A Building Boom In Cleveland???

Submitted by Charles Frost on Thu, 07/26/2007 - 06:58.

Proposed Browns Stadium Roof


I found this site today: http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/showthread.php?t=97396

It is full of drawings, sketches, and photos of planned, proposed and completed building projects here in Cleveland...

Things that might be of interest:


Avenue District - Location: East 12th St.

Tyler Village - Location: Downtown  (St. Clair Superior Neighborhood)

Terminal Tower Restoration - Location: Downtown

Cleveland Clinic Heart Center - Location: University Circle

Cleveland Museum of Art - expansion - Location: University Circle

Stonebridge Plaza - Location: Flats - West Bank

Battery Park - Location: Detroit-Shoreway

Park Building Condominiums - Location: Downtown (Public Square)

Cleveland State University - Parker Hannifin Hall - Location: Eastern CBD/CSU Campus

Cleveland Institute of Music - expansion - Location: University Circle

Chicle Building and Condos - Location: Cudell neighborhood (West side)

Steelyard Commons - Location: Industrial Valley

Park Lane Villa - Location: University Circle

Union Gospel Press building - Location: Tremont

Valleyview Homes - Location: Tremont

Euclid Corridor (Silver Line) Project - Location: Downtown, University Circle, East Cleveland

Tudor Arms - Location: University Circle

West 7th Townhomes - Location: Tremont


There also are a bunch of proposed projects shown/displayed, including:

Parkview Manor Restoration - Location: Playhouse Square area

Cleveland Browns Stadium/Retractable Roof - Location: Lakefront

One Charter Place - Location: Ohio City

The Cliffs - Location: Along the Rocky River in Lakewood


Quite a tour, and a lot of $$$...

(Somebody believes that Cleveland is worth investing in....)


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Neither the City nor the County should own the stadium.  It is, and will continue to be,  a loser.    Clearly the public operators of the stadium don't have the skill or resources to operate it profitably.

The sewerage flow at the recent Chesney concert going all over the stadium and causing over one million in damage - all allegedly from urinal flushometers clogged open with rust - is a perfect example of why the public should not operate the stadium.  This is the second time sewerage has flooded the stadium.  We don't learn because it is the taxpayers who are paying for the repairs, and the bill to the taxpayers is invariably diluted and the tax payers are mostly asleep and feeling hopeless about effecting any change.

I believe the maintenance managers who are in charge of the stadium should be fired.

Any commercial plumber knows you need filter screen in front of the flushometers. 

Or is this flushometer story reported by the Plain Dealer even the real cause of the flood? The Plain Dealer first reported that an 8 inch water supply pipe burst.  What happened to that story?  The Plain Dealer reporting is embarrassingly pathetic.

Is this the story?

Is this the story?  Or this? I find this, more and more--the PD stories are lost on Cleveland.com, almost immediately.  You can go to www.cpl.org or www.cuyahogalibrary.org and search for stories using the Plain Dealer database.  You'll need your library card number and PIN.  Call General Reference 216-623-2856, if you need help finding "old" stories. 

Sad sad sad

Two sources familiar with the repairs said the bill to fix the damage and replace the failed valves could be at least $1 million.

Officials won't say whether the city, the Browns or insurance companies will pay the full tab for the cleanup and repairs.

We trust these clowns with our money?