Enjoying living in one of America's 10 best communities: Ohio City

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 06/22/2007 - 00:26.

Claes running on patio at Momocho

I was pleased to read in the Plain Dealer that Cottage Living has declared my neighborhood, Ohio City, one of their 10 best communities in America, for "charming cottages, a sense of community, and an eye on the future." No doubt they made a great choice with Ohio City, as my family well knows and celebrates each day we live here. Tonight we dined a few blocks from our house, among historic victorians and mature trees and gardens on the patio at Momocho (still as great as when I reviewed it last year)... the best NEOMEX restaurant in the world. Within a few other blocks of there are over a dozen more of the region's best restaurants and hot spots - core, local establishments - not to mention the "best in the world" West Side Market... With the W. 25th RTA and many bus lines criss crossing this area, it is a public transit dream, and is probably the most bike and walk friendly place in Ohio.

Congratulations to all the "urban pioneers" and long-lasting traditionalists who together have kept the grass roots of Ohio City healthy and independent from the BS and stupidity of Cleveland and regional politics - for doing it on your own, your way, and with more collective intelligence, beauty and class than any other neighborhood I know of in America - I agree whole heartedly with Cottage Living.

For those who have the means and inclination to live in a real fine livable place, near all that is needed for an exceptional quality of life, at nearly any income level, Ohio City is ideal.