eliminates the stricture in the cerebral venous system.

Lead author Paolo Zamboni, MD, director of the Vascular Diseases Center at the University of Ferrara, Italy, emphasized that the current report should be viewed as an interesting finding that urgently requires replication by other groups.

"What we know is that MS is very complex and multifactorial," Dr. Zamboni told Medscape Neurology. "We have identified an unknown factor and possible treatment for this factor."

The study is published as an online article in the December issue of the Journal of Vascular Surgery.


In a previous study published online in December 2008, Dr. Zamboni and colleagues assessed venous outflow routes in 65 patients with clinically definite MS (CDMS) and 235 control patients using a combined transcranial and extracranial color Doppler high-resolution examination. They reported that CDMS and venous outflow abnormalities were "dramatically" associated, with an odds ratio of 43 (95% confidence interval, 29 - 65; P < .0001).

Venography showed the presence of multiple severe extracranial stenoses affecting the principal venous segments in the patients with MS but not the control patients. "This provides a picture of chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency with 4 different patterns of distribution of stenosis and substitute circle," the authors write. "Moreover, relapsing-remitting and secondary progressive courses were associated with CCVI patterns significantly different from those of primary progressive (P < .0001)" (Zamboni P, et al. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 2009;80:392-399).

In an editorial accompanying that publication, Claude Franceschi, MD, from Saint Joseph and Pitié-Salpétrière Hospitals in Paris wrote that, "in light of the association between such a previously overlooked vascular picture and MS, a further stimulating research field is opened by this article. This should be addressed in understanding the contribution of venous drainage to the different aspects of inflammation, autoimmunity and neurodegeneration characterising the intriguing puzzle of MS" (Franceschi C. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 2009;80:358).

Dr. Zamboni stressed that this association between venous stenoses in main extracranial veins and MS is not contradictory to what is already known about the disease. "What I've found is a previously unknown factor, widely diffuse in my MS population, which could trigger or facilitate both immune reaction and inflammation," he told Medscape Neurology. "If you have elevated pressure and difficulty of drainage in the brain, you have the possibility of extravasation of blood components crossing the blood–brain barrier, and this could trigger inflammation and also immune reaction."

Restenosis a Problem

In the current report, the researchers describe the safety and early outcomes in these same patients after endovascular treatment of stenoses in the internal jugular vein and the azygous vein.

Of the 65 patients, 35 had relapsing-remitting disease, 20 had secondary-progressive disease, and 10 had primary progressive MS. All underwent percutaneous transluminal angioplasty to address strictures in these veins. All procedures were done as day surgery under local anesthesia, and no operative or postoperative complications were seen, including vessel rupture, thrombosis, or adverse effects from contrast.

Postoperative headache was reported in 6 patients, which resolved spontaneously, and minor hemorrhages with hematoma occurred at vascular access sites "occasionally," the authors report.

After the procedure, venous pressure was significantly lower in the internal jugular and azygous veins (P < .001). Stenoses in these venous pathways "were never found to be isolated," the researchers note, but always combined in the internal jugular, azygous veins, or lumbar system in 4 main patterns of distribution.

At a mean follow-up of 18 months, the risk for restenosis after intervention was higher in the internal jugular vein, Dr. Zamboni noted, with a patency rate of 53% compared with 96% in azygous veins (95% confidence interval, 3.5 - 72.5; P < .0001).

Patency at follow-up depended on the type of obstruction faced, including membranous obstructions, twisting, and hypoplasia. A stent was placed in 1 patient to resolve a twisted vein, but a second case not treated with a stent retwisted, the authors note.

Using the patients as their own control, the researchers found improvement with treatment on some clinical outcome measures after the intervention, particularly for the relapsing-remitting patients. In this group, 27% were relapse-free before surgery and 50% were so after treatment (P < .001). Gadolinium-enhancing lesions on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) fell from 50% to 12% on a blinded assessment (P < .001).

Significant improvement over the preoperative assessment was seen at 1 year on the Multiple Sclerosis Functional Composite again for relapsing-remitting patients (P < .008), but not among those with a secondary or primary progressive course.

Physical quality-of-life measures also improved significantly in relapsing-remitting MS patients and in primary-progressive patients, with a positive trend among those with secondary progressive disease. Mental quality of life also was significantly improved for the relapsing-remitting and primary progressive groups, but not for those with secondary progressive MS.

The authors conclude that although improved endovascular techniques are needed to approach the internal jugular vein, "the results of this pilot study warrant a subsequent randomized control study."

It is possible that the addition of stents to this endovascular approach that he calls the "liberation procedure" may improve outcomes, Dr. Zamboni noted. "However, the results are really interesting, if you think that all treated patients were already under the best treatment for MS and had adjunctive neurological benefits from the liberation procedure compared to the previous 2 years."




My daughter-in-law is going for this procedure, and we are sure glad we found the news about it. Wish to share, Betty



The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

not needing to detail yet

Submitted by savcash on March 12, 2011 - 11:33am.
not needing to detail yet

Surprise, this is still here..figured in the best interest of not slamming people it would be gone.

Yes Bill, I never bothered to mention that Evelyn saw the whole assault on Dean from the Russian. Not only did she see it, Evelyn

made out a signed affidavit about that. Even after Dean spent nearly 6 grand on an atty who said that he had a good case, he was advised that the way the court system is today, the pea deal would be a sure thing and he should take it. Years of wasted time/life in jail stood in the balance.

It is sad to say there are many who had been wasting away in jail for decades, only to then be free due to new things brought forth that showed they were not guilty. Wasted lives and a corrupt court system then needing to pay that person millions.

No thanks, it is too  much and now here we see more trash being heaped, by one who will not even answer your simple questions Bill, what is her name? What is she afraid of? People finding her employment is why she is carrying out this trash, or that indeed, if we researched her name there would be some skeletons in her life that could be twisted every which way but right.

With all the true problems the USA face, (I love my country but fear my inept government!! ) the spotlight should be on a few of those instead but nope, it is more fun for her to throw darts when it is not an even playing field. She is protected under her no name posts and refusal to answer anything about herself.

Bet no wonder, Betty

Introduction; help needed for an older woman, Evelyn, in helping her stand her ground in not consenting to involvement from Adult Protection Agency. A solution; a Grand Jury of 25 people to hear this.


For_Immediate_Release                                                                                                                                              October 18, 2009 --

People need to have an important and legal way to enforce dominion over themselves and their property.  Government has been over-reaching their powers and injuring the people's God given freedoms, while at the same time hitting their pocketbooks hard, revenue farming the public.

As a free people we are to be secure in our homes and way of life, as long as we injure no others, cause no fraud nor commit any   crime. Peace was secured for us Americans already - now there is a need to preserve it. As Americans, we are looking for those that  are willing to support those same Rights for others. The County Grand Jury is one very good way to accomplish enforcement over that peaceful and secure dominion of our freedoms granted by your American birthright. See  for more info and Membership information too.

A Probate court and Adult Protective Services (APS) have way over stepped any consent, authority or need toward a Cuyahoga, Ohio  93 yr. old woman, Evelyn Schwartz. She could be you, or your family member, or neighbor. The government intruding upon the  dominion of your friend and profiting in the process. The APS are about to try to take her liberty and make her a ward, give her a guardian, put her in an unwanted nursing home, dispose of her house and funds - all in the name of "For her own good."

Hogwash, she obtained a great evaluation from her doctor in tests, and a signed statement she needed no guardian, just simply continue with the caregiver home situation she has had for the last 15 years.

But, Probate court and APS, along with court appointed guardians for seniors - needing them or not- are big business. In fact, if you    do a search on youtube for Adult Protective Services you will find many families outspoken of the tragic ills of thousands of dollars  lost, mishandled, houses sold right our from under them and people's lives shattered trying to get back to normal after guardian abuse.

These things and those other situations Americans find themselves in, unjustly - will stop being big business only when Americans  make a stand against it. When people make that stand in a serious and effective way, the results are very much in their interest as well. Protection of others from government over-reaching is a more secure and just future for you too. If you get involved in this effort with this County Grand Jury - together we have the potential to make that happen. It is a potential worth your attention and effort.

