'Ya Don't Want To Mess With Mother Nature....

Submitted by Charles Frost on Fri, 11/09/2007 - 18:53.

River at road

See the complete set of 6 photos at: http://m3.lackcolor.com/piles/?s=naturesnewriver

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    This reminds me of the huge hole which developed in East Cleveland last month. 

Culverting is crazy, and expensive.

Let's daylight our brooks.


Respect Mother Nature--Bill, do you have any info on where this was shot?

I was only able to trace the

I was only able to trace the source of the photos back to this site:



They have lots of photos there, including this cute one:



Their archives are here:


Happy browsing...

How and when will the Kevin O'Brien's learn this?

I'm still waiting in suspense to see what will be the wake-up call on this for NEO... the burning river, so to speak, that makes the people here really care about the environment, for real. What will it be? Probably the best messenger will be a massive fish kill... those NEOans sure do love to fish. Yup... millions of perch stinking up the beaches all Summer, and not a walleye to fry... that should do it. In the mean time. drought mixed with runaway runoff flooding is a good wam-up...

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