Submitted by Jeff Buster on Thu, 03/13/2008 - 23:34.
Cleveland Mayor Jane Campbell image jeff buster after she left office March 2009
  With all the public noise she's been exposed to  in NEO,  and with all the Dirty Dealer's un-ethical public noise about what was private, to see her today with her smile was an affirmation.


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Why does the PD refer to Campbell as an ex-mayor and White as a former mayor?  Semantics, but this is one reason why it is so hard to keep a smile in Cleveland.  Great photo--did she know you would be posting it here?

ex versus former

I did some googling within on your proposition.

"former mayor * white" : 238 results
"ex mayor * white" : 1 result
"former mayor * campbell" : 127 results
"ex mayor * campbell" : 39 results

This is pretty imprecise, (for instance, it spans everything on, comments, blogs, etc ~ not just PD staff writing,) but it's interesting, nonetheless.


  Thanks Jeff for crunching the data--okay, maybe, I AM paranoid.  But, I still contend there's a PLOT!



No paranoid stuff re your observations.  JS has over the top search-tech, and it appears from his searches that your "ex" theory is supported by his "general" data.

Stick with your instincts!


I am conditioned to be suspicious--overly so.  It's part of my official job description :) 

On the bright side of this city, I ventured out today via RTA to see the Reverend Wagner opening at Convivium33.  It looks like Saturday's showing of One Bad Cat has been sold out at the Cleveland Film Festival, but they may add additional showings.  I wish I could have been there--every one raved about the film and, needless to say, the show at Convivium33 is also a must-see.


What: "The Salvation of Reverend Albert Wagner." A survey of work by an important self-trained Cleveland artist.
When: Friday through Sunday, April 13. Opening reception 6 to 9 p.m. Friday.
Where: 1433 East 33rd St., Cleveland.
Admission: Free. Call 216-881-7838 or go to

On the way there, I met a brilliant young man on the bus, fourteen-years-old and wise beyond his years.  How strange it is to be able to know someone in so short a time, but this young man had transcendent qualities and I learned a great deal about him.  It was almost a revelation to me.  Reverend Wagner fell to temptation, and rose up, again, but some people don't need salvation to be able to see the light. 

So venture forth people, and you, too,  may meet an angel on the way.