Coming soon to the CMA: Barcelona!

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Sun, 09/24/2006 - 23:23.


Salvador Dali (Soft Construction with Boiled Beans   Premonition of Civil War), 1936, oil on canvas 100 x 99 cm

Artists, intellectuals and anarchy – sounds like just what Cleveland needs? It worked for Barcelona!


The Cleveland Museum of Art reopens October 15th with an absolutely incredible exhibition that is not to be missed: “Barcelona & Modernity: Picasso, Gaudi, Miro, Dali.” Any one of these artists would be a huge draw for a museum exhibition -- Cleveland is lucky enough to get an exhibition with all four. This exhibition, for the first time, puts these four great artists and their contemporaries into the context of the unique city of Barcelona and the region of Catalonia. The show includes hundreds of works (painting, sculpture, prints, textiles, decorative arts; furniture, ceramics, jewelry) never before seen together by masters you should be familiar with and their contemporaries -- they will amaze you as well.

Long neglected in the cannon of art history, Barcelona is a unique place in Spain – and the world -- and a hotbed for anarchism, and passionate politics. Though Paris has long tried to steal all the credit, Barcelona was a fertile creative center for some of the most important artists of the last century. This exhibition promises to features exciting use of technology to truly engage visitors.

    “Barcelona and Modernity” is an exhibition too interesting and important to see just once. You will want to visit several times, read the catalog and take a guided tour.

Tours of the exhibition by experienced and well trained guides are available for groups; corporate, school, churches, clubs. etc. to schedule onecontact Shannon Masterson @ the CMA: 216-707-2477


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I love Barcelona, Picasso, Gaudi, Miro, Dali... go CMA

What a great way to get the museum rolling for the next century - new director - new facilities - a hot show of really amazing art. I can't wait to see this exhibit and I can see it drawing in people from far and wide... promote!

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BTW: Evelyn is one of the expert guides

Art historian Evelyn Kiefer is one of the guides for the Barcelona Exhibit and has been studying up on this show and source material for months, getting ready to make this exhibit special for NEO - so, any questions or to schedule a group tour, you know where to contact!

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That's going to be amazing

Spent part of our honeymoon in Barcelona and got to see many works from these artists close up, including Gaudi's many public projects.  I'm sure this will be a big hit--it's a great re-opening exhibit.