Broadband, revitalization, socio- and economic development..and the need for Civic Designed Public Policy

Submitted by Betsey Merkel on Tue, 05/20/2008 - 08:07.

The Center for Rural Pennsylvania published today research directly linking the success of  broadband to socio- and economic revitalization, and the need for innovative public policy. The  design of flexible, resilient public policy will happen with high levels of civic engagement guiding local municipal government. A combo of collaborative leadership and community strengths.

Broadband Access Opens Doors To Networking, Economic Development For Rural Areas

ScienceDaily (May 20, 2008) — Proactive policies are needed to facilitate broadband Internet access and adoption in rural areas so that rural hospitals, schools and businesses can drive social and economic development and better position themselves to compete, say Penn State researchers in a recently released report from the Center for Rural Pennsylvania. Read more here.