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"Driving Miss Daisy"

A little ingenuity and imagination and what a vision.

This little greenspace is tucked into a once vacant lot in the area of 58th and Storer Avenue.  You can't help but smile when you drive by and see all the beautiful blooms spilling out over the brightly painted old tires.  Guess it gives a new meaning to the word "recap."  You can almost hear the 'honk, honk"  "I'm driving Miss Daisy" from the little blue roadster sporting his fare of colorful blossoms.  Just makes you want to get out and sit awhile.

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I love the painted tires

I think the car is a bed... really great garden. Is that e or w 58th? Is this a community or private garden?

Great photo - nice to brighten up the day. Thanks

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This is on West 58th and

This is on West 58th and Storer.   No, the little car is a kids toy - but now  it's filled with flowers - it is next to the big butterfly mural on a wall.  Those tires are something else.

I don't know if it's private or not.  I was just driving that way one day and there it was. 

There are several building up that way that have some really great murals.  On up the street a gas station is really done up with a beautiful mural all the way around it.

W. 58th and Storer

This lot had piqued my interest over the last 2 summers. It is very well maintained, always mowed and litter free. The grass around the tires is always clipped. One of these days I will find the person who does this work to say thanks as it brightens my mood when I drive by. I love the convertible.

Mural and garden on W. 58th and Storer

Stockyard Redevelopment Organization in general and Matt Martin in particular are to thank for the garden and public art at W. 58th and Storer Avenue.

58th and Storer

 Does Matt live around there? Is he the one that keeps it in such nice condition? Jerleen is right in that it is really creative.

Who is Matt?

Matt Martin was Community Services Provider at Stockyards and is now in charge of vacant land development at SRO.  kd

Matt Martin and vacant land

Before I go all ballistic against CDCs--there are some good folks at "some" of the CDCs. 

Does Matt live in the neighborhood?  I hope so--his involvement seems to show a greater concern and understanding of the neighborhood than the typical CDC employee and we are lucky to have him, but I hope that he is considering other ways to parlay his entrepreneurial mentality than by working for a CDC.  

Meanwhile, I am waiting, waiting, waiting... for the Plain Dealer to examine the secret machinations of CDCs and the real estate game played here in NEO.  Today's property appraisal bombshell is just one component of the real estate game.  But, let's also take a good hard look at who is picking up the vacant property in NEO and who is forgiving the liens for the tax payer demolitions strategically occuring along commercial corridors and future funded  transportation corridors such as the Opportunity Corridor. 

CDCs preach benevolence and the line "what's-good-for-the-community," all the while clearing the way for outside developers to come in and make a buck.   We have seen it here with Tremont West and Fairfax Development Corporations.

How will these CDCs and their secret unaccountable $$$ funding get redistributed after the elections in the fall?

(Will Brian Cummins throw his money in Detroit Shoreway's pot? Tune in tomorrow for as the neighborhood turns...)

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We have a new committee in

We have a new committee in Tremont, the Recreational/Pocket Parks Committee supported by the OSS and I plan on submitting the  photo of this little greenspace as a recommendation that maybe we can do something like this in Tremont.  I do believe that I met Matt at the Cake Walk and he is certainly to be given kudos for this little garden.  Matt did live in Tremont in one of the houses that burned on Jefferson if I'm not mistaken but I don't know where he is residing now. 

I've driven by it several times but I did not have my camera - now that I'm out collecting photos of pocket parks and recreational facilities for our committee, I really wanted this one to be a part of the collection.  It is just fabulous and they should be really proud of themselves.

Perhaps this should win an award for being the most interesting and creative greenspaces?



you did meet Matt

 i wish there were more like him.

if CDCs were full of people as ethical as Matt we wouldn't have problems.

Directory of GOOD CDC People

I believe I met Matt as well, as I remember meeting someone who was cool from Stockyards CDC... I asked him where were the Stockyards, and what could be developed there....?!?

Now I know, and interesting to see good growing in that land of the lost... trapped between two freeways... how is the public health over there?

