Midtown Brews Thursday Sept 4: Making Fast Food Faster:Technology Innovating the Service Industry

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Midtown Brews with Meet The Bloggers

Following up...

In our last Midtown Brews mailer, we pointed out a new effort in Cuyahoga County to promote transparency called, Map the Mess. This collaborative web site features the power of Social Network Analysis, and with help of the citizens of Cuyahoga County, Map the Mess can inaugurate a new day of transparency, civility, and shared responsibility in government. 
Valdis Krebs - Orgnet Founder and creator of InFlow, the social network software used to Map the Mess - published the Sunday blog post, Weaving Journalists, referencing the New York Times article, "Crowd Funding: A different way to pay for the news you want." The article describes how investigative journalism is frequently powered by many, small citizen payments funding journalists to opt-in to stories they are interested in writing about. 
Not dissimilar from Map the Mess, which continues to gain public participation and momenteum. You can view one of the early maps of the mess using the "indirect quid pro quo" concept entitled, "The Russo 5 Step."
Join us for the next Midtown Brews with Meet The Bloggers...
Making Fast Food Faster: Technology Innovating the Service Industry 
With Guests: 
Stan Barber, Sr. Sales Director and Partner, O-Web Technologies, Ltd.
And You... 
Date: September 4, 2008
Time: 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Live Video Broadcast and Chat Conversation 6:00PM - 7:00PM (EST)
Location: Webtego, 2530 Superior Avenue, Suite 600, Cleveland, Ohio 44114Ph: 216-348-8700

Donation: $5.00 and your favorite beverage.

Learn how Stan and his friends started a company that will soon be serving pizza's across Canada and China.Be sure to get the full story from Stan in his interview,"Technology Innovation: Making Fast Food Faster."

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Midtown Brews Broadcast TV Channel or our Midtown Brews You Tube Channel 

Don't miss how O-Web Techologies intends to deliver more pizza's than any other company on the globe!

Midtown Brews Coming Up...Thur October 2, 2008 In anticipation of the Fall Elections, a special joint conversation with the Insivia team and Meet The Bloggers talking about cutting edge engagement technologies, social advocacy, and political process @ Insivia

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