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Black Friday came early this year

Submitted by el jefe on Wed, 10/04/2006 - 10:58.

I am Jack's total lack of enthusiasm. If rumors are true then this fall is supposed to be a big election. An election that signifies change. An election that tells the status quo that we're fed up with the lies and cover-ups. Fed up with scandals, bribery, and walking at whim over the Constitution. It's an election to be remembered if only the balance of power is somewhat restored and we come off the hard right axis and balance oh so precariously on the head of a culture of potential change. That's the way it's supposed to go anyways, that is before Black Friday came early...

Black Friday

Mike DeWine: A review of his 2006 Campain in brief.

Submitted by el jefe on Thu, 09/28/2006 - 16:16.

Seriously, it must be hard to run for office. Esp as a Republican in this election. You've had the keys to the kingdom and carte blanche to do whatever your will for many many many years. Now it looks like the there might be a tide coming in to wash your sand castle out to sea and as you realize you're powerless to stop this, you must do your best to build some kind of barricade. Something that will block your little piece of hard work from being erased. And that my friends, that's when the desperation sets in.

Enter [insert incumbant name here]. It's nothing new of course, like some Mendelian function on coke it get's ramped up to full force around this time year after year. As those that have try to protect themselves from those that want. It's been going on since long before I was born and will probably be going on for well after my carcass releases it's architectural grasp on life.

And just like people that are constantly trying way too hard to convince you and themselves that they are one thing and another all at the same time, it just smacks of being false. I can't help but feel that this feeling of the fraternal-like system of the keepers of our political cycle is the majority of the reason why people don't vote. But as for the people who like their masochism with a side of Freedom Fries.. well they have to pay attention at least for a few weeks out of the year. As a payoff, not only do they get radio show fodder for upcoming years, they get to witness, first-hand, where all the sitcom writers have wandered off to.

This topic could go as broad as you like but since we're here in the AK-rowdy it seems fit to focus on people that hit closer to home, like Mike DeWine.

Our Moment in the Sun and Akron's Plan for the Future

Submitted by el jefe on Mon, 10/10/2005 - 13:02.

Booyakasha! Much Respek! And I'll let you know that it's about friggin' time. 2 years this site has been going. Sometimes strong and sometimes slackerish. But let's face it, if there ever were a mirror for the people of Akron, this would be it. Hell this IS Akroness in all it's glory. That said, it's only fair that once every two years or so we get our just dues. This time our just dues mean David Giffels finally pimped us a bit in Akron's daily BJ. And to think we didn't even have to whore ourselves out too much to get it. It seems somehow mystical that our 'moment in the sun', as it were, came on the tails of telling some dumb chick how dumb she is. Perhaps there really is a God. Still doesn't make Pat Robertson any better though.

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