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Submitted by Martha Eakin on Thu, 01/25/2007 - 20:59.

Thank you Norm for beginning the practice of locating your photo banners for the readership.  We have been enjoying great panoramic views, but depending on where we live, some of us had no idea where to go to personally enjoy the view.  Let's make a catalogue of these Cleveland banners.

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nice image banners

I love the everchanging photo collages and I agree that it is nice to have the labels. It would be cool to have the descriptions and the images in a section of the site that one could browse through. What a nice way to tour our fair (sometimes not at all fair) city. You've got a great eye and good skill with that camera Norm!

REALNEO header and image archive

Thanks. I like capturing these slices of life and find them very informative and interesting. I am starting to compile them on the 7GEN site in the image archive there - we don't have this configured on realneo so it is easier to do it there. You can see what I have up so far at http://7gen.us/en/image/tid/10 - it is not a very good layout so it will be a bit confusing but you'll get the idea. I am posting both the headers, which are 1000 pixels wide, and the original source collages, which are about 2,800 pixels wide - close to 40". You can see a lot more with the larger images - I'm going to make arrangements to print them if people want an original.

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