So, we are asking for your help and involvement here at  and
would love to answer any questions you may have. In the early decades of the United States grand juries played a major role in    public matters. This Project is absolutely lawful in nature as described by Justice Scalia and if you will participate it can and will take     us all back toward our constitutionally secured Rights to determine for ourselves how our Life, Liberty and Property shall be used,  rather than continuing to follow the collectivist path where city hall takes that authority from you and blocks your efforts to hold them accountable for that act.

There is a peaceful way to restrain and stop these invasions - and these county pools deciding the law and the facts of controversies that arise between you and city hall is one such way. Your alternative is to sit back and continue to allow government entities to find more and more excuses to take your right of choice respecting your family, seniors, your home, your auto, and your liberty, from you     in their courts. 

While it is true government purpose may well be appropriate in some ways, in others it is clearly not. This effort hopes to change that and to give back to people who are injured a place to demonstrate that injury to non government people who will support their right   to a remedy or not by their decision. It is hoped also that with the ascent of this kind of Grand Jury government will take more care   with the Rights to Life, Liberty and Property of individual people than they now do.

The Grand Jury comes to America from the common law of England in its Great Charter (Magna Charta) but in America there are numerous alterations due to the different nature of the American society. In England, there is a king and the people are subjects     while in America, the people are the sovereigns. Apply that fact to anything you read in the Magna Charta and you will see the    changes that occur as it comes to America. The is from Article 61 of the Magna Charta that deals with common law Grand Juries (or sureties of the peace).

Maybe we can help Evelyn Schwartz and/or others like her for a start- or you. If not now, perhaps in the future. She was just minding her own business, living her retirement just the way she wanted, and now her happy life could be robbed from her, without her consent. At 93 years old, this gracious private prideful Christian woman does not need to fight these battles, to read she's an alleged incompetent, & to stress her out if indeed, these appointments, court ordered, may possibly ruin her life as she knows it. Sound familiar?

Please go to the website at  
or email at management [at] countygrandjury [dot] org to get started today. 




For more information:
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 I don't see how this helps Evelyn Schwartz. I did take a look at the links and I say no thanks. I do not want to be  want to be "free of the government".  I want the government to fulfill the roles and responsibilities that it is charged with. I still believe in "We, the people, ...." 

The poster and I will disagree on the interpretation of everything that follows "we, the people.."

I do think that this poster is soliciting people to build on something that is unclear, unless we want to take a lot of time to read each and every link, and peel back the layers. I'd rather she just say what her agenda is up front and not lead people down the proverbial garden path.

hi debbie


Nope, not to rid of of government, just to make them toe the line like they are supposed to, seeing as they are OUR servants.

I hope u read  all the comments on the other thread, the answers are there, and we can offer more w/further questions. Glad to see people offering a helping hand. 

Regards, Betty  

your grand jury

 For more information, check out this story on the grand jury piece as this is what is being talked about in this blog:

Gee dweeb

If u want to read a slanted "story' don't bother going directly to the horses mouth.

And pls, don't 'assume' that group is My  It is not. I am not a member of the AGJ at all, and the story linked to it, had most of it all wrong anyway. There is no violence and no unlawful acts committed, or spoke of. Yes, that AGJ did serve papers toward Obama, yes they have a case, the man is NOT a natural born citizen. His father was not born in the USA, and THAT is what it takes to fullfill that requirement. Alot of people covered that up to get him in the W/H.

[Barack Obama is not legally a U.S. Natural-born citizen according to the law on the books at the time of his birth, which falls between “December 24, 1952 to November 13, 1986? . Sitting in a Presidential office requires a natural-born citizen if the child was not born to two U.S. Citizen parents ]

Yes, Bush et al should be arrested for his /their crimes too.

No, the shadow government started way before Bush's term, Pres. J.  Kennedy tried to expose it and for that, it cost him his life.  Please, please listen..... "Listen to this incredible audio recording of a speech made by JFK before the American Newspaper Publishers Association where he warns the press about the secret societies that are the real power in global affairs." 

President John F Kennedy Secret Society Speech 


So Deb, let me say thanks for allowing me to clear things up here...again, the other site, nope, not what  is being spoke of in this thread at all, we aren't them. They took upon a task that indeed should have been done by our own government, and I wish them well in it.

Ours is: county = LOCAL action - and notice a Judge, in YOUR lifetime, ruled this way [quoted from site  ]

This county grand jury is backed by the 5th and 10th Amendments to the general constitution as well as the US Supreme Court in the following case:

Although the laws may vary from state to state, Grand Juries are viewed the way United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia sees them,

“In fact, the whole theory of its function is that it belongs to no branch of the institutional Government, serving as a kind of buffer or referee between the Government and the people.”

United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia ruled in the case of United States vs. Williams, 504 U.S. 36 at 48 (1992):

“Rooted in long centuries of Anglo-American history, Hannah v. Larche, 363 US 420, 490 (1960) with J. Frankfurter concurring in result, the Grand Jury is mentioned in the Bill of Rights, but not in the body of the Constitution. It has not been textually assigned, therefore, to any of the three branches described in the first three Articles. It is a constitutional fixture in its own right.”

Clearly stated: The Grand Jury is a separate and equal Constitutional power. The Grand Jury is not a tool for government to use against its citizens.


The Most Lawful, Effective, Peaceful Way To Take Back
YOUR Country is right here in this tool.
You can change the direction and future of this country by taking back your 5th and 10th Amendment authority



As a member in this pool you have the one tool that can defeat those that would assault your private property rights in your own private Life, Liberty and Property and those of your neighbor.  No need to vote on it in a couple of years.  You can do it right now and from your own home electronically.  Those Rights are not subject to "the greater good for the greater number" as your office holders are saying they are.  The democratic elements in our society have NO capacity to abrogate them.


You use this tool by coming together with like minded people within your county and volunteering to sit on a panel as sureties of the peace where you all investigate the facts and the law of a controversy and then return a true bill of indictment or presentment to the appropriate office holder.  You can get all the facts right from your computer and you can express your wish the same way.  Your only duty is to the agreement you make to secure the individual rights to life, liberty and property against all assaults thereto.


Tell everyone in your county to be a surety of the peace.  The more the better for everyone.  [[///]


Be Well, Betty

The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

well, sav cash

 I requested that you state your agenda up front. You went a different route. When it comes to threads, which you favor, here is a thread from the group that you are a member of. The photo display is quite telling, featuring General Longstreet, founder of the KKK. The symbol for fascism is displayed along with the U.S. flag.  Guns and anti-Muslim sentiments are also featured prominently. It is a "call to action" by members of the patriots.  One thing leads to another when hate is the common unifying factor.

nope, did state agenda upfront

The whole time I have posted here, it is been about helping my elderly friend, Evelyn. [copy from the sidebar----

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Because Evelyn refused to go to the second doctor's evaluation - they [ Adult Protective Serices ] ordered an Ex Parte emergency order to be taken to the nearest hospital. This was so they can isol...  


[///]  See? I even linked this realneo website here, because there was some good response in the thread. However, you NOW are ruining it with all this trash. That site you linked, I would not have signed up at if in fact it is as you detail. I did try to sign in -in case somewhere along the line [12 yrs on the computer] I wanted to see what it was about, [and wouldn't have stayed once what u say came to front - that site didn't look familar to me - I see it uses a Ning ID, maybe it picks it up from other sites] and it said I was not a member, and to join -which I didn't .....why are you suggesting I am? Stop this nonsense, I am NOT anti-black or anything!!

The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

Because Evelyn refused to go to the second doctor's evaluation - they [ Adult Protective Serices ] ordered an Ex Parte emergency order to be taken to the nearest hospital. This was so they can isolate her as now her Power of Attorney (myself) and her care giver Dean can not have any contact with her - and she is hospital for the purpose of that second doctor's evaluation, court ordered and like it or not.

