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Green Patriotism Bus Ads Prompts Americans to Address Climate Change

by Petz Scholtus, Barcelona, Spain on 07.31.08green patriot bus ad image

Canaries were once used to warn miners of deadly methane levels. The Canary Project is about exactly that: warning us of severe changes to come. Using visual media and art works, the Canary Project spreads public understanding of climate change and supports those who commit to find solutions.

One of their latest projects is the Green Patriot Bus Ads, designed by world-famous, Cleveland-born artist Michael Bierut. This month, more than 60 buses were released into the streets of Cleveland to encourage what they call “Green Patriotism”. The latter can be describes as a new form of environmentalism, where “one sees action to address climate change as an imperative to protect both the American and world economies. This is an environmentalism of strength and unity.”

On the outside, the buses promote public transport as a sustainable form of travelling, while Bierut’s designs in the interiors are promoting the development of green jobs in the manufacturing sector.

green patriot bus ad interior photoThe bus ads, touring the streets for one month, are only the beginning of a larger campaign by the Canary Project, called Green Patriot Posters, due to officially launch in September. The poster collection is inspired by the strong graphics of World War II, when posters were used to motivate citizens to act for the greater good. “Conservation (in the form of rationing) became a patriotic act. Taking action was presented in these posters as vital for the common good of the nation and those who were willing to sacrifice were portrayed as attractive, dynamic American heroes. To face the ecological crisis posed by global climate change today a similar mobilization of America is required.”, the Canary Project explains.

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