Midtown Brews - The Changing Landscape of Public Advocacy: Citizen-Community Priorities and Web 2.0

Submitted by Betsey Merkel on Sat, 09/27/2008 - 19:39.

The Changing Landscape of Public Advocacy: Citizen-Community Priorities and Web 2.0

Date: Thurs October 2, 2008
Time: 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Live Video Broadcast and Chat Conversation 6:00PM - 7:00PM (EST)
Location: Insivia, 1900 Superior Avenue, Suite 105, Cleveland, Ohio 44114 Ph: 216.373.1080
Register: Upcoming.org
Join: Midtown Brews
Donation: $5.00 and your favorite beverage

Participate in a round table discussion to showcase and share best practices in social media tools to advance community advocacy issues focused on social, political and energy topics.

There will be no one guest this month, but rather a group of advocates sharing their experiences with storytelling and brand development to build engaged, networked communities online and face-to-face.

Here's an early list of who will be joining us --
Bill Callahan: issue driven politics on the web
Lee Chilcote and colleagues, Cleveland Collectivo: strengthening start-ups
Jeff Freidman, Webtego & Volunteer, The Climate Project: storytelling & national networks
Mike Gesing, Northeast Ohio Citizens League (NEOCL): regional citizen advocacy
Jason Hass: political blogging
The Insivia team: engagement technologies
Marc Leftkowitz, Green City Blue Lake: social media
Peter McDermott, E4S/Local Food Cleveland: network weaving
Susan Miller, REALNEO and Put It On The Ballot Campaign: issue driven politics on the web
George Nemeth: search engine optimization
Stephanie Spear, EarthWatch Ohio: community advocacy practices

Moderator: Gloria Ferris, Meet The Bloggers
And You...Everyone is welcome.

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Midtown Brews Coming Up...Thur November 6, 2008 Art & Advocacy @ Insivia

Questions? Contact: Betsey Merkel, The Institute for Open Economic Networks (I-Open), 4415 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44113 Ph: 216-246-2447


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