What REALLY happened to Jerry Maddox

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Jerry died mysteriously on December 26,2019. It took until Feb. 21, 2020, almost TWO MONTHS for an obituary free of any pertinent information about the cause of his passing to be CAREFULLY crafted for placement in the obit section of Cleveland.com. He "went to be with the Lord". That's all she wrote. That's just a figure of speech by the way not in ANY way a reference to Dame Crowsfeet the doyenne of the Cleveland Restoration Society, the legenday charity famous for scoring massive amounts of tax dollars from all branches of government especially HUD to loan money to the "poor" to fix up their houses. But ONLY "historic" ones. Dame Crowsfeet was a big fan girl of David Franklin, the disgraced FORMER director of CMA, who she described as a gas in a slobbering puff piece in the Pee Dee from 2011. Mr. Franklin was ALSO coincidentally associated with a person who died mysteriously. ANYWAY the CRS, NOT THE ACTUAL RELATIVES OF JERRY M was the lucky recipient of the 8 houses that Jerry owned. These houses are NOT just ANY HOUSES mind you, THESE 8 houses are on HISTORIC NEWTON AVENUE. Two of those houses at 9804 Newton and 10003 Newton lavishly remodeled WITHOUT ANY BUILDING PERMITS are now FOR RENT. For $1900 each. PLUS ALL utilities AND upkeep including snow removal and lawn care. And a THIRD one is being rehabbed RIGHT NOW despite claims on the CRS website stating these donated homes will be used for the poor. Well this is EXACT wording from their website. "By keeping rents affordable for EXISTING tenants we are doing our part to make a SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE INVESTMENT in Cleveland." The key word being EXISTING tenants. All FUTURE tenants will be unpoor. Well-off. In the money. Able to afford the high rent that will be charged. Three down, five to go when the current leases which Jerry kept affordable for his neighbors are turned into $1900 a month rentals. PLUS ALL UTILITIES! Don't look for those updated homes to be advertised on the pious sanctimonious Home Page of the Cleveland Restoration Society run by Dame Crowsfeet since 1922. Because it reaaaallly doesn't fit their STATED demographic on their IRS 990. Which is LOW INCOME PEOPLE. The owner of these 8 houses is OF COURSE an LLC. Historic Newton Avenue LLC and the tiny tax bills are mailed to 3751 Prospect Avenue the property tax EXEMPT headquarters of the Cleveland Restoration Society the historic Sally Hemings mansion. 

I spoke to a long time resident sitting on their porch on Newton Avenue. They said Jerry was run over by a car. Right there in the 15 minute car free zone Dame Crowsfeet hopes to establish with her NEW UPSCALE real estate holdings in partnership with Ms. Justine Bibb our "mayor"

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The Last of the ORIGINAL Grifters $28,971 bonus in 2021

They're gone now. Retired and well....forced out. Those high flying hypocrites pimping the poor with HUD cash since the halcyon days of Andrew Cuomo. Kathy and Irene and Bobbi and Mark. And let's not forget Rob. All of them except Dame Crowsfeet and with the...timely passing of the Prince of Newton Ave she has found a new grift. Lucrative rentals for the rich WITH NO AIR CONDITIONING OR PARKING. Dame Crowsfeet pays VERY LOW property taxes on these houses ONLY available to her organization.And HERE is how much she pays. ALL of these homes were transferred on Mar 8,2021. Here are the ANNUAL PROPERTY TAXES. 9800 Newton $284. 9804 Newton BEING OFFERED FOR RENT AT $1900 per month.$431. 9806 Newton $321. 10003 BEING OFFERED FOR RENT AT $1900 per month $888. 9909 (former home of the late Jerry Maddox) $888. 9811 Newton $652. 9805 $499. 9801 $364. Other "discounts" received by Madame include a very low membership fee to the VERY EXCLUSIVE Union Club. No poor people allowed THERE. And she ALSO received a bonus in 2021. Of $28, 971. Hmmmm. A BONUS. The same year when in March all Jerry's houses were transferred over to her "non" profit. Total compensation for the year $185,000. There was no bonus in 2020. Or 2019. The year Jerry was conveniently run over and killed. 

Plenty of Grifters

Cleveland Restoration Society was also spawned by Rokakis-Frangos.  Matt Zone replaced Jim Rokakis - still waiting for Adam Stadler or super fraud Ricardo Leon to replace Gus Frangos.  The real estate game in town has tentacles everywhere.  

