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Amir Fallah started the magazine Beautiful/Decay with his friends as a teenager; it now has a circulation of over 45,000. The publication has the reputation of being on the cutting-edge of the design/art/fashion/music and art worlds. Reflecting the hybridity of culture in multiple ways, Beautiful/Decay is a concept that has transcended the printed page to curate art shows, launch an artist's apparel line, and create branded books. An artist in his own right, Fallah has exhibited his work in numerous galleries including cherrydelosreyes, LA Louver and Rhys Gallery.
For more info contact: jlangsam [at] cia [dot] edu


Kulas Auditorium
11610 Euclid Ave
Cleveland OH, OH
United States
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Library copy

Cleveland Public Library  does carry this periodical. 
The record will probably become unshadowed today.  Periodical Center has the reference copy.
Call 216-623-2904 for more information.

Surprised that CIA doesn't carry it, but maybe they do, and no one has bothered to catalog it. 
Because, we all know "Who needs catalogers, anyway?!" NOT!

Recorded history

We went last night, Chris was tired and I was too tired.  Amir is likeable, but the magazine does not appeal to me, especially.  I did like one of Amir's slogan's "fake it, until you make it!"  Works for me.  I went last night, because I was intriqued by the demographics of this publication's circulation. What drives the consumer to seek out and purchase a print publication that you hold in your hand? 

I did not come away with a real understanding of the current youth market for periodicals, but I did see Angle : a journal of arts + culture* founder Dan Tranberg in the audience, so, perhaps, he will record his thoughts and, perhaps, someone will index his article, just as it is important to catalog the record for this serial publication, so that one day, someone can look back and try to understand us.   By the way, Roldo, your writing is cataloged and preserved to a degree (not well-indexed) by Cleveland Public Library.  I hope that you will work with the library to make sure that you are well-represented. 

But, going back to beautiful/decay, I was reminded of the publication Yellow Book and its first art editor Aubrey Beardsley.  It is always nice to trace the evolution of an idea and, fortunately, has digitized the back issues.  Cleveland Public Library has a digitization project underway, as well, and it would be great to hear more about it, as it evolves.

*now defunct, but cataloged and preserved at Cleveland Public Library.