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12801 Buckeye Rd. Cleveland, OH
United States

Boxing day

  Another Boxing Day event to get the blood moving.  Passport Project is easy to get to via the Green Line to Shaker Square.  Cut through the Dave's Supermarket parking lot and head short block on East 128th St. to corner storefront on Buckeye.  If you know the secret password, they will let you in.   (Just kidding, on the password, they let EVERYONE IN !!!:)

Sm[art] advertising

  Passport Project and MOCA are using these nice little transportable art gifs and jpgs for event advertising.  Just right click and copy image location to send the graphic to your friends or post in a blog.
It's as obvious as putting your information on shopping bags.

My Dave's Supermarket bag--in black--is fashion de rigeur.  You won't catch me toting a Wal-mart bag! Bien sur!

the password is...

...100% Love.

Benjamin Gunter, (Managing Director, I think,) does an excellent job on Passport Project's web and print marketing.

Chloe Hopson (Founder, Executive Director) is away right now, so Passport Project on MySpace hasn't been updated in a month, but the community exists in that realm too, and it's a good place to get a glimpse of what's going on.

Passport Project has a blog that hasn't quite taken off yet. Subscribe and comment to support it!


  Chloe is in Africa to bring back more stories to share.  Thanks for posting Jeff.  I see that you will be going to the emerging Cleveland tour tomorrow.  Can you post your impressions on your sight/site and link to it here?  I am curious to see Cleveland through a twenty-something mind.  I encouraged the kids/students I know in the neighborhood to explore and travel, but getting to Shaker Square by rapid might be too daunting for them.  I hope not.  I know two people I would especially like to see attend. 

I was only watching, (as is

I was only watching, (as is often my custom.)

Got back into town from Rochester, NY, about the time the tour was starting, but I put in a half day of work.

Then took an unsettlingly un-daunting trip down the Euclid Corridor to Hessler St. and back.
Slick, lit, ... vacuous.

I hope something is emerging.

access my library

  Ed Morrison picked up on this marketing strategy--content providers are pushing the sticky envelope.

Afterall, not everything can be found "on line."  Case in point, unpublished federal court opinions...

And somewhat related, yesterday, a friend told us he was interviewed on video by a French reporter for the BBC.  The reporters caught him at the RED CHIMNEY diner on Fleet Ave. in Slavic Village.  Supposedly, the epicenter for the foreclosure crisis in Ohio, although the reporter was canvassing for presidential campaign news...can any one find it on line?  The reporter was intriqued by our friend's father's name--George Bush.