Perhaps there are more good folks like Matt at the CDCs. I suspect I may have met a few others, but citizen validation would help.

I've had several CDC encounters that were disappointing, so I don't have any recommendations for this list - anyone else have good CDC citizen stories to tell?

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I was told Stockyards

 I was told Stockyards had their funding pulled by NPI...

anyone know?

They ain't no SII

I'd like to see how the funding of the CDCs is distributed, including grants and government funds involving CDCs

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you would think

 you would think this would be public, easily available information; perhaps compiled and published by the mayor's office (since he allocates to the councilpeople).

you can get some info from their I-9s, but that often doesn't tell the whole story. and a city-wide report would be nice.


 I don't know if NPI pulled funding but Stockyards has been fighting for survival for 2 1/2 to 3 years, and they may have already been down to a couple of full time staff. The CDC that serves my area is busy with fundraisers, and I bet this is repeated city wide. The economy means less money to Foundations, and less money to NPI and CNDC, and then there is the loss of CDBG funds via loosing two wards. There was a study being done earlier this year to review the performance and delivery of the various CDC's to the areas that they serve with the real possibility of decreasing (eliminating) some CDC and broadening the service area of others (a consolidation of CDC's).











That can get you a spread sheet that will show how much goes to each recipient in a state.

Cleveland received about $24 Million in CBDG, $6.7 Million in HOME, $1 million in ESG and $895,000.00 in HOPWA for FY2009

Community Development Block Grants (CDBG); HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME), Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA); and Emergency Shelter Grants (ESG).

The stockyard may have accessed the CDBG a few times and did not perform well.  I am thinking of the Hugo Boss site and that whole disaster.   

They should be allocating HWAP funds and they are not....






dbra: that is the word: funding lost.

and thats disconcerting

 because Stockyards is one of the few CDCs I hear really good things about - FROM THE NEIGHBORS

It seems they have more of the original intent of a CDC.


 They are good, and haven't gone down the path that other CDC's have in moving away from the neighborhood participation.

That's 5412 Storer

That's 5412 Storer Ave.  

I would like to see that on that on the corner of richmond and chagrin!    

Trees make a world of difference.    




The storefront was a david

The storefront was a david ellison project. 

Select commercial properties at the link for D.H.E and the last image in that series is the location Jarleen is reffereing to, the mural is at that location.    5804 Storer  

I appreciated what what D.H.E contributed, but to me the rest is schlock.  

the storefront that has the

the storefront that has the murals, next to this building is the parking lot and that has the murals on the wall of the building in back. 

Mariner's Compass

  Today's PD has a beautiful image of a barn with the mariner's compass on it.  The article features the Barn Quilt Project of Miami County, Ohio.

It's an historical imag/icon I would like to see used in Cleveland to help folks get their bearings and to highlight significant locales throughout the City of Cleveland. 

This stretch of Storer gets a lot of wayfarer (walking) traffic.  Any part of the City that is trafficked by walkers at all times of the day--feels lived in and safer than desolate stretches of suburbia.
Thanks for the images, Oengus.

Here's a map:
View Larger Map

This guy could be working

This guy could be working for awhile, wonder if he painted the 32 point Mariner's compass anywhere - there are so many different quilt block patterns passed down from hundreds of years ago.   The Sun Bonnet Sue quilt was the last one that my grandma made before she died. 

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Storer Avenue Community Garden

This garden is located at Storer and W. 54th street.  Volunteer community members constructed and maintain the garden.  There are about 12 total regular gardeners, men and women, young and old.  The design was a vision of Pastor Martin at Prince of Peace located directly across the street.  He was able to organize the people to create the garden from start to finish.  Matt Martin certainly deserves his KUDOS for the overwhelming support he continues to provide to this project.

