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Kevin Kelley uses Medium to run for Mayor

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I will commend you for putting our community in a national spotlight, but you are going to have to do a lot better than this editorial. You write: “For some of the major systemic issues, they all have these commonalities: 1) they are well known; 2) they have been a part of the civic dialogue; 3) solutions are available; and 4) we have tolerated them.”
I am posting here as my neighborhood — because the City of Cleveland Community Development department and your council members are violating HUD guidelines in the dispersal of Community Development Block Grants to your pet community development corporations. My neighborhood has been left out to die in the roulette of council Neighborhood Development Allocations and HUD funding.

Residents wanted a chance to change council structure and your council body met in secret with Cleveland pastors to get the ballot issues pulled — BTW, this will be challenged. The issues that are well-known? Abuse of the PAC monies set up by Forest City in the 1990s as the council leadership fund, which you control. You decide who gets these funds and survives the back room deals. You also steer large consultant contracts to shady and questionable outfits like the Project Group, led by a former Cleveland City Council person — John Zajac. I could go on and on — this has been tolerated. It needs to stop. You say solutions are available, but hardly define those solutions here. Cleveland needs to open the books and start to run our local government with efficiency and accountability. Start with your own annual budget and publish the allocations. Until then, your resolve is as tepid as our dismal mayor —

"The problem is we have a problem. It's not that we don't know we have a problem. We've known it for years. It's not that we don't know what the solutions are."  Oct 11, 2017


Laura McShane




Next Mayor of Cleveland -better not be a clowncil member

  Jackson, Kelley, Zone have deals with the real money players in this town to divide the spoils. I posted recently about idea for a Beltine trail in NEO - the Great MLK Trail. I know that there are land bank plays for East Cleveland, Mt Pleasant, Corlett, Union-Miles, and especially Miles Park area close to Garfield Heights were Sherrod Brown lives in the Mill Creek housing Zaremba built

"Nathan Zaremba is a pioneer in the movement to attract newcomers. A nonprofit organization handpicked his company, Zaremba Cleveland Communities, to be the builder for the new home community of MillCreek on the southeast side of Cleveland. Named for the 11-mile creek that runs through the site, MillCreek is the largest single-family development built in Cleveland in more than 50 years."

Also - be aware that LITC market is a big way that the slimeballs here will steal property and flip it for all kinds of easy money. Maple Heights is being primed for development. Scene ran an article by Hannah Lebovits who was fed the story-most likely by Rokakis, who in addition to his many evils also helped set up Cleveland Restoration Society, which is quietly promoting Miles Park Historic Area adjacent to Calvary Cemetery and Garfield Park.

If you think I am wrong about any of this - please respond. Most recent NOACA TIP included a trail connector - the Arthur Johnston Trail that will help connect east side natural areas in the Mill Creek watershed. I am glad that this is happening - just disgusted with real estate politics here. As noted - there were all sorts of evil involved in the Battery Park area involving the CDC and the councilperson. Stay woke.


Update - rumor has it that Brancatelli is grooming a young housing lawyer named Rebecca Maurer to be his loyal lapdog, much like the other lapdogs set up by former council members: Cimperman, Keane, Brady on west side of Cleveland.  Maurer bought her house from the Slavic Village Recovery progam, which is the Ratner family operating in Brancatelli's ward. Slavic Village Recovery gets their homes from - you guessed it - the Cuyahoga County Land Bank.