Inner Circle has Multiple Meanings, Around University Circle

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 10/29/2007 - 12:15.

University Circle is a community of overlapping circles of interdependent institutions, boards, patrons and public interests that in some way touch every life in the NEO universe, worldwide (well illustrated by the current Cleveland Orchestra tour of Europe). So thoughts of "Inner Circles" within this star-power constellation bring illusions of grand people and designs. So true, as the latest "Inner Circle" added to University Circle is a very sharp and strong sculpture by Cleveland Institute of Art President David Deming, commissioned by the Putnam Sculpture Collection, of Case Western Reserve University... a great collision of worlds.

In appreciation for all those above, who are bringing us another great work of public art, and to encourage local supporters of arts and culture, and University Circle, to celebrate this very accessible Inner Circle, today's REALNEO header features David Deming's Inner Circle, and you are invited to a reception for this work, at CRWU, 4 PM on October 30, 2007 - details here.

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Inner Circle

I had a great opportunity to peruse this piece several weeks back when you first posted about this sculptural evolution and was really impressed with the bold design and impression it left with me.  Its also reassuring to see one of University Circle's institutional leaders contributing to the campus so prolifically and artistically.   Though I wasn't able to attend the reception I certainly hope a wonderful time was had by all.  It will be fun to see what public art statements and contributions will emerge in East Cleveland as we progress with efforts there.  One Inner Circle so close to another!


You are positive in all your connections…and NEO will respond (eventually). I missed the opening too.  Norm will fill us in.

Best, jeff