Note that 2 years ago these lots were a dump site, very dangerous to even try to walk across due to the craters of trash and debre.  One year was dedicated to leveling the property and the next year the garden was created.  Also acknowledge that at each phase, diverse individuals (dope dealers, addicts, moms, children, elderly, streetwalkers) all pitched in to put their hands to work on something positive because they wanted to beautify their community and never had a real opportunity to do so.

The mural, which is a "must see" was created by Milan Kecman a retired artist through a grant from Neighborhood Connections. 

Just to show how amazing things can happen when CDC, community, professionals and supporters work together.  The community is very excited about enhancing their efforts in the garden next spring.

A photo journal is available at POPCE across the street, hours 3-7 Monday-Friday.


nice work!

Storer Ave community garden

Thanks for the details of how this came to be. I am glad that it was done, and I would not change a thing. It gives meaning to the  term "community garden" and is unique. I am tired of the same old manicured landscape and this is a bright little area that is creative. It fits!

Trees…. there are

Trees…. there are many sites online that sell bare root trees for very little money.  Aslo lowes and home depot have discount in early spring and late fall. 

It is interesting, so Stockyards….

Tables and seating….

The store next door used to be called Economy Mart, its had some patching done to it, its rough.

See if you can find out how D.H.E was involved in the other store’s restoration its called Browns Plaza.

The garden could serve as a patio for the store and the store could sell food that people could eat in the garden.

The city has paving stones, they save them, the red bricks.

Across the alley is a small carriage house, it could also sell food. It could maybe be an ice cream stand? maybe Pierre’s will offer support?



The building on the other side of 54th used to be a theater.  


For some reason, I think

For some reason, I think this little garden is just perfect.  Trees would be nice but they do grow up and make big trees - and that might create too much shade blocking the sunlight from this sunny little spot and the flowers.  This is still the cutest little garden in our area.

As it is it will eventually

As it is it will eventually loose interest, that’s inevitable, landscaping needs to be permanent and ideally low maintenance. It’s cute and artistic…but it is temporary. The prince of peace is not a mainstay in the community is it? That area is loosing its old fast, the old Europeans that stuck it out and held it up are dieing off.

It need permanence and things that represent that, they are not big tree fans over there. Until they cut them down and realize that the noise is worse and it was covering up an eyesore.

Space and the impact of space on perceptions, functional spaces. Trees are generational planters are usually annual events.  


The big issue people have with trees is crime related, they hide in the bushes, it blocks the view. It all need to be kept trimmed up till it reaches a height, trees create partial sun and many planting thrive in partial sun. Then there are also shade plants, like ivy and hosta.

Sorry for being critical...I do professional landscaping and have what is consider award winning by many.

I did not take it as you

I did not take it as you being critical.  I just fell in love with the little spot and it warms my heart to see what can be done with a little imagination  and some throwaway tires.  Tire flower pots are a big thing down in the hills.  They flip them and fill them with creeping phlox and in the spring time and they are absolutly magnificant.

Sometimes I have a little trouble seeing the forest instead of the trees. 

I have always thought the


I have always thought the old theater could have better use than that of the location of a fence company. The fence company could be relocated and that location could be a community center. It could be funded based on the arts. It is flanked by two store fronts, I think this could be a good home for Art House or other type programs. The problem is that of parking,  its limited in that area, Detroit Shoreway figured that out just recently, that people need to have access to parking or nothing really succeeds. Theaters without parking fail, like the variety on Lorain. That area is very tightly developed, spaces do exist.

Much of the storefronts are empty, that area definitely was not a good location for a night club.

It also is not all impoverished, there are many working class people in that area.  It's the hood but kind of a well kept hood, storer is an eye sore for the most part. 


The fence company is no

The fence company is no longer occupying the property and the owner is seeking to lease the large portion, which is very dry and sound by the way, and also the two store fronts.  So far no takers.  There is parking for at least 50 vehicles on the side and back of the building and it is all fenced in.  It's actually a good location.  There is talk of some CSO occupying the storefronts and I hear the larger back part may be used for storage of antique cars and such.