We have been getting letters of support, if you wish to offer words of encourgement or ideas, etc. please mail to:

Evelyn S. C/O Dean Marinpietri
PO Box 24524
Mayfield Heights, Ohio 44124

Consent or not for sure. Wards are stripped of all their own power and are at the mercy of courts and guardianship. The APS has brought out all their arsonal against a prideful Christian lady, who does NOT deserve this!

She is not there, YET (a ward or has a guardian) and she does NOT need this, but they sure are trying!

She had one evaluation with her own Dr. Byers and she passed with flying colors - and the second one is with court ordered doc, and paid for by the court,,,wonder who he will favor?

Read the press release here

and see one way to get involved here "Except for the Grace of God" reason enough to join the County Grand Jury

Introduction; help needed for an older woman, Evelyn, in helping her stand her ground in not consenting to involvement from Adult Protection Agency. A solution; a Grand Jury of 25 people to hear this.

Starting to help here, might someday help you or your family in the future.

Also, visit to educate yourself more.

But for now, please let us know what experiences or ideas, or help you might offer.


Category:  News & Politics

let me help you sav cash

 sorry everybody else


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savcash added a discussion to the group Ohio Patriots
freedom comes in all forms...will O ever be removed?? I think he has his cronies around him so tight, it is doubtful..and will his term run out?? Only time will the meantime, we need to run our lives like normal, and stop this GOVERNMENT...

November 11

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July 21

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July 21

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July 21

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July 21


What issues concern you the most? (Please check all that apply)
Illegal Alien Amnesty & Open Borders, Socialism, Tax Increases, Judicial Activism, Universal Healthcare, Gun Control, Social Liberalism
My biggest concern about the Obama presidency and or the leftist agenda is?
he was SEATED by the PTB and you should have up illegal voting machines choice as a concern too.
I affirm that ResistNet is for principled, patriotic resistance to Barack Obama's ideology and agenda and is not a forum for personal attacks, lewd or profane language, or militancy (inciting violence) against Barack Obama or others. Inciting violence, flame baiting, and trolling are reason for denial of membership and or banishment from the site. As such, I accept ResistNet's strict No Tolerance policy and will not make inappropriate postings. I understand that such postings will be removed and members responsible will be banned without further notice. I also will report such postings to the site administrators.
I affirm and agree to the policy



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At 1:07pm on July 21, 2009, Charles Barr OH CD7 Coordinatorsaid…
Hi Savcash,
Welcome to the Patriotic Resistance! We share your concerns here!
Please help us by joining the Ohio Patriots. Once there you can also join your Congerssional district group.

Another important group is the Taxpayer March on DC group .
I hope you enjoy the site.




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    so poetic - Wing Nut Ex Machina

    By Calvin Trillin

    The ace that the Democrats have in their deck:
    That Palin and Limbaugh and Goofy Glenn Beck
    Will lead the Republicans, thus quickly wreck
    The GOP's chances through wild right-wing dreck.

    The GOP's base is a weird potpourri,
    So maybe that ace will indeed be the key.
    But maybe it won't, so most pundits agree
    The Democrats really should have a Plan B.

    betty for president mayor council etc. - " i'll save you cash"

    betty for president mayor council etc. - " i'll save you cash"

    yogi and guy

    hehee, what a thought!

    Guess I'd have to pass on that opportunity Guy, It'd kill me to have to be a puppet like so many others.

    In that government, the majority rule, and that isn't what is always best for the people, when the laws used are not lawfully written.

    Peace, Betty


    The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

    good glad you did that

    I was right - the ning passoword brought up another site I did join. The Ohio Patriots! and if you join, you will see, I posted nothing but about evelyn's plight.I listed my concerns, {


    [My biggest concern about the Obama presidency and or the leftist agenda is?



    he was SEATED by the PTB and you should have up illegal voting machines choice as a concern too.]


    Which I have already stated here. THAT doesn't make me a white person hating blacks and thinking whites are superior.

    Thanks for sharing and clearing up the air, because what you bring is stinking!

    Have a good day, Betty


    The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

    It is dialogue

    protected by the constitution, right? And you have every opportunity to denounce the group, and the affiliations of the groups. A thread, a link, and associations speak loudly. 

    i denouce realneo coop- because its run by humans - yogi

    i denouce realneo coop-  because  its run by humans  - yogi

    yogi and guy


     JBuster was right, Yogi can read. Too bad Yogi is reading this stuff, though, as there is some stuff a dog should be shielded from. Next thing that you know, Yogi will be listening to Glen Beck. Then what if he bites someone because he picks up on the negative vibes? What will Yogi's defense be then? 

    thats all you got

    there is no mud on me, keep slinging. Hard to understand why you are trying so hard, when it is plain to see there is nothing there. I joined to further the Ohio Patriots, big deal. I dislike a man [who shows no respect for America] who sits in the white house [unlawfully]and lies every chance he gets, while keeping none of his promises. I also put my money where my mouth is and contributed to that cause. It isn't just wind, like what you show. (AND THE MUD IS STICKING TO YOU INSTEAD)

    I'm done with this, play here by yourself tonight. Show us all how you are such a good detective you can't get out of a paper bag. This isn't the reason this forum is here I would suspect. Since the day you emailed me (TO FIND OUT IF I WAS 'REAL) and I emailed you back and you never answered, you have been attacking me.....have fun by yourself tonight, BB

    Ps. You cut it off, it is to STOP GOVERNMENT OVER-STEPPING!!


    The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

    good night

     Good night, sav cash. You can always denounce the above tomorrow. It is never too late.


    Guilt by association,


    Guilt by association, I’ve signed on to right wing sites, It’s healthy to listen to others points of views. I followed a site called Liberty New Forum for while, it pushed me to the left for the most part but not to far, and there is such thing.

    You have the highest rights in that of assurance of civil liberty, then real property. The thread was about that the post was about that. A senior that lost or is loosing it all and why.

    People have a conscious government does not…we are a country of laws you can do what you want inside the laws everything is legal unless expressly illegal.

    The woman stood in objection to the laws, she did not take the test of competence the second test or maybe a third test as in two out of three would prove her position? Saying you do not have to when you are being told you do have to; by government is not going to get you anything but a fight, if you loose then come to terms with being a loser and why.

    At 94 my grandmother was held in a hospital, told that if she could not walk under her own power unassisted fifteen feet they would not release her. If not released she would have to go into a nursing home, a private one until her estate was exhausted then if no one would pay the tab for that she would be sent to a public nursing home.

    We told her that and she got up and walked across the room….but what if she fought that?

    My father and mother moved in with her, my father said it’s humbling to have to wipe your mother ass for her. My mother took on the duty; as grandma would not allow her son to help with that. They cared for her for a year and then she had a fall and was sent back to the hospital…her heart stopped soon after.

    My father and my mother said this is what you will do when it and if it happens to us, I agreed I will not ever let someone force my parent(s) into a home. They were after her money they seen her as a pot of cash that they systematically drain dry and then go after the families, with false assurances of caring. The better the care the more the cost until it’s all gone then off to a county home.

    Be careful asking for help…be careful assuming you are helping or doing what is right.

    If my father told the administrator at the hospital it was all bull shit and a violation of her right he would have lost the battle, he instead whispered in his mother ear get up and walk mom or they will not let me take you home.

    He then called an attorney and got power over her estate and moved in, he did it he did not ask for help he did not expect it he expected to get screwed by the system. He went to nursing homes and he got the prices for “quality care” it was $5,000.00 or more a month. They told him that when her money runs out then she goes to the county home or you can pay the balance. They take the power of attorney in the application, when you accept it they take control of the person and the estate.

    That’s like catching old people and holding them hostage, feeding her and bathing her was not easy or fun. But you had to wonder what a person that did not love her would do when she fought and argued with them? Sure we care how much money do you have.

    There are other related issues such as America being a Republic and every state being different. Having its own set of laws. My family did not get trampled under the Ohio laws, the rights found with the exiting law with careful consideration and diligence.

    The law can serve you and also serve against you, government is not there to solve problems they actually cause them very often.

