Try the "Just One Thing" approach

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Thu, 10/19/2006 - 14:32.

 “Even when it comes to a problem as big as global warming, doing Just One Thing can have an enormous, positive impact on our planet. For instance, replacing four light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs will keep a ton of carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas that causes global warming, out of the air. And if everyone in the U.S. unplugged their electronics, such as TVs, computers, DVD players, and stereos when they're not using them, we'd prevent 18 million tons of carbon from being released into the atmosphere. Just One Thing is so easy--and so effective.”

From the Stop Global Warming e-marchers/editors of Organic Style Magazine

Stop Global Warming e-march includes many companies and individuals that your know intimately, even bands, like Incubus, Bon Jovi, and Radiohead. 

This sent to me from Linda Robson, Finance & Administrative Fellow for Energy Studies, Doctoral Candidate, Organizational Behavior, CASE/Weatherhead School of Management

So the expression "saved a ton" fits well

It's hard to believe that when we replaced some old lightbulbs with compact flourescent bulbs this week we saved Earth from a ton of CO2. I'm awed that in Canada you only see compact flourescent bulbs in light fixtures and stores - they should be all we see here too.

BTW - great suggestion about unplugging all the dumb electronics around the house - so many little lights and LCDs in our lives we don't need at all, and certainky not 24x7, yet we barely realize they exist and are sucking up juice and polluting. The easiest way to manage this is power strips - turn them off and you turn off everything connected to them.

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