Detroit Shoreway CDO was the powerhouse, but now NPI or Cleveland Neighborhood Progress is the federal $$ clearning house - and yes Bibb completely answers to his handlers who include the Mandel Foundation, Cleveland Foundation ad nauseum.  Tom McNair of Ohio City is replacing Tessa Jackson and Cory Riordan > NPI with Ohio City CDC likely merging w/ TWDC.

Tania Menesse is a snake. Eric Brewer is only person who sees through the misappropriation of dollars in NEO.

Justine's Buchenwald off the OC

The mysterious Site Readiness for Good Jobs Fund created on October 23, 2023, to which $50 million in Scamdemic Relief has been handed over by Justine, is going to be run by ANOTHER old WHITE guy with a long history of grifting. Brad WHITEhead lives in a million dollar mansion at 2833 Courtland Blvd. in Shaker Heights which he purchased in 1991. Brad has never had a real job. He "left" his last "job" as the Chief at the The Fund for our Economic Growth which he invented decades ago, 3 months before he got this NEW job at the Let the Good Times Roll in the Hood Fund. Brad "worked" there from 2004 until he slid over to the Good Jobs Fund. Brad "built" a huge staff who have done NOTHING to create any jobs whatsoever BUT have a history of securing federal "funding" . As the Grifter in Chief in 2019 BradLEY "earned" $245,000 plus another $20,000 in benefits. When BradLEY SORT OF handed over the reigns to Berthia Cullis Burke in 2020, not QUITE ready to sign up at Minute Man, he created a NEW job for himself as "advisor" and was paid $194,000. A new high paying job! For HIMSELF. Interestingly GUESS WHO worked there as the Director of Regional Engagement. BRADFORD DAVEY making $100,000 until he was hired as Justine's NEW BFF.  There is no way BradLEY would have "moved on" from this gravy gig without the promise of this new NEWLY CREATED position at the SITE READINESS SCAM.

So the Site Readiness Scam ALLEGEDLY is assembling parcels of land 1000 acres in total along the Opportunity Corridor in the ghetto to build "manufacturing" plants. I doubt it. Manufacturing, LIKE ALL CHRISTIAN CHURCHES is a a BIG NO NO under Justine's megalomaniacal 15 minute city vision. And Mohammad Abdul Mohammed or whatever his name is who is Justine's Finance guru canNOT divulge location of these "parcels" because wait for it, the price would go UP on the toxic lots poisoned by PREVIOUS manufacturing sites.  The "Good Jobs" Fund has submitted yet ANOTHER request for FEDERAL FUNDING this time half a million dollars from the EDA. To create"site readiness" for 25 small to medium "manufacturing" sites that will employ 8732 people. Doing what kind of manufacturing exactly. Looking for 25 ACTUAL businesses that do NOT have a Guidestar profile  TWENTY FIVE private companies looking to set up shop in that neighborhood. That will employ nearly 9000 people. That's 360 per manufacturing site. And what if "manufacturing sites" was NEVER the goal. What if the goal is to continue writing grants to more and more federal agencies, KNOWLING ALL THE TIME this will NEVER HAPPEN. What if the REAL GOAL is to turn the 1000 acres into a MASSIVE 15 minute city surveillance state. Complete with high security fences, digital ids for the incarcerated residents, no cars and quackzene passports. With funding from the WEF and Bill Gates and other criminals, poor MOSTLY BLACK people can be shut in their cubicles and exterminated JUST LIKE CHINA. REMEMBER Justine has DECLARED that Cleveland will be the FIRST 15 minute city to set an example for population reduction. BONUS POINTS 37% of residents along the OC ALREADY are without cars compared to ONLY 8% in the rest of Cleveland. And what better place to start than right off the "Opportunity" Corridor. And Justine will be welcomed into the WEF which has been his goal all along 