    What’s the intent of the law here, to protect people from themselves? To assure that the woman is safe from harm? She needs to prove that and not doing that is like refusing to abide by the law. She is getting burned once it get beyond a certain point you cannot stop it, its government it has no conscious.

    The woman needs to prove she is self supporting, walk around the room. If she cannot then say good buy to freedom and all of your money….they really do not care the psychologist is paid to care, even the priests are paid to care.

    How can you care for the elderly…so busy dang so you hand over the estate and keep working? Its like mothers that pay all the income they earn for childcare? Net loss for the career? Slaves to the system slave to society and then oh yes government should solve it….do not hold your breath children.

    Somebody called? Called on the 93 year old living alone? Because we cannot wipe the asses of those that wiped ours to start with, can’t feed them when they cannot feed themselves? Make her a ward hand her to the systems…wow no family no real friends….good luck.

    I promised my parents that I will be there no matter what to the last breadth….they said they would rather one of my of my other sibling do it….but I know that they will be to busy, they have to much and so little time.

    Hurry up America, in the end it make a full circle, it does all come back to you.


    You do realize when the president says Fox New is not really news, people watch it to see if it for themselves.

    When MSNBC does a special on internet prostitution, million go on line and some are getting aroused by it.

    Its advertising it, it’s drawing attention and not always with a positive result.

    Crazy world….expect it to get worse not better and you never be let down.


    I hear you

    I hear what you are saying and do hope that when the time comes,  you will be able to be there for your parents. Besides taking care of them, and providing for them, giving back some of what they gave you as family, you can also protect them against being used, as some lonely elderly people are, across this country, by people who can use them as examples to further their own agenda. Nothing is more heart breaking to many of us then seeing elderly people left to fend for themselves and all that can follow in that isolation, including being taken advantage of. Wonder what is the other side of this whole story.

    you just made the best case

    you just made the best case for why the "rule of law" is so important.  what you just described is rule by "men" and the things other men do to dodge their rule.....  that is existentialism.......... not the rule of law......  in america if we do not adhere to the rule of law we are surely lost by all the self proclaimed do gooders.  Of course the do gooders want to compel the rest of us to do the good they proclaim. 

    Its like Josey Wales (clint eastwood) said............  "there just ain't no end to doin good".

    In any event we compel everyone to respect the Life, Liberty and property of every American or we condemn ourselves all to be serfs or subjects of a group of men who gorge themselves on our substance while they claim to be doing "the greater good for the greater number" ................ of course the individual is very often lost in that equation.

    Another way to say what i am saying is........ the rights to Life, liberty and property are secured for each one of us by the constituitons and the office holders are duty bound to consider that at teh individual level before anytihing else.  To do otherwise is to promote Socialism in America.  In America, Socialism is a crime against property.  Socialism is always an assault on the private property of individuals in a society.

    The primary rule of law in America is that every individual shall be secure in his/her own private life, liberty and property.  that is the nature of our freedom.  When people fail to respect that law, things like what is happening to evelyn Schwartz happen.


    Cuyahoga County has a grand jury

     What you are promoting is self interest to further your agenda. Did you think that we were asleep here at realeno? You, or sav cash, have yet to deny this or to denounce the radical extremism of resistnet or the Ohio Patriots.

    Oengus, you are so right

    Oengus, you are so right about this.  People that have family and/or friends that really love them and are willing to care for them are very fortunate, especially in these days when the norm for many families is both father and mother are holding down a job just to make ends meet.  Who is available to care for an elderly parent?  I don't expect that any of my children will do this for me or for their father.  My husband had a stroke in 1997 and I had to quit a good paying job to care for him, or he would not have been able to come home.   He is now doing well and is back on his feet with only mild left weakness and loss of peripheral vision on his left side which means he is not able to drive or even walk to a bus stop to catch a bus safely as he can't see what is on his left side. 

    It is sad, but true, what you say.  Nursing homes are there to get your money.  The people that actually care for the elderly don't earn that much, it is the administrators that do none of the hands on care that get the most money.  If at all possible it is best to provide the care at home. 

    This is about our rights

     W14R, this is not about nursing homes and the failure of our community to provide for our elderly. 

    What the original posting is about is a declaration of a 4th branch of government and luring people into a right wing common law grand jury system. This is being set up in counties across the country. The main focus is to get these citizen grand juries to indict Obama as not be eligible to hold office, claiming that he is not a natural born citizen, implying that he is a Muslim and therefore, not eligible. Members of these groups make racial slurs and clog our judicial system with their claims, wasting tax payer dollars and detracting the legal system from cases where the state has charged rapists and murders that need to be tried. The grand juries also seek to limit decisions made by states that affect civil liberties (such as domestic registries, gay marriage, women's rights, and so on). It is a conservative political agenda. It is not unusual for leaders to find a cause, such as an elderly woman, and use that as a front to engage a group of concerned, well meaning citizens to convene a grand jury. Then the grand jury will have to weigh other issues brought to them (domestic registry as an example). It is a turning back the clock on the constitution of the United States, and  a slap in the face to those that fight bigotry. 

    These are the same folks that slap liens on the property (homes, cars) of ordinary people, freezing your assets and forcing them to go to court to get the lien removed. This tactic has been in use for a while.

    And yes, they have candidates that will fix all of this. The goal are the upcoming elections in 2010 and 2012.

    Do some research. You will be amazed.

    THat is what this is about.

    geez....... another militant socialist


    you have turned this entire subject into your political assault on anyone that would suggest that a property right is to be respected.  You have injected everything in support of your assault you could find to marginalize that simple fact...

    the original thread was...... Evelyn Schwartz is being assaulted by the APS against her will and needs help from the people of Cleveland........  along with that original thread betty suggested a possible way for everyone that thougth it important to assist in securing evelyn's right to choose for herself.  that possible way was a lawful gathering of concerned people who could make a loud statement about evelyn's mistreatment.

    It is you who have the ulterior motive no betty.  It is you that enject the political spew into this thread, not betty.  It is you that promote and defend the efforts of a purely socialist organization called the southern poverty law center who publish endless assaults on the rule of law in america. 

    I understand your motivation but what i don't understand is where is your humanity to Evelyn Schwartz?  You make no substantial effort to recognize that what is happening to Eve is an absolute embarrassment in a free country where the people are free to choose.  I have read much of what you have written and have come to realize that you are not embarrassed to turn a true struggle for life is worth no more to you than an opportunity to spew your "give me something for nothing" belief.  That being surely ture....... I am embarrassed for you.  I wish you would find some other crisis to subvert as this one is really about a woman who government has decided must be thrown away.   you are someone that we all should be embarrassed of.






    poor Evelyn Schwartz

    does she realize she is being USED by a bunch of NeoCons?

    Seems just because you say

    Seems just because you say /accuse something, based upon nothing but your own terrible opinion, others should buy into it?? 

     WRONG! That is not how things are, and again, you made yourself muddier at someone's elses expense.

    Seems you have to have the last word, good luck with that......BB


    The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

    oh you didn't LIKe that - did you???

    oh you didn't LIKe that - did you???

    umm. I'm not Debbie - I'm Debra. different person.

    duffy and sav cash

    I find your radical extremism to be appalling and I think that you are angry that your agenda was outed

    Thanks dwebb.  No worry

    Thanks dwebb.  No worry here.  I am not about to join any right wing group, or any group for that matter.  I like to think for myself, not be led by any group.  Remember, I am the one that doesn't even like meetings, so I doubt that I would be someone to join a group, especially one that promotes hatred towards others. 

    the sad case of Evelyn Schwartz

     Last winter, a poster by the name of Betty Brown (Savcash) posts a sad tail of Evelyn Schwartz, a lonely, elderly woman that was in the legal gray area of competent or incompetent to live alone. Her caregiver, Dean, a felon, had been hospitalized, and Schwartzs' family intervened. Brown Savcash, a member of the Ohio Patriots Movement, a subgroup of resistnet (promoter of homegrown terrorism) began blogging various places, including realneo. While her concern with Schwartz could have been real, the obvious message was a recruitment for a civilian grand jury. These type of grand juries have a history of naming various officials, and regular people, in lawsuits, forcing them to hire attorneys, take time off of work, and sometimes assets are frozen. Judges have been quick to catch on, but in the time from the filing of the suit until it is dismissed, the defendants suffer, sometimes greatly. Maybe that is the purpose.