Lots of plans are being made by community to beautify the avenue.  It can't all happen at once.  Storer is a bit of an eyesore, I guess it's how you look at it.  :-)

The concrete road and then

The concrete road and then the utility poles with all the transformers, are gross. But the side streets have tons of historically significant homes.

Parts of the area meticulously maintained, is or does charter one bank plan to stick around?

Can the owner get funding to improve the façade? If they get a CSO then could they use that lease to leverage a facade improvement? Could Charter One manage that as a construction loan?

Did D.H.E volunteer his services or did he get paid for his contribution to Browns Plaza?

Next to the Theater is space that could be a pocket park. Then the side of that theater could support a huge mural….

I wonder if storage of vintage cars could also link to an auction service, and maybe a museum. People could tour the cars and then online some of them could be auctioned. Even vintage boats.

An auction and storage service, basically consignment with an online interface.

Things that would fly there, a tattoo parlor and a place that sells food. A carry out, they do real well over there if done correctly. The car storage could also be sales of scooters, that might do well over there the manufactures of Chinese shooters are chomping at the bit for sales and service centers. Not just scooters as the Chinese motor cycles are also very hot right now. Then could charter one offer financing on that?

That could make it all viable, maybe?

I think selling the motorcycles could be done for some as lay-a-way, if they do not have good credit. The bank may back it all, the investment at first and then staffing to make it all work.




There are others too, many and it all starts someplace.

Fun and happy

  I second DWebb's comments on the vernacular charm of the garden.  When I walked door to door campaigning, I was disheartened to find garbage strewn homes next to well-manicured gardens.  It's a difficult war to wage--promoting beauty in the City of Cleveland.  This morning, I saw one woman pulling weeds from her battered street's curb.  Keep up the fight for a civilized society.


I am attempting to give something for the inevitable question of; what can a park do for us. Get the young people involved they will take ownership.

This a good project,

Hornbeam Hedge:

Other plants can be bought to fill the ties, the center area could support art displays, decorative beds or even vegetables….a small pond, a fountain….the kids could be drawn in, through that.   

They can be bought as bare root plants and in bulk for very little,

I like murals the city should promote them. 

nice pic

I do like this hedge.  Thanks for the pic.  Gives me some ideas.

Bad news for Ward 14 Residents...

...but what else is new?

Wanted to let everyone know that Stockyards Redevelopment Corporation has laid off three employees, including Matt Martin and Zach Starnick, who did such a great job with this garden at 58th and Storer and with other projects throughout Ward 14.

Zach and Matt, with the help of Court Community Service workers, cleaned up tons of trash and tires and painted over countless feet of grafitti in the ward. In addition, on their own time, they acted as "non-official" community organizers for block clubs in the neighborhood that were not assigned community organizers (ie., Clark-Fulton area block clubs). They had a hand in pretty much any beautification project in the ward, from gardens to block club cleanups to the clearing of trash from vacant lots.

They did a great job on behalf of residents of Ward 14 and all I can say is that this move appears to be politically motivated and it's bullshit. Ward 14 has lost two tireless workers; two people who made a positive difference in a ward that has had its share of rough times.

The director of Stockyards Redevelopment Corp. is Alex Brazynetz and he can be reached at 216/961-7687, ext. 205. Councilman Santiago's office number is 458-1482. Please, if you live in Ward 14 or in the Stockyards service area, call them and let them know that the residents of Ward 14 are tired of being treated like second-class citizens. And for good measure, call the Mayor's Action Line at 664-2900 and let him know that Ward 14 residents aren't going to take it anymore!!

And if you see Matt or Zach, let them know you appreciate the hard work and long hours they put in on behalf of the residents of Ward 14.


a loss to Ward 14

 I just saw Zach last week when he was addressing some graffiti problems, and he is s fine young man. It is those quality of life issues that Stockyards addresses that has made a difference for us. Most CDC's don't want to touch these kind of problems, but Stockyards does do community organizing,  board ups of vacant houses, and lots more. Santiago has closed down his ward office and I am betting that he is just counting the days until he doesn't have to take our phone calls.  Zach and Matt, thanks for making a difference, Debbie.