Who killed Jerry Maddox

Jerry was a beloved resident of Newton Avenue for decades. He was a pianist, an accompanist who was well known in classical music circles. He lived alone but he was a friend to all, especially his neighbors on Newton Ave. He owned 8 houses on the street and rented them to people who were NOT wealthy but who loved the character of the houses as he did. He charged very little rent, he could have gotten much MUCH more but he wasn't greedy. He loved his houses and his neighbors, often extending small loans or food to those in need. He was a one man charity with no salary. A kind and generous man from the old school with a love of music and arts and architecture. He was NOT an overpaid grifter from Cleveland's shameless "non" profit community. He did not belong, with an almost free membership, to the Union Club, the bastion of white privilege in Cleveland. He was NOT an overcompensated advisor emeritus to the Ohio historic preservation scam. He was a true Renaissance man who LIVED historic preservation in every thing he did, withOUT any financial compensation. As he got older he expressed concern about what would happen to his cherished historic houses. He wanted to leave them as his legacy to continue allowing them to be rented out to people of modest means.  He was reluctant to leave them to family members because he feared they didn't share his love for them and would immediately put them on the market. So he looked around and was STRONGLY pressured to leave them to the Cleveland Restoration Society, who lead him to believe they would carry out his wishes. Sometime in late 2019 he reluctantly made the decision. And shortly after that on December 26, 2019 at 7:06 pm he was run down WALKING across E 105. By a mysterious SUV whose driver disapppeared into the night. It was 37 degrees, no precipitation no inclement conditions. Who killed Jerry. And got away with it .He was not an unknown drifter. Why were no charges filed? He died at University Hospital, who called the ambulance. Why did it take TWO MONTHS for an obituary to be carefully crafted LEAVING OUT the cause of death. Why the cover up?? CUI buno 

9804 Historic Newton Way UPDATE

The 4 bedroom 1 bath house with no parking OR air conditioning was renovated without any permits pulled from the department of building and housing. It also needs a roof and new windows. It is NOT lead safe. The windows are 100 years old the wood is splintering and there WILL be lead dust. It is NOT EXEMPT from the mandatory tyrannical lead safe clearance. Occupancy is limited to SEVEN PEOPLE. It has been listed at $1900 plus $1900 security and ALL utilities must be paid by the tenants. As well as snow removal and garden maintenance. There is no lawnmower provided and nowhere to put one. In 35 days there have been 17 contacts which resulted in zero applications.

ACTUALLY this UNairconditioned rental with NO PARKING because CARS are evil has been available since May31. At $2200. Price reduction to $1900 still no suckers. Somewhere Jerry is laughing!


UPDATE the price was reduced AGAIN in September to $1700. And on November 25, 2023 the listing was removed.

still empty as of today when I walked past. It has the same white curtains in the windows on the main floor as 10003. To keep out prying eyes. The back door on the 2nd floor has been boarded up instead of replacing the balcony. Half Assing it waiting to tear it down


10003 Historic Newton Place UPDATE

This 3 bedroom 1 bath home with no air conditioning and no parking is $1900 per month plus $1900 deposit and all utilities, plus yard maintenance and snow removal. There is no lawnmower provided and nowhere to store one. No pets but up to SEVEN people are allowed. It has NOT been lead tested and the windows which are 100 years old WILL spew lead dust everywhere when opened and closed. This house is NOT exempt from the mandatory tyrannical lead testing. Potential tenants are directed to the bus stop at the corner. Forget about having a car. In the 62 days since listed there have been 24 contacts and ZERO applications. 

ACTUALLY this lovely UNairconditioned home has been available since May 19, 2023 that has 100 year old NON energy efficient windows. For $2200.  

UPDATE! The price was reduced to $1900 and then again to $1700. It's STILL AVAILABLE

 Still empty I just walked past. It needs a lot of work plus some hasty half assed attempt has been made to throw big rocks into the crumbling foundation. Until it is torn down 

ANOTHER scam. The DALL MAYS houses

The hallowed Cleveland Restoration Society put these 2 historic homes at 2225 E. 46th and 2229 E 46th on their website acting like they OWN them as more blah blah blah historic something or other. EVEN THOUGH they are OWNED by a dead black man with $40,000 in back property taxes. They are both in tax default and the director of CRS did a fabulous interview with Justine's pretend uncle about the fabulous opportunity to "get involved". She FORGET to MENTION the past due property taxes. The historic homes are apparently for sale but a For Development for sale. You know "Good faith" forms must completed for this unparalleled 16 acre redevelopment opportunity. No One Cares about the historic houses IN THEIR CURRENT CONDITION. They are in MARGINALLY better condition than the historic Scofield Mansion, also a pet project of Mrs. Crowsfeet which has not YET been torn down but since Woodhill "homes" RIGHT next door have a gazzilion dollars from HUD so they can be replaced with "market rate" rentals, the wrecking ball will be at the Scofield mansion soon. The Dall houses will be torn down soon too. But NOT before the CRS transfers them even though they are not OWNED by CRS to the Landbank so the taxes can be wited out. Just watch..