     In Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas, Brown filed 2 lawsuits that named 14 individuals in an attempt to overcome the decisions of Adult Protective Services who wanted a 2d opinion of Evelyn Schwartz health and competency. Many of the people named in the lawsuit were public servants, which means that the taxpayers had to foot the bill for their attorneys, their time away from their jobs, and their defense. Judge Jose Villanueva, a savvy judge, wonders out loud at one point in the courtroom as to what is really behind all of this. The case is postponed (several times) as Brown is a no show, and Brown is reprimanded for practicing law without a license. In the end, the cases are thrown out, and Evelyn Schwartz is assessed court cost for a case that she may not have been competent in assisting in, and Brown is assessed cost for the other suit. The on line records do not show that any payment has been made.

    Ms. Schwartz was ruled incompetent and removed from her home. She has been removed from her felon caretaker and from Betty Brown. In one of the internet pro-resistnet type blogs, the poster states that Schwartz was removed from her home though she had harmed no one. A question that comes to mind is was harm being done to Schwartz? 

    So was all of this for Evelyn or was all of this to promote an agenda: resistnet encourages "grand juries" that circumvent the legal system, and foments a sickly unrest that spreads like a cancer. I suggest that Judge Villanueva have his people contact Ms. Brown and force her to cough up the court costs. We, the people, have paid enough for this folly. 

    nice follow-up

    nice follow-up,  Debbie. Thank you!


    if i had seen this, I would have responded, back then

    However, I see too, that this ' cough, cough' leader has followers, not caring to look into the problem of abuse at the hands of the government, and the grief of Evelyn Schwartz, but rather showing the coldness of an uncaring - unknowledgabe speaker.

    So, for that, I won't lower myself to her sandbox, have at those thoughts. I need not defend my actions, instead, I know I did, am doing everything I can to right some wrongs. Unlike another who is - as bill said >>>>  copy>>>>   I have read much of what you have written and have come to realize that you are not embarrassed to turn a true struggle for life is worth no more to you than an opportunity to spew your "give me something for nothing" belief.  That being surely ture....... I am embarrassed for you.  I wish you would find some other crisis to subvert as this one is really about a woman who government has decided must be thrown away.   you are someone that we all should be embarrassed of. [//]

    Anyway, your personal attacks mean nothing to me. This is all about Evelyn and the wrongs being done, period.

    Wake up, Betty


    The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

    Post new comment

    Your name: lobelia66

    93-year old Evelyn Schwartz says, “I do not consent.” while Cuyahoga County Adult Protective Services tries to take her freedom

    Submitted by savcash on October 18, 2009 - 3:24am.


    Press Release
    Email a-team [at] stratos [dot] net
    Attention: NEWS DESK
    Send Reporter and Photographer / Videographer
    Media Help Needed!
    93-year old Evelyn Schwartz says, “I do not consent.” while Cuyahoga County Adult Protective Services tries to take her freedom and her home
    Evelyn is fighting for her liberty against Adult Protective Services (APS). She did not ask for this unwarranted intrusion into her life. In fact she refused them. 
    Her physician of 29-years confirms that Evelyn, despite her age, is competent and does not need a guardian or protective care.   APS is determined, in the face of no supporting evidence of their claims, to move forward to take control over Evelyn’s person and estate. If APS is successful Evelyn will be taken out of the comfort and security of her home that costs her practically nothing to be placed forcefully in an adult care facility consisting of one small room that will cost between $3000 and $7,000 monthly and give the guardian a plausible excuse to ravage her life savings and sell her home to pay for. This is what Evelyn does not consent to.
    For the past 15-years, Evelyn has had a live-in caregiver who she has been pleased with for nearly 15 years.   Evelyn will be the first to tell you that she enjoys excellent care and Dean’s home cooking all these years which has contributed to her good health that is confirmed by her physician.   Years ago, Evelyn put into place a Living Will with an Executrix and Power of Attorney to administer her remaining affairs upon her death. Several friends who care about her and for her surround Evelyn. Evidenced by this notice.
    Problems with APS began almost one-year ago when Evelyn’s care-giver suffered a heart attack.   Between a couple of Mayfield police officers, a social worker and a governmental system Evelyn found herself caught up “in the system” with a myriad of APS staffers intruding into her life and going so far as to have her made a ward of the court in a hearing fraught with lies, misstatements and innuendos.   Evelyn has terminated this attorney who was not protecting Evelyn, but in fact, was swiftly ushering Evelyn through the system – on her way to being placed into an assisted-living facility under the care custody and control of the state and against her will.

    A court case is still pending. Evelyn and friends hope that media will bring attention to Evelyn’s plight and the untruthful, over-stepping by Adult Protective Services. The Internet shows that similar situations are happening to the elderly homeowners across the United States. Evelyn Needs your help now. Shine a bright light on this one.

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    Open Press Release

      Hi Betty--just a warning that your posts will be scrutinized by some of the REALNEO administrators here (and rightfully scrutinized), because we have been viciously spammed for our open content policy.

    But, Betty, I will give you and your intentions the benefit of the doubt for this important story, showing the loss of our civil rights in America.  We have the right to be left alone and the woman's story posted originally here- merits special attention. 

    This site also offers a "media" legitimacy not necessarily offered by REALNEO. 

    I was in Columbus recently at the Ohio Elections Commission and a man who had been slandered in the press was asking to have his good name cleared by the person who had printed misinformation.  The slandered man noted that the press does not always choose to print the information submitted unless it is a paid advertisement.  This site offers some option to submit a "press release."  SEE

    THANK YOU for calling this site to my attention! (although it looks like it is plagued with drek...)

    my opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer, my spouse, my cat, my neighbors, my extended family or anyone I happen to acknowledge on the street, bus, etc.

    Schwartz story is a lead for spam to come

    New user Savcash has re-posted this  Schwartz-tossed-out-of-her-home story to make savcash's entry to realneo seem innocuous and thus distract attention from spam to come from savcash in a second post very soon.   Realneo has seen this type of attempt to camouflage the purpose of a new user. we will see.

    "Dean also called another friend, Betty Brown"

    Betty, please forgive Jeff Buster - he went to Harvard and that made him a bit of a pompous asshole. He is also severely lead poisoned. If he had bothered to review your user acount information (which he is able to do, as an administrator), read any of your material, or looked at your many web resources, he would have realized you are a friend of a victim of a horrible government oppressing poor old people, which Jeff will soon be.

    You've given me much to learn and read about - keep bringing us up the curve here as we are generally a caring and intelligent lot, even if not all open to enlightenment outside our little Ivy Towers.

    Disrupt IT

    With all due respect , Betty

    With all due respect , Betty Brown is not the new user, savcash is the new user - at least on my computer screen.  savcash has this payday loan link on their realneo bio.  Also on savcash's realneo bio is the information "Sell caskets, graveliners, markers, urns direct to the public. All funeral goods, USA made, delivered all over, at a huge discount. Also am in the crime scene cleanup trade."  

    Maybe I am missing what others see as the authentic Betty Brown connection.   What authenticates this savcash post as one from Betty Brown?

    Please lead this horse to the water....

    okay, we can do this

    BB is savcash I assure you. Yes, I posted the link to - funny how of the 6 divisions there u pick on one, and incorrectly mention it as a payday loan link (it is a biz loan to those biz that take credit cards, factoring the funds).

    Regardless, yes, the rest I put up on the bio, about me. If I should have put up my personal bio, in all honesty, at that late hour I wasn't in the mood, and having not checked others bios (more time at a late hour) I was hesitated to do so.

    I have spoke to Guy a few weeks ago, about the APS and issues, and he went to my website and lifted the page

    http://www.wetheprosepeople and posted it here, neat, lots of views.

