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Submitted by lmcshane on Sat, 01/05/2008 - 11:22.
Worldcat has a Facebook Application. 

What is realINFORMATION??  Let the world SEE, what you READ.
Worldwide--We still want our information archived, researched, organized, edited, CATALOGED. 
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In the presidential debates, the magazine Foreign Affairs was mentioned. This
bi-monthly publication influences Washington policy-making.

You can get the most recent issue online
Jan/Feb 2008 and set up a RSS feed

via Ebscohost after authenticating with your library card. It's
easiest to go to

Gale Group, the other large
current news provider, provides more direct immediate access using
which gives you a snapshot of articles from the Sept/Oct issue without authenticating with your library card.

If you use Worldcat to find online journal access via area libraries, you will find your self
stymied by dead links, authentication issues and, in some cases, no pointers to actual providers. So much to work out.
And proof, that REAL CATALOGERS are needed!

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It appears that I will have to join Facebook--with a resigned sigh.