Question of the DAY? How many community development organizations does a "dying" city need?

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This is exactly where the discussion in NEO needs to go--

How many community development organizations does a "dying" city need?

We also need to define what constitutes "development."  If "development" uses public dollars, not private investment does it constitute development? We need to stop thinking "development" is a good thing--how do we provide for the daily needs of a community--clean water, air, shelter, food, sleep and recreation?

To everything there is a season--turn, turn, turn!

I don't blame Sammy Catania. The blame lies with those in charge

The people that are in charge of community development - the same folks turning a blind eye - are the ones at fault here.  Sammy Catania is just doing what any other developer would do - develop. Problem is that he is a private developer in the same area in which he is a paid developer for Tremont West Development Corporation.  That is a problem.  The problem is often referred to as a conflict of interest. 

Catania has built numerous homes in the Tremont area selling them for hundreds of thousands of dollars - and collecting a tax payer funded paycheck at the same time for his duties as a paid developer for a community organization - TWDC- located in the exact same area in which he is privately developing.

 Question of the Day?  Why did Sammy Catania offer to buy Frank Giglio's property prior to the demolition?

It is a major conflict of interest when TWDC targeted and insisted on demolishing Frank Giglio's home - and then an employee/developer of TWDC offers to buy the property prior to demolition.


The following is part of an interview with Councilman Joe Cimperman which also details another conflict of interest with TWDC:

INTERVIEWER: " What building code standards exist for Tremont residents, who enforces them, and who inspects the residents homes? "

JOE CIMPERMAN:  (in part)  "I have a person who works specifically for me, her name is Katie Huff.  She is my code enforcement person.  She links up with all of the block clubs, local development groups, and the inspectors."



Why is a code enforcement person - who obviously targets alleged code violators - also meeting with developers?

Is she code enforcing in certain areas in which the developers are interested in developing, and then updating the developers on the City's plans to get rid of the code violators to make room for upcoming development?

read the interview in its entirety here

It is a waste of tay payer dollars to hire a code enforcement officer for community development while we have inspectors that are employed with the city's building and housing department.  Ed Fitzgerald needs to take a good look at the waste of our tax dollars for these community development corporations. 

The community development corporations are well known for their abuse, such as the Afford A Home scandal , Councilman Polensek receiving a loan from Collinwood Nottingham Development  in which he purchased a home, and numerous other issues with the community development corporations.

If those in charge of the community development organizations are incapable of performing their job duties, get rid of them like Fitzgerald did with Klaiber, Miller, Forkas, and the others. 

How long will the abuse and waste continue? 

How many community development organizations does a dying city need?


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World's easiest riddle - Just 1

World's easiest riddle - Just 1 - the Cleveland Foundation - they control the rest

In fact... I suppose you just need one person... whomever is Boss of the Cleveland Foundation... everyone in Cleveland works for him.

Fortunately, his influence doesn't seem to reach across the globe... just across unreal NEO.

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