    But Jeff, so your q can be fully answered, if you had clicked onto the link, u will see my pic, of BB, now I will go post a pic in my bio, so u can see, one and the same, let me know if that thirst (a good thing) is satisfied, smile, Betty B

    Look at Betty's open and honest User Profile #8255

    REALNEO member Savcash is member number 8255, and her user profile is here and quite complete:




    View recent blog entries
    Member for
    9 hours 51 min


    Personal Interests

    family, church, go cart track, government over-reaching, retail sales funeral products

    Economy community membership


    First Name
    Last Name
    A Team Masters
    Organization URL
    Skype Account

    Sell caskets, graveliners, markers, urns direct to the public. All funeral goods, USA made, delivered all over, at a huge discount. Also am in the crime scene cleanup trade.

    Buddy List

    Buddy actions


    JeffB, as an admin you can select "edit" and view Betty's email address, which is not the typical spammer set-up. If you visit the website linked from the profile, you see it is authentic to the user, and extensive. That the user intertests do not interest you does not invalidate the authenticity or value of the user, who is clearly in fact a human named Betty Brown, who seems good and in pursuit of social justice for people in distress.

    I intend to follow up on this story with Betty.

    Disrupt IT

    no pic was permittted

    humm... I like to think I can figure out web stuff pretty easy, however, in trying to upload a pic of 100by 100 this is the message I get------

    • The selected file /var/www/html/sites/default/files/tmp/tmp_uwaw15 could not be uploaded, because the destination sites/ is not properly configured.
    • Failed to upload the picture image; the pictures directory doesn't exist or is not writable.

    [///] not sure how to overcome that?? Jeff, pls lead this horse to water here. LOL.


    Thanks Norm, hey, this gives me a chance to inform people hahaaa, on a subject u are right, some just glance over.

    Good day, Betty B.

    Different Jeff - S - for tech support

    Jeff Schuler is our tech guru and he will need to look at this issue - to make sure he sees it (and any admin/tech issues), send a message about the upload issue through the contact form here: it sounds like a configuration issue that must be handled by admin.

    BTW, you are doing a great job using the site - welcome to REALNEO... a very free, public, cooperative, common law kind of place. I see you will add lots of value to the community!

    Disrupt IT

    thanks for all the replies, (I think ;)

    No spam from me --- maybe an overload of information, but all to a great cause. Helping a woman who did nothing wrong, and a way to do it, with the County Grand Jury ( )

    Evelyn is a sweet-heart of a lady, and the APS is really like the worst and I mean worst office one wants to mess with.

    If posting a shorter version of the same info here was a no-no, well, guess that'd be only because someone is such a good sleuth they found it over there, grin.  However, getting the word out for the assist I believe topps the d/posts. Thank you for the defense too, yep, a good friend. Having her permission to tell this was step number one.

    Nice welcome here, and I thank you all. With the story of Evelyn and her plight is another as mentioned the horrible gov/oppressing older people  - but also the rouge cops that think they can take people's liberty and freedom for granted as well, but that is another story.

    The issues right now are handling the Probate court and their attack on Evelyn. They have court ordered her to go get a second doc evaluation and another hearing (Dec 3rd) before a judge this time instead of a magistrate - such power they think they can weild around - and do daily I suspect, all because they have delt with assumed content for ages.

    Well, using the commom law way, we have sued the "Gangsters" and now await to see what comes of that as well.

    Chow, Betty


    Betty, I am very interested in your causes and processes

    Linked from your diverse website, which seems to offend Jeff B., I reviewed what is posted in the business cash advance area at and it seems legit and useful - I'd like to see how this may help a business I know is in need of a cash infusion - contact me at norm [at] realneo [dot] us, Betty.

    I am also reading a book linked at your We The Pro Se People area, which is fascinating... I have a friend who defended himself well with such understanding, when facing serious criminal charges - absolutely essential knowledge for all world citizens... especially Americans.

    Jeff, check out the free book there... 6 pg Book, print it :) How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known To Man Kind By Mary Elizabeth Croft A++ (PDF)

    Lots of Harvard folk behind this mess...

    Disrupt IT

    I know the world expert on cognition and aging in real NEO

    You want Dr. Peter Whitehouse to provide the second opinion. I am sure he will do that... he is generally a good person and doctor who understands healthy aging and has the respect of local authority, as he knows far more than they.

    Disrupt IT

    I know the world expert on cognition and aging in real NEO


    Thanks Norm, for all, did go to doc's site, will see about calling him, just to see if he has any ideas to start.  I did email tech too, thxs.

    (And for the high fives) Regards, Betty B.


    A site you might wish to look at too, common law 'mentor' and lots of info is at  and another one is I think u will find interesting. Off his site ["If you make yourselves sheep, the wolves will eat you." -- Benjamin Franklin
    Our Mission: Through the courts, encouraging the Government to obey the law.]

    I also suggest contacting Rob Hilton at McGregor

    By posting this on REALNEO, you have informed many people in the region about this situation, including people at all levels of government and throughout the media. You've also informed a great group of citizens.

    In addition to all you have done, and contacting Peter Whitehouse, I suggest you contact Ron Hilton.

    Rob Hilton is President of the McGregor Foundation, which is very focused on helping seniors age successfully at home. Get in touch with him and tell him how broken the system is for Evelyn, and ask for help from his foundation to address the larger problem, which seems to include broken enforcement processes that are putting capable people in hursing homes.

    That is so 20th century - I believe Hilton is supportive of moving seniors in this region into the 21st century of healthy aging at home, at far lower cost to society.

    Rob Hilton - rob [dot] hilton [at] mcgregoramasa [dot] org

    Regarding Peter Whitehouse, he may also be able to involve Evelyn in his work with intergenerational learning, and story-telling, as every 90-something has much to offer the youngest generation... get in touch with him beyond getting a second opinion.

    Peter Whitehouse - whitehouse [dot] peter [at] gmail [dot] com

    Send each a link to your posting on REALNEO -

    They know us well.

    Disrupt IT

    Savcash - county grand jury

     Hello Savcash,

    I still aren't buyin' your veracity here on Realneo

    Please explain the relevance of county grand jury issues with old folks being deprived of their homes.

    I do give you credit for writing a good game so far.  

    best, jeffb



    Going to Harvard doesn't make one a pompous asshole, Norm. Please rethink this slur.


    My dad went to Harvard - I'll see if he agrees

    I don't make an absolute assumption that all people associated with Harvard are pompous assholes, but I personally believe the probability of being a pompous asshole increases with association with Harvard.

    Hard one to prove, one way or another, as the terms pompous, asshole, and associated with Harvard are open to great interpretation.

    I'll see what my dad thinks about Harvard's impact on social development of associated individuals - he went there and is a psychiatrist... I believe the pattern has been one of self-anointed elitism leading to a tendency for pompousness and assholeness, and the fall of human civilization.

    Disrupt IT

    Boys will be boys...

    Meanwhile, I TRY to be a little more on the nice side--here:) JeffB is a warm and fuzzy guy and so is NormR.  We all tend to be a little addled here.  Carry on.

    (I am thinking the PR site is just another smokescreen--REALNEO is still the best site out there for posting your original content and retaining your right to the content--upon, further reading, this is a scary policy: )

    my opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer, my spouse, my cat, my neighbors, my extended family or anyone I happen to acknowledge on the street, bus, etc.

    Well, I am a firm believer

    Well, I am a firm believer in being left alone.  As long as an individual has proper care, is warm, has food, all the necessities, why would anybody in their right mind want to up root them from their home and move them to a place they do not want to be.  MONEY - MONEY - MONEY.

    For some ungodly reason, everybody is of the opinion that being by yourself is unnatural or not good - do you know that for some people, solitude is a welcomed guest.  Not everybody is bored or lonely or lost.

    If this lady is happy what gives?


    being happy with one's own choices

    Thanks jerleen,  this guardianship issue and Adult Protective (what a laugh) services was something I too was in the dark about before this landed in my lap.  It is happening all over the states....this is just one example.