I have to agree that that is

I have to agree that that is pure bullshit.  Storer Avenue has just started looking up.  Why would they let go the people that have made the most difference? 

The little gardens on Storer are so beautiful and heartwarming, we drive by there often just to look.   My granddaughter wants her dad to do their backyard that way.  Matt may have started a trend. 

Who did the firing?  Maybe Stockyard Redevelopment Office should become the newest dump for all old tires?




They ran out of money

Dump the tires of whoever pulled the money, not Stockyards. I'd like to know who and why they lost money to make payroll? Matt Zone doesn't fund them, Santiago did give them some, so there are other funders. Who are they? What is the political motivation here? Is this a Santiago damning the torpedos or something else?

Ok, yea, that would be much

Ok, yea, that would be much better - but I thought if they went to Stockyard, they would at least get the idea that the people they laid off were needed. 


well, Jerleen

We have to figure out who "they" are and I am wondering if "they" care. Besides, you would get arrested and then the book would be thrown at you. I'd have to fry a lot of green tomatoes to sale to raise the money to get you out of jail and I am just not up to frying that many tomatoes. Your bail would probably be so high that we couldn't even get that many tomatoes to fry and sale, so do try to control yourself.

Sandy, who is the 3d person

 Sandy, who is the 3d person laid off? They did not have that many staff anymore so they are done to a skelton crew?

good advice - I'm glad that

good advice - I'm glad that there's at lease one level headed thinker amongst us.  Plus, I wouldn't get to eat any of the fried green tomatoes. 

they are good

 Even if I don't use lard (shudder). I wonder how much people would pay for fried green tomatoes? When I make them, that is all that I serve. No sides. The tomatoes meet all the daily requirements of vegetable, starch, and fat. Be handy to know how much people would pay, though, Jerleen, cause I am thinking that sooner or later, we are going to have to bail you out of jail.

Merrick House and Brian Cummins your chance...

Advertised for a community organizer at the http://www.cndc2.org site...does anyone know who got this position or if it is filled? We need REAL community organizers here.

Either one/both of the good folks you mention here, should get picked up. Brian Cummins, this is your chance to allocate some of your funds, too. Merrick House operates out off Walton location and senior services currently in Ward 15.

Merrick House

Unless things have changed in the last year, this is the position vacated by Amy Wheary and the title community organizer is used loosely. The organizer works on issues that are more global, such as state issues and health related issues, and not the block club issues. And you are right, lmcshane, we do need real community organizers here and all across the city.

Amy Wheary

  Where did she go??

Amy Wheary is at DSCDC

 She left Merrick House for DSCDC, then took a new position that is housed at DSCDC as director of a Housing Center that is funded in part by NPI.

Third person laid off from Stockyards

Debbie, the third person laid off from Stockyards is Michael Palcisco, who was responsible for helping Stockyards residents with code enforcement issues, home repairs, board ups, etc. So, the three men who were most visible throughout the ward and who most actively helped residents on a daily basis were laid off.

I don't know why there was money two weeks ago and no money on the day they were laid off. All I can think is that someone pulled money or leaned on the Stockyards board using reduced funding as a threat or miscounted money and didn't have what he/she thought they had. Any way you slice it, it's fishy.

If I was a conspiracy theorist, I would think that someone would like the ward to be a huge mess for whoever wins the election in November.


I would say you aren't an SII

And your community has been scheduled for extermination.

Call Ronn Richards and Terry Egger... they are the Plan Dealers.

Disrupt IT


Sandy, This is a sad state of affairs. I tried to reach the director and got voice mail. My next day off is Friday and I will call again.  NPI pulled funding (don't know why) and who knows how that is impacting this. 

Ask Kucinich

Ask the great one--Kucinich.  Yeah, as a matter of fact, I do have a problem with the Pope...and especially with the bishop. 

The Dalai Lama?...well, he's probably clean.