Sorry Sister Regina, but you are of the curse that plagues the region

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 04/06/2007 - 19:53.


What a spiritual day. The global global warming insight is starting to hit the fan, as it is becoming clear who are the terrorists of this world... polluters who will live to learn they lived "their way" to kill millions of the most impoverished people on Earth. It is good for humanity to have a new world of terrorists to consider, as we seem so quick to ignore mass-murderers. I always think about this around "Opening Day" in Cleveland, as so many in NEO celebrate ignorance of genocide. There was a disturbing little "editorial", er "column", by Cleveland Plain Dealer spiritual adviser Regina Brett about her attempts to summon an idol, St. Jude, to save from damnation the Cleveland baseball team known by the European name for the slaughtered native people of the Western Hemisphere - "the Indians" - seeking for our region redemption from damnation. Sorry, Regina, but you can't fool Mother Nature.

If you love to pray, try praying for world peace or freedom for the suffering from starvation. I do not support genocide or racists and will not support "The Indians" so long as they do not recognize what a disgrace their identity is and change their name. Drop the yahoo crap - be Pros - I've written enough about this topic - if you don't get it, defend your position... I'd love to chat about this.

In the mean time... brrrrr. I gladly suffer in hell-frozen-over for your sins and mine.

Interesting poll on PD about global warming

As I reflect on global terrorism, I think of yesterday's poll on, asking something like "do you think global warming is harm the region"... can't remember the exact terms and can't find it on their site. In any case, when I responded and saw the results of others it was about 33% yes, 33% no. and 33% don't believe global warming is for real. That is the NEO that reads the PD... that has been programmed by the PD... that is one big problem in this region... and nation.

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