    Elderly couple (yea a 67 and 70 yr old) kidnapped by Texas Adult Protective Services
    • Elderly Couple Won't Lose House
    • Elderly Couple's House Set for Sale 

    ....just for the record when seniors like this couple with no immediate family are deemed to be wards of the state heres what happens to your property,cash-homes all assetts....
    ONCE the nursing facility goes and empties your life savings {CASH-STOCKS ETC} then they take your home and sell it and the money goes to the nursing home.. 
     A True nightmare, travisty of justice for sure, as there is none here.

    Evelyn hasn't been alone, she has a caregiver, the sister-in-law dislikes him and believes Evelyn should donate the house to the church instead of willing it to Dean, who has faithfully taken care of Evelyn and the house for over 15 yrs....and filed a complaint. APS has no reason to do what they are doing. They did as mentioned before now, appoint a date and a judge for Evelyn to go to a court ordered second evaluation...our question is, on what grounds do they take this step??

    Why would she need to comply? She has done nothing wrong and now she is court ordered? AND if she complies and does the second eval. and passes with flying colors (which we are sure she will) if shows consent to the Probate court, to APS to make them believe they can rule over her life!! What is to stop them from coming back in 6 months or a yr and order another one?? If u don't go, they have the guns and the muscle to come and drag her away and proceed to put the guardian's name on her cds, bank accounts and grant him authority to sell her home to pay for the nursing home!!

    We are working at using the common law to stop this, to expose these gangsters for the greed and wrong they are doing, please see and see if you have an interest there to assist. I did a second notice here

    on this.

    Regards, Betty

    I could be wrong, but isn't

    I could be wrong, but isn't there a way to prevent this type of 'takeover' from happening to the elderly?  I though if a person appointed a power of attorney that appointed person would be the advocate for the elderly person if cases such as this one occurred.  What am I missing here?  My mother is 91 years old and she has had a power of attorney for many years.  She wanted to 'appoint' someone to 'help' her if she became unable to make decisions for herself, someone that would know what she would want and make sure it was done.  Someone please explain this grand jury stuff to me.  What can we do to help his elderly woman?  What is savcash asking us to do? 

    short answer now, more later on grand jury

    Hi Ward,

    One of the problems with the APS issues here, is that her POA had moved out of state, and she didn't have a local one (in over a yr) so after they started with her (after her stay in a nursing home due to gall stones) I became aware of what was going on. Her s-i-l is at the root of all her problems - and she wanted to be named POA or her son, as well. Evelyn was wise, and didn't want that, fearing the truth, a nursing home would be coming up right quick in her future, as the sister in law has issues with who should inherit Evelyn's home. (No kids). Anyway, Evelyn made me her durable Power Of Atty last month, and although APS had been permitted to visit the house prior to this, to be sure she wasn't being exploited, abused or in need, and they went through everything and found nothing wrong, they still set a hearing for guardianship. Then I entered the pic, and still, now after this they want another doc evaluation, which shouldn't be needed - it is just the wheels have started rolling, an atty paid $41.00 to be her guardian, and even against a doctor's recommendation she need no guardian and she simply needs to contiue on her lifestyle as former, they have no lawful way out, and they are squarming. Trying to - well, actually, using a court order to do a second evaluation, is abuse of their 'powers' and overstepping their authorities. She doens't consent, and if she consents now, there may be no end in sight. See this other youtube 

    ---in part---copy--

    Murray Feingold is old enough to retire. He has been a Postal
    worker for over forty years. He holds a full time position, in addition to working extensive overtime.

    Murray was happy for all those years until he was introduced to the judicial system in 2000. The landlord of the building he had been living in for the prior ten years refused to make what Murray considered necessary repairs, so Murray resorted to 'self help' and withheld a portion of the rent. The apartment that Murray was living in was rent controlled, so it is easy to understand why the landlord decided to start eviction proceedings.

    Instead of eviction, Murray was placed under guardianship by Hon.
    Anthony Cutrona Justice of the Supreme Court in Kings County, Brooklyn, NY in March of 2001 in order to protect him. This is when Murray says his life turned into a nightmare. When a
    guardian is appointed for a person, all their civil rights are lost. Murray could no longer control his own money. The court ordered that all of Murray's salary, including all overtime pay must be sent to the guardian, a company ironically called Self Help Community Services, Inc. Each week, the guardian returns $325 which he and his wife are expected to live on.

    [///] To read rest go to link above and read, and view video as well. It is terribly hard to get out of the system once in, and to be cut loose once they think they get control or consent.

    I read all Guy Black on here went thru, and seen he didn't let them in at the start, like Evelyn did, and he still had a heck of a time removing their name from the APS lists. Once let in, it is even worse, because they have assumed consent, until u flat out state enough, and she did, several times, but they are not listening.

    The brief details I would offer here about the County Grand Jury wouldn't do u justice in gaining answers to that question, so I am going to let William Duff (of the website) come in and go over that with you all.  Please visit the website as well.  Except to tell you that:

    • those who join would benefit from the experience of learning, in some depth, the operations of governments and common law.
    • they would  contribute to a very worthy cause and gain alot of self satisfaction from time well spent.
    • You would experience working with up to 25 other people of different backgrounds, each one having a different opinion, but working for the same goal to better the County and perhaps be an answer to people's plights.

    (Jeff, smile, are we dancing? I am ligiet, and not leading anyone down any rabbit holes I swear. The q about the g/jury will be answered in full by Mr. Duff when he gets his password so he can respond.)

    Regards, Betty

    william duff to sell us

    I don't blog at work since I work at work. I am hoping to be at work when or if Mr. Duff comes on to enlighten us (or to sell us). Here is text from his home page. At each of the links there is another link to donate to the cause if you want.


    Now that you recognize the nature of your domain and your dominion over it the real work begins when you attempt to apply these principles to actions taken against you by governments and their subdivisions and agents attempts to compel or prohibit your choice of action respecting subject matter that exists solely within your own private domain.  You now at least have a solid foundation upon which to proceed.  

    Now that you know how you are supposed to be treated by your trusted office holder, you are going to find out that officer friendly is not respecting that.  Then you will find out that the local muni court is not going to respect that either.  After you get rammed through that court and find that nothing you told them or showed them has changed their mind, you appeal and find the very same deaf ear in the constitutionally created county court.  You will invariably come away from that journey with a bad taste in your mouth and the feeling that you are a subject rather than a free man or woman.  Don't be dismayed, it happens to nearly everyone and it doesn't seem to matter whether you declare that you are one of the sovereign people, or that you accept their charges for value, or that you have reserved your rights under UCC 1-308 or any of the other ingenious patriot assertions afoot on the internet.  

    When I am pretty sure officer friendly has failed to respect my right of action, the muni court is not going to back me up as it should and I am about to be waylaid in the de novo appeal court, you can be sure I have given fair notice to officer friendly, the prosecutors, and the judges of the courts describing my right of action and his/her wrong doing .  Invariably they will ignore that notice. So have I wasted my time and paper by noticing them?  Probably not, in that it is well settled law that prior notice is sufficient evidence that they are aware of the lawful boundary of their grant of power respecting the office they hold.  When they ignore the notice and act beyond their authority they do so, not as an innocent party doing their duty but one who is, with willful and wanton intent, exceeding the confines of their office of trust.   That creates a couple of problems for them; first the act itself, when it causes a harm, is now a crime.  A crime is an intentional act that inures another, and second, causes them to lose subject matter jurisdiction and their further acts eject them from their office of trust respecting the immediate matter.  Now they are private citizens pretending to be acting with the authority of law (under color of law) and their governmental immunity is stripped from them.  That fact is made clear by the prior notice whether the court is willing to recognize it or not.  Of course we know; courts are willing to commit crimes in order to protect their fellow office holders.  We also know this happens far more than not. 

    The reason our faithful office holders ignore our claim to freedom is because over many generations, the courts have claimed that the "General Welfare" authority of the Fed and State as written into the constitutions provide them with the power to compel or prohibit actions done by the individual people, even where no harm is associated, as it defines is in the best interest of the public (all the people collectively).  Did you watch the G. Edward Griffin video about the collective?  If you didn't, go back and watch it now.

    While it is in our public interest not to injury one another it is clearly against public policy to take the freedom of one of us just in case one of us may injure someone.  This is clearly a collectivist concept and in America Socialism is a crime, as is the case with this general welfare claim of power ignoring property rights retained by the individual people respecting their own private life, liberty and property where no intent to injure is apparent.  Both are socialist elements and both are crimes in this American society.  Your neighbors, and maybe even you, have been convinced these crimes are necessary for your health, safety, morals, and welfare.  In America Socialism is a crime and every office holder that promotes or acquiesces to it is a criminal and must be brought to justice for that crime if we are to remain a free people.  It just isn't' the duty of the government to protect your neighbor from your acts.......... it is your duty to protect your neighbor from your acts and their duty to protect you from their acts and non-compliance with that duty is addressed one controversy at a time as injuries occur instead of allowing government to presume a non existent controversy and punish everyone.  

    This is why the courts will ignore you and every other office holder will not assist you in protecting your property rights .  Fortunately, the rule of law in this land is still in your favor but you will have to pitch in and help enforce it as the courts no longer will.  As such, we must remind the courts of their duty and fortunately there is a lawful way to bind them to the rule of law.  Thank Roger Elvick and Bill Thornton for recognizing it after this entire society has forgotten.  The Great Charter of the Common law as altered for the nature of this society holds our salvation as it was intended to secure our rightful authority over government when the subject matter is your life, your liberty and your property.

    At this point you will be well informed by Angela Starks conference with guest Bill Thornton, publisher/researcher of warning:  this is 4 hours of easy to understand common law application.  You will miss a lot if you miss this.  





    I am assuming that you are at work now.  Not sure what that means exactly.  Possibly that you will not have to read this if it comes while you work?  Hmmmm.

    I get that you and many on this group are skeptical of new people and new ideas.  I actually share that disability.  I also recognize that a reasonable skepticism is a good thing.  I emphasize reasonable.

    It appears you have chosen an exerpt from my website where I offer knowlege about things that i have carefully researched and think need to be shared.  I did not notice any criticism of the exerpt however your one and only comment was that I would ask you and others to support my effort through a voluntary consideration.  Did you notice that nothing is withheld and conditioned on that consideration?  You didn't point that out if you did.

    In pursuit of clarity, respecting this post and several other, the website is describing the unassailable nature of your property interest in your life, liberty and property and by contrast pointing out how our trusted office holders fail to recognize that fact.  It further suggests solutions to convincing that office holder this it is very important that they both recognize and respect those property rights.  In fact, according to the rule of law,  office holders are bound by oath or affirmation to recognize and respect those property rights and when they fail to do so that act renders them unqualified to continue in the office of trust.  As I am sure you and the people on this group already know, that fact has been lost for some generations and our trusted office holders are more than happy to ignore the law of this land for the benefits they get by being in everyones business nearly all the time.  does Revenue Farming come to mind here? 

    On the williamduff website I have provided everyone with specific knowledge supporting each in their individualism and proving beyond any doubt what the boundaries between government and individuals is. is not a teaching tool.  It is an action tool.  It provides everyone a place to come together and take action that is both lawful and necessary. 

    In case any of you had missed it, our government has for generations blocked the people from any capacity to resist them.  What the average person recognizes is that "you can't fight city hall".  and so they get in line and let government do pretty much anything it wants to do.  Further, in case any of you had missed it, there is a huge movement of individuals in this country that are sick to death of one intrusion after another by government people.  Schwartz is just one in tens fo thousands of such intrusions that occur annually.  Probate is big business.  Revenue farming is bigger business.  The court appointed attorney (probate gang member) summed it up in a letter to schwartz:  'The hearing didn't go well for you.  At this point you have no option to a court appointed guardian other than you appointing me your conservator' (paraphrased)

    is that how you want your last months and years to be?  Where did Adult protective Services get the standing to apply on Schwartz's behalf for the guardian?  Or the court to declare Schwartz a ward of the court?  It is simple to say; wow, bummer and then go about your business largely uneffected.  I created the largly because the attorney was right.  There was no mechanism that could stop this probate gang.

    The countygrandjury is a tool that you, in Ohio, can use to say no to the big business Probate thugs.  It is you that must make that statement, not me.  the website is far from complete but it is working well enough for you to join it and find others in your county so that you can come together as "Sureties of the Peace" and demand justice and then enforce your demand with a writ or bill that is as official as anything the government does.  In fact, it is more authoritative.

    Betty Brown is informing you of a travesty that is happening now and asking you to take a moment from your lives to set it right and she is telling you a way to accomplish that.

    What do I get out of it?  Its free to join now and will be until the entire site is ready for its grand opening......   there has been some conversation about getting a $5 annual fee for membership at some time in the future but nothing has been decided.  for me, I could use some help shouldering this burden.  Healty skeptism is a good thing it is also a good excuse for too many.




    Welcome - well said - thank you - I'll help

    Welcome to REALNEO. I find all of your insight powerful and important. I had a friend who was very experienced with common law explain all this to me, about ten years ago, and it took me an entire evening to really understand... months and years for certain things to sink in - and I am still largely ignorant - don't expect people to grasp all this overnight.

    Use realneo to educate and engage us further... offer the common law perspectives on the events around us.

    I'd like to meet with Evelyn and learn more about her situation and how she may be helped. I'll share her story on the Internet and spread that as far and wide as possible, if she likes.

    I'll be glad to assist any of you with social computing and information technology, although you seem accomplished with that.

    I will contact Peter Whitehouse and Rob Hilton to ask them to help Evelyn, if she agrees to that.

    I know many other people who may help - Commissioner Jones comes to mind.

    Let me know how you want to proceed.

    Disrupt IT

    greetings and thank you

    Your assistance will be appreciated by betty and eve.  I know it will...... 

    here is what needs to be done...........  everyone in Cuyago (sp?) county that can hear this message needs to become a member of the  ......... once there are more than 25 it will be possible to select a panel of 25 from that group of volunteers......  remember, there is only one condition to being a panel member ..... that is that you agree to protrect the life, liberty and property of the owner of that life, liberty and property..........  from all that would take those things without consent. 

    I have read several of your posts to betty and i do appreciate your willingness to understand and help.  with respect to fulfilling the courts order for eve to be retested.............. forget it......... she is not going to retest with one of the probate gangs lackies.......... 

    Eve has filed a complaint with the county court.  The complaint is constructed as a "court of record that is proceeding according to the course of the common law".   structuring the lawsuit in this way deprives the county judge (the magistrate) from having discretion to make any ruling or judgment without the consent of the "tribunal".(see for full details on how to operate such a common law court action......... thank bill thornton and Roger Elvick for remembering this for us.  That tribunal will most likely issue a writ of prohibition to the probate court to cease and desist its action against eve.  We expect the county court to treat this like it is a joke because it believes that the common law has been replaced by the Statutory law which is patently untrue.  as such, there will be a battle to enforce the judgment of the tribunal in eves suit........ 

    What this means is, that even though there is an action underway to force probate to quit its action against eve, that action may very well result in other actions during which time the probate court will hammer home its intent..........   that being the case, something else must be presented to stop that railroading..... that is where the "Sureties fo the Peace" (countygrandjury members) come in........  once the panel investigates the facts and the panel members decide to return an indictment, writ of prohibition, bill of presentment...... or nothing at all.......... I assume the facts will support a writ of prohibition based on my deep knowledge of the case...... in any event..... the four forman will present that writ or presentment to the probate court and to the Adult protective services attorney and to the county court, whereupon demand will be made for compliance and response evidenceing that compliance.

    If the courts think you are kidding,,,,,,,,, more action can and should be taken....... 

    how is that for an overview?  there is a lot between the lines there...... but the journey is neither time consuming or risky for members...... and the whole matter is handled in a very informal way......

    I will help all i can to help with documents documentation of authority adn so on........... betty and eve will provide the facts as they stand now............. 

    wdd is not a salesman.






     Now you mention that you have the POA. A 2d opinion is SOP, and should be done ASAP. 

    Thank you for the

    Thank you for the explanation Betty, and for the links. 


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