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A park on Cleveland’s west side,
with a rectangular layout,
nearly 300 feet (east-west) x 1,315 feet (north-south),
with a perimeter of 0.73 of a mile,
open year-round,
where every day is a fresh new-day,
as the sun rises and sets bringing residents to walk, play, relax, and nurture the soul,
as the moon and the planets move in the night sky,
as the seasons roll by from winter with snow and spring-like days,
to spring with blossoming trees,
to sometimes hot but mostly pleasant summer days with shady trees,
to autumn with trees that shine like gold,
to the Christmas lights in houses around the park – that brighten the dark evenings,
in an endless cycle from January 1 to December 31 in a mysterious universe!


Boy was I glad when 2020 – a terrible never-ending year -- finally ended.  

So you can imagine my joy when I got up on the morning of January 1, 2021.

It was a densely overcast day – 31 deg. F – with rain predicted in the morning and snow showers in the afternoon

I looked out of the window – saw no rain – got ready in a hurry with multiple layers of clothing under my orange plastic rain jacket and multiple woolen caps under my turban. With a few more layers – I would be equipped for a hike to Mt. Everest.  

So with cotton gloves (I wear woolen gloves when the temperature drops to the mid 20s) on my hands – I was on my way for a casual walk around the park and solo tennis.  

I walk counter-clockwise – starting from our house, which faces the park on Cooley Avenue – the south side. It was very quiet – very little traffic – hardly any planes overhead and no sounds of children playing. Did not see any birds or squirrels when I was out. The park was 99% snow/ice-free – so I had no problem walking.

Met a few residents out for a walk either alone or with their pet dogs. Met two residents waiting in the bus shelter on Lorain Avenue. Wished every one a Happy New Year. Every one responded with a smile except there was one couple – walking their two dogs – they did not. I repeated the greeting three times – thinking they did not hear me -- again there was no response. I take hundreds of photographs when I am out – so I took a picture – as they were walking away – crossing Lorain Avenue and the man suddenly lurched backward and hurled a constant stream of obscenities – eff this and eff that. I usually walk with my Welcome Jimmy Dimora Public Square sign. He continued with effing Jimmy Dimora. I told him I would call the police if he continued with his obscenities. I moved away – and they went their way. I do meet some residents who will not respond to a greeting  -- Hello, Good Morning, Good Afternoon, --. And as I get to know them – I avoid them. It was my fault – in future I will try to keep to my self – my resolution for the year. There is no shortage of park users that use obscenities – even in front of their children. Also, there is no shortage of very nice people in the park. 

I played 40 minutes of solo tennis. There was no breeze and I did not feel the cold. After about half-hour of playing – hitting nine balls (one for each of the planets) – with my right hand from one side and left hand from the other– hail drops – very small in size  – you could hardly see them -- started falling. I continued playing – shortly thereafter – it started raining. I collected the tennis balls, my bag, and sign, opened the umbrella and walked home in the rain.

I enjoyed my 1 hour and 20 min. (10:00 a.m. to 11:20 a.m.) outing – 40 min. of leisurely walking and taking pictures and 40 min. of tennis.

Looking forward to spending more time in the park as the weather improves. All I need is dry tennis courts and sidewalks free of snow and ice.

Note: The composite photograph shows, the leafless trees by the tennis courts, the north-western tennis court (my favorite court), hail, and a view of the park (after I got home) from the attic of our house – looking north.



Happy New Year!

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