The Next Big Thing: Millennials, Mobility, Advertising

Submitted by Betsey Merkel on Fri, 05/30/2008 - 16:23.

Here are two interesting articles outlining next generation enterprise opportunities focused on the Millennial market, the trend toward higher levels of mobility, and advertising and communication. Don't think in actual terms of "next generation" because the market is already here!

Whew! Research is showing Millennials are focused on using mobile  technology as an extension of their PC social lives. Read "Go Mobile Young Millennials, Go Mobile" here ..but getting content to a mobile platform isn't as easy as it should or could be, and "..Alas for content providers, especially web application builders, the In-Stat report makes clear that the revenue model for mobile content is still nascent and will revolve around advertising, subscription services or premium upgrades."

Not one miss opportunities, Google and other providers are jumping in. Read this interview article, "The Next Big Wave in Advertising is the mobile Internet" from the German publication, FAZ.NET with Google CEO, Eric Schmidt discussing latest market advances, Web 2.0, and speculating on the future impact of technology developments and user impact.

Definitely, time and opportunity for innovation in creative digital media and interactive technologies focused on the habits of nomadic communities.

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