Have a Greener Day

Submitted by Charles Frost on Thu, 10/11/2007 - 10:57.

I am thinking of wishing people "have a Greener day", rather than “have a nice day.”

To me a “Greener day” might be:

  • a day where you decide to recycle something you normally wouldn’t. (say the two dead Ni-Cad batteries from your TV remote).
  • a day when you remember to bring your re-usable cloth shopping bag into the grocery store from the car.
  • a day where you decide to “take the long way home” from a stressful day at work, to stop and relax for a few minutes in a park.
  • a day when you enjoy the cool fresh smell of the breeze, after a summer thunderstorm.
  • a day when you take the dog for a walk at midnight in the new fallen snow, and listen to at crunch under your six feet, as you walk.
  • a day when you appreciate the natural blessings we have, in terms of the parks,  fresh air, and user-friendly climate that we all currently take so much for granted, for we might be one of the last generations to do so.



Be thankful for every day

  In memoriam. 
I add this for someone I knew in college, someone who was often considered the killjoy, because she would ask whether something was ethical or not.  She tried very hard to live an ethical life.  It can make you very unpopular, but